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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


"Gold!  Always believe in your sooooooul!" Ahem, sorry for the Spandau Ballet reference! But, earlier this month I won Yin's Romwe giveaway which consisted of A dress, A top and a $50 giftcard*. Awesome right?! 
I ordered a Chiffon Horse print blouse seen here, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. 

Romwe didn't however send the dress and the top that they were supposed to and it's been such a ball-ache (excuse my language) to get them to, my guess is the language barrier problem as Romwe is based in China. I've pretty much given up on receiving it, I can't complain too much as it would've been free anyway.

As a website, I think that their stuff is pretty pricey and it's made up of things you could buy in E-bay for cheaper, especially given the quality. So if you see something you like on there, I'd advise you to check on E-bay for it first! The spike earrings I got were about $11 on Romwe but I saw them on E-bay later for £1!! Shipping took about 10 days which isn't bad and the goodies were packaged very carefully and neatly which i loved.

Have any of you shopped at Romwe? What's your verdict? PS leave your links! I'm terrible at catching up with new blogs! :)

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  1. these are AMAZING Sade! Those earrings will look stunning with your new hair! It's not right they didn't send the other things though! They should at least follow through with the giveaway, i hope they do send them in the end xo

  2. Love the earrings Sade , Your're such a magpie like me xx

  3. Love your earings! Check out my blog giveaway, if you like!


  4. That's such a shame about the things not arriving! Although in saying that, I won a Romwe giveaway a couple of months ago and the earrings randomly turned up about a month later so don't give up hope yet! x

  5. I personally find Romwe slightly dodgey, and I never really trust what bloggers have to say about their items as lots of bloggers get HUGE monthly allowances to spend at the store x

    1. Very true! I've never seen the point in giving a dishonest review though, even if it's free lol

  6. You have to sing Spandau Ballet when someone says gold! That's so annoying about the things not arriving, I've never really liked the look of the prices on Romwe. And I totally agree with the above comment! xxx

  7. Oh wow, I love your style of photography. I really love the grainy effect they've got it makes it look really interesting! I also really love that necklace!

    -Laura x

  8. I love these earrings they look so nice x

  9. I so agree with you! Romwe is overpriced for the quality (or lack thereof) you get. Will never order from them again.

  10. The necklace is beautiful, i love the navy and gold - always a beautiful colour combo. cant wait to see future posts.

  11. Lovely earrings!
    And very true about romwe, I always find similar bits on eBay. Oh and it's such a shame about your missing dress and top x

  12. Waw, those earrings are so cool!

  13. I love those earrings, those are really unique looking.
    -Keyta x

  14. Those earrings are amazing! :)

    p.s. I hope you will check out my fashion blog too,
    if you have time! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog


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