New In : So LUSH!


 So, last week I recieved a very lovely package from Caroline over at GIRLY GIRL VS WORLD (Who is a super duper beauty blogger with amazing affordable reviews!)You have no idea how amazing it was to come home from work to see a box full of the most wonderful LUSH goodies! 
I've been a huge fan of LUSH for years, they have such great natural products that work wonders and the staff are soooooo friendly and helpful.

So far, I've tried Ultrabland as a makeup remover and it has worked well, leaving my dry sensitive skin clear of any panda eyes and keeping it smooth and soft. I've also used Rehab, which has worked well in cleansing my curly kinky Afro-textured hair.

Massive thankyou to the lovely Caroline, make sure to check out her blog and tell her I sent you :) 

PS. Look out for a giveaway coming your way soon ;)

XOXO Sade.


New In : Parma Violet.


How is everyone on this fine albeit very humid and hot night? The British weather has finally picked up. And just in time for the *drumroll* Olympic Games! Is everyone as excited as I am? 

I have become a Primark fiend once again, but only because their sale is pretty darn good. I picked up this floral and patterned chiffon dress for a fiver! Yes a fiver, the cost of a sandwich and iced mocha in starbucks! How amazing?! I will be wearing this very soon with a pair of pastel sunnies, frilly lace socks and my beloved Underground Double soled creepers. 

I have loooooads of posts lined up, it's just finding the time to post them and take good quality photo's as i hate doing things half heartedly! 

XOXO Sade.


New In : La Vierge.

I'm supposed to be saving up for when I go on Holiday but Primark is one of those bastard shops that trick you into buying lot's of stuff because of their low prices. I saw this Virgo necklace in the Oxford Street/ Marble Arch branch and had to snap it up. I'm very into Astrology and I'm a Virgo through and through in every way! Plus it was only £1.50.



I'm finally back again, Sunday is usually my day off so I use today to catch up with everything. Hey hey to my newest followers! *waves* I'm going to check out your blogs as soon as I post this! Thanks for following and I apologise for being so M.I.A, it's really hard to maintain a blog whilst working full time and trying to sort out university stuff!
Anyway, I picked up a copy of Elle the other day, Elle is my favourite fashion glossy because it has affordable but gorgeous pieces in it. As a student I can't afford the clothing/makeup that Vogue suggests! Here are a few of my favourite pages. I'm loving that Neo Goth is in for A/W as dark colours favour me. I can't wait to dye my hair back to black, wear purple lipstick and be all androgynous again!

XOXO Sade.


OUTFIT | Daisychains.


My sincerest apologies for the lack of posts but omg, full time work is bloody intense! I'm on my feet for so long that when I get home i usually just collapse on my bed from sheer exhaustion! Don't get me wrong though, I'm loving my job, the people i work with are so cool and very laid back so it's made the transition very smooth. 

Anyway! I was sent this beautiful dress* by Inlovewithfashion. I came home from work to see this and it really made my evening. However with the crappy weather we've been having lately, i haven't actually been able to wear it out and frolic in fields with my floral headband feeling all Lana Del Rey-esque. Sigh. 

P.S I almost forgot to say.. I'm going to New York! Last academic year was terrible in every way, but I managed to pull through and I passed, so as a celebration, my parents were lovely enough to book me a ticket to the big apple! I'll be away for two weeks but rest assured as I will be taking my camera with me and snapping lots of photos! EXCITED! 

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week!

Headband: New Look
Ring: H&M
Earrings: Romwe*

XOXO Sade.


NEW IN | Strangeness & Charm.


Popped into H&M on my way home from work the other day to search the sales, I didn't find much in the sales to be honest but they did have some really cool items in the Divided section, including a pair of pastel patent creeper-esque shoes that i'll definately be picking up soon! I found these teeny delicate rings for £3.99. Bargain! Just wish they had the Virgo sign!
Hope everyone has had a good week! Apologies for the lack of posts and replies! I've been so tired! Full time work is no joke! I have some posts coming up! Exciting things in the works!

XOXO Sade.


LIFE | Devil's In The Details.


I was hesitating over posting these then i thought, why the hell not. I love taking photo's, capturing specific moments.. I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, I got a job! And it's full time! Whoop whoop, I won't disclose where I'm working, cause that'd be a little weird, however it is in Fashion retail which is fab for me because i'd be working with things i'm passionate about. As I'll be working, there will be a lack of clothing related post, but a significant boost in Illustration and art related posts as i've totally forgotten to update with my new work! I will try to get all my fashion related things done on my day off though, not to fear!

Also! I'll be volunteering at the Soho arts festival this year for 18-25 years olds! If you're in the London area and fancing getting creative please come down to Soho and help us out! If you'd like more information, tweet me, tumblr me, e-mail me, or simply leave me some form of contact so I can forward you the details! 
Hope you've all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend! I know I haven't! I've been a busy busy bee!

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xoxo Sade.

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