Let Me Be Your Fantasy.

As well as listening to lot's of Daisuke Tanabe, I've gone back to listening to lot's of 90's dance tracks. Baby D's "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" was such a tune back in the day!
I've really been enjoying the camera too.. so much so that I actually haven't done any drawings or painting! :O I know, terrible. I shall make myself a coffee, cake and sketching appointment/date (FOREVER ALONE.JPG) on my day off. I'm both excited and nervous to be starting again on monday. I'm so so shy and nervous. Eeeek! I've missed Architecture though... Here are some photo's from the week.

My friend Alex's kitty keeps sneaking into my room to see what i'm doing, how cute is she!

XOXO Sade.

My Fish.

Daisuke Tanabe's "Before I Forget" album has been keeping me company this week. I've been feeling very restless and nervous as I'm starting my course again this Monday. I'm worried about making friends again etc.. To keep me calm, I've been heading to the Cathedral a lot, the strangest thing happened there the other night. There was a fully grown man, on his knees, arms outstretched crying out whilst in front of the Cathedral. His voice kept shaking because it was cold and it was filled with sadness. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. Instead of me to walk away quickly or go and say something to him, I stood in the shadows watching him.
The sadness that washed over me was incredible. Here I was watching a man crying out to his God at quarter to 12 at night in the freezing icy cold. Life is so odd sometimes... Anyway, enjoy, stay positive and love life.

XOXO Sade.


Little Lady.

WOOOOOOW! The Camera has been resurrected. After a night of crying like a crazy person and searching the deepest darkest parts of the internet for information I managed to fix it myseld=f. Praising the Lawd always! Here are a few shots I took...

The second last image is from my journal. The other day my friends and I were having a quiet coffee in the lovely Angel Coffee House and I opened the weeny draw of the table we were sat around and I found this! How amazing, it was written on a napkin. Of course we left our own little notes on napkins too for people to find. 

XOXO Sade.



I kept hearing this on the Skins 2012 adverts and I was transfixed in ultimate bliss. I can't believe I hadn't heard of the lovely Daughter yet. Her voice light and delicate and her lyrics oh so relatable. I've had "Youth" on replay for the last week and I've been sketching away in my journal to it. 
"I've lost it all I'm just a silhouette, a lifeless face that you'll soon forget. And my eyes are damp from the words you left, ringing in my head when you broke my chest. And if you're in love you're the lucky one, cause most of us are bitter over someone, setting fires to our insides for fun, to distract our hearts from forever missing them, but I'm forever missing him..."


OH MY GOSH! I have a new Camera! The large font totally isn't necessary but I'm so excited. University are so lovely for giving me a bursary. I used the bursary to get a second hand Pentax *ist DS. As I'm a photography novice I didn't really need the overly expensive fashion blogger-esque camera. I can see us (Pentax and Ii) becoming best of buds. She's so small and cute and simple to use, plus the lens that comes with it isn't too shabby. I'll try and upload some of the rubbish i've been taking.
I'm going to attempt to climb up steep hill to do some sketching by the Cathedral.
*Edit... I spoke too soon and the thing has broken, guess I should have saved up my non existant funds for an expensive super fashion blawger camera. Wah I'm going to attempt to return it tomorrow and get my money back but it's unlikely as it's such an old camera. Oh fuckity fuck. Well I'm screwed. I'm going to have to resort to being a lady of the night to get another camera. Just my luck.

Sade. XOXO

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