NEW IN | Gold.


"Gold!  Always believe in your sooooooul!" Ahem, sorry for the Spandau Ballet reference! But, earlier this month I won Yin's Romwe giveaway which consisted of A dress, A top and a $50 giftcard*. Awesome right?! 
I ordered a Chiffon Horse print blouse seen here, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. 

Romwe didn't however send the dress and the top that they were supposed to and it's been such a ball-ache (excuse my language) to get them to, my guess is the language barrier problem as Romwe is based in China. I've pretty much given up on receiving it, I can't complain too much as it would've been free anyway.

As a website, I think that their stuff is pretty pricey and it's made up of things you could buy in E-bay for cheaper, especially given the quality. So if you see something you like on there, I'd advise you to check on E-bay for it first! The spike earrings I got were about $11 on Romwe but I saw them on E-bay later for £1!! Shipping took about 10 days which isn't bad and the goodies were packaged very carefully and neatly which i loved.

Have any of you shopped at Romwe? What's your verdict? PS leave your links! I'm terrible at catching up with new blogs! :)

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OUTFIT | Baby's Got A Temper.


I've been listening to a lot of The Prodigy lately, one of my favourite bands if I'm honest, i love their energy and their music get's me sooo hyped! This beautiful red dress from Zara feels custom made, that's how well it fits. I'm a UK size 8 (American 3/4) and I bought it in a Size Small (S) and it's fits my body like a glove, every curve and contour, I absolutely love it! I'm getting into the hang of things regarding my new hair, I actually love how simple it is, I just co-wash in the morning, slap on some moisturiser and some curl creme, shake out the water and voila!  Alsooooo! Nails! Oh my gosh! I absolutely love MUA @ Superdrugs range of polishes, how amazing is that colour?! It's a weird taupe-y/chalky/grey/brown/almost lilac colour, i adore it. It makes a nice change from the brown-y nude i love wearing.

Had a wicked weekend with the family, both extended and nuclear, lot's of food and lot's of laughs! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I'll do a review on my Romwe goodies soon! 

Dress: Zara
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
Earrings & Bracelet: My Mums
Nail polish: MUA (Shade 19)

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XOXO Sade.


NEW IN | Lady In Red.


Hope everyone is well and happy! The mother treated me to a new dress and a clutch bag as it's my sisters Confirmation this weekend. 
I love Zara, like endless love. Zara is one of those shops that embody everything I love about fashion. I love that they hit every trend perfectly with shapes and silhouettes to fit every woman's personality and style. I got this dress, and this clutch. Very very ladylike but still smooth and dare I say it, tres sexy

ALSO! Thankyou all for your lovely comments on my new hair, they are much appreiated! I've had a few teary moments in the mornings where I've woken up to looking like a 5 year old boy! But it's nothing a bit of makeup and some huge earrings can't fix ;) Plus my hair grows really fast and it'll be back to Arm Pit Length within the next year :)

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XOXO Sade.


BEAUTY | I Am Not My Hair.


So, about two days ago, I awoke with an urge for a massive change. I'd finished washing my hair and I could feel the damage constantly bleaching it had done, my once perfectly curly kinky hair seemed fried and lifeless, plus I was getting bored of the colour and the lenght, I think when your hair is long and is the texture mine is, you get pretty sick of having to constantly detangle it etc... Sooo, I grabbed a pair of scissors and hacked off all the colour. Et Voila I now have an adorable Teeny Weeny Afro a la Solange Knowles.
My family and friends have been on my case day in and day out as i've always been known as 'That girl with the big hair' but I was getting so bored of it, I was holding onto length and unhealthy hair because other people loved it, not me. 
In the words of the wonderful India Arie, "I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations no, I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within"

Has anyone else done any major image changes this summer? Let me know! 

Also, I will do a review on the items I'm wearing soon! They're from Romwe!

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XOXO Sade.


BEAUTY | Firestarter.


I have been such a busy bee these past couple of days! Trekking around 
to all parts of London for interviews and such! Yep! Interviews! Here's to hoping I was successful because I'd love a Fashion Retail job for summer! 
Also nails! Finally had (very little) time to do them, since it's warming up again I thought I'd go bold and bright with a colour that would really compliment my skin tone. I got this Elle Orange nail polish from Elle last summer/autumn and didn't really use it as I was favouring darker more gothic colours. I love love love this! It's a sublte neon red-y orange shade, as most of you know Neons are biiiiiiig this season and whilst I like Neons, i like the fact that this colour isn't too bright so it's quite work appropriate!

Oh! I almost forgot, I have a surprise, well not really a suprise but a big change to my appearance anyway! Will post very soon!

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XOXO Sade.


Rain Rain, Go Away.

Hello loves! My sister and I decided to go on a little nature trail walk this afternoon but of course the lovely British weather decided to ruin it for us and we got absolutely soaked! Did manage to get a couple of quick shots before we legged it home for Tea and some Cup A Soup hehe! Hope you've all had a wonderful week!

PS. I almost crushed a weeny snail :( Luckily I didn't! How cute is it?

Parka: H&M
Jumper: Vintage (Ego)
Shorts: Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair (Lincoln)
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Primark
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Underground Double Soled Creepers

XOXO Sade.

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