IN MY SUNDAY BEST: A Year In Outfits.

I can't quite believe a year has flown past, and my what a year it has been, a brilliant year at that! I can truly say that 2013 has been a pleasure for me, and I hope it has been for you too!
It feels so odd looking over some of my past outfit photos for this blog because it feels like i took them so long ago, and apart from the fact that my hair definitely grew quite a bit this year, i feel so has my personal style. In the past couple of years i was stylistically influenced by rebellion and i guess the freedom of becoming an adult, but now that i've experimented with almost every trend (i even did the rockabilly trend guys!) I feel like i'm coming more into myself. Mixing and matching what I like, rather than what is in trend has allowed me to create a wardrobe that is becoming more and more functional each day. Fashion is great, but so is practicality and I think that is one of the main things i learned this year!

But what a year it has been for my little corner of the internet! After the Company Blog awards (I was shortlisted thanks to all you fine folk!) things really picked up on the blogging front for me, and if you missed it, here are a few notable posts from this year. I worked with WAREHOUSE on their #PostcardsFromShoreditch project. I was featured on NYMAG.COM. I attended my first London Fashion Week and made some super friends along the way. Every little success that has come as part of blogging is due to your support, because without readers i probably woulnd't be blogging! I love all the encouraging  comments, e-mails and tweets i've recieved over the past year, particularly those on my more sombre lifestyle posts, such as this one here, in regards to loving oneself. All your comments really do brighten up my day, both constructive and encouraging.

I don't really have any set in stone New Year's resolutions this year because I find that they can sometimes be limiting to an extent, but one thing I will make sure to do are weekly round up's. Although they aren't as popular as my fashion based posts, I thoroughly enjoy my little Sunday Posts because they allow me to remember and reflect on a week that i'd have probably forgotten about once the stresses of Monday's workload rolls by, so I find it's a nice way to look back on the weeks happenings and just write freely about something that isn't just about what's on my face, legs or feet.

Anyway, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I wish love and light to you and your loved ones! I hope 2014 is a prosperous, positive and joyous year for every single one of you!

All my love and hugs,



I've finally managed to get sucked into the trainer trend, and for two reasons. Firstly because my beloved Vans kicked the bucket (The holes in them have become too much to bear and they smell horrible) and secondly because weirdly enough, you can actually dress trainers up so it seems. I strongly disliked trainers for a while because of the whole Lily-Allen-Dress-And-Trainers circa early 2000 stigma I had attached to them, but it seems i'm eating my words because I am irrevocably in love. 

Surfdome were kind enough to send me a new pair of kicks just in time for Christmas, and apart from the relaxed style, the Reebok Sprintsation's are stupendously comfy and it makes a nice change from the stiffness of my usual Converses and Vans (Surfdome also have other Reebok trainers available here if you want to take a peek). I wore these all morning, afternoon and night on boxing day without socks and I didn't feel anything in my metatarsal region, plus they were so easy to slip on and off in between trying on sale shoes. Absolute bliss, considering I was running around central London fighting my way through the Boxing day sales.. Speaking of which, I have a funny story to tell but i'll save that for another post.
Lipstick . Ruby Woo by MAC | Coat . Primark | Turtleneck . Superdry | Jeans . Glamorous | Trainers . Surfdome* | Tote . Lazy Oaf

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'm still reeling from one to many Yorkshire Puddings and i'm spending my free time browsing sales and preparing myself for the new year!


The Holiday Catch Up.

I'm finally back on British soil, and after ten days under the blistering Nigerian sun, I can truly say i've missed the temperamental british weather. It was bliss to feel the cool against my skin again once I landed back at Heathrow. I won't bore you with too many holiday snaps, but if you'd like to see what I got up to, do check out my instagram @inmysundaybest

I had a wonderful few days with my family and it was so nice to just relax and enjoy myself without thinking about e-mails or uni work. One thing i'll say is Nigeria has changed since I last visited almost a decade ago, and in some ways i'm not sure i like the change. This will be a whole other post in itself but the wealth divide or wedge as it seems has become huge and there simply is no middle ground and that disturbed me quite a bit...

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your respective loved ones, I always love this time of year, change is approaching and as always, I welcome fresh starts with welcome arms! Look out for my year in review post!


Simplified Skincare.

Although I love to watch YouTube videos of my favourite Beauty Guru's talking all things skincare, I must admit that my own skincare regime is terribly simple, even boring if i'm honest. My skin isn't very problem prone, but more so just dry. Very dry, i'm talking Sahara desert dry, so all my skincare efforts are put into making sure I don't resemble a leather bag in the next couple of years and desperately keeping the ashy faced look at bay.

I split my products into Cleansers/Make up removers, Serums, Day Creams and Night Creams. As a Make up remover, I swear by L'oreal's Micellar Water, it's affordable, moisturising and it does it's job and more. It removes even the cakiest of my makeup and because of it's efficeincy i've actually grown to enjoy this process of my evening routine! As a cleansing balm for a more heavy duty clean, I use Ultrabland by Lush, I've been using this for the past two years and it's a firm staple in my skincare collection, though if you have oily skin you might want to give this a miss because it more of an oily balm than anything, but if in doubt ask Lush for a sample, they're awesome with letting you try before you buy!

For a serum, I use the infamous Hydraluron Moisture Booster. Now I have a love hate relationship with  this product because it's bloody expensive but it does it's job flawlessly. It improves elasticity and it leaves my skin looking smoother than a baby's bottom after i've used it.

Now it's time for moisturisers, my favourite! I use Nivea's Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream as a day moisturiser as it's light, moisturises well and leaves my face smelling wonderful! Nexrastore's Rose, Ginseng and Jojoba Night Cream is perfect if you're like me and wake up with dehydrated skin. Slather it on before bed after cleansing and you wake up with soft smooth skin, it also smells like rosewater, a scent that reminds me of my childhood which is good.

Hope this post has helped! I know some people have asked me about what i do in terms of skincare but this is literally it! I also drink Green tea by the bucket load and try to eat as healthily as possible if i can.

P.S. I'm away on holiday at the moment (Expect spam of Food and OOTD posts!), I promise to reply to all comments upon my return! Hope you're all having a fab week!


From Prim to Partywear!

One of the best aspects of blogging by far has got to be the opportunity to collaborate with some pretty amazing brands. Marks & Spencer contacted me and asked if I would take part in their Prim to Partywear campaign, which is essentially taking your outfit from day to night and I may have let out a little squeal of excitement when I received their e-mail because well, it's Marks & Spencers! Being asked to collaborate with such a well known and quintessentially British brand is such a huge compliment! I own quite a hefty amount of old school St Michael's gear through vintage and charity shop shopping, so it was nice to wear something from the brand that is a little more current!

Anyway onto the project, I chose Marks and Spencer's Limited Edition Checked Shift Dress because i noticed it was an investment piece that could be layered with jumpers, cardigans and worn over collared tee's in the winter months and worn alone during the warmer months.
"Prim" | Coat* . Warehouse | Dress* . M&S | Turtleneck . H&M | Bag . Kelsi Dagger | Loafers . New Look.

The transition from "Prim" to "Partywear" wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated. The first outfit was worn to uni in the morning, then I came home, and literally let my hair down in the evening. I applied some lipstick from the LOLA range and put on my signature cat eye liner et voila! Party face sorted, now onto the clothes, to dress it up, i just removed my turtleneck, put on some statement tights, a leather jacket and a pair of faithful heels. Unfortunately I wasn't on my way to a bar for some cheeky drinks with friends, but it sure did feel like it!
Partywear" . Dress (Same as above) | Jacket . F21 | Tights* . M&S | Lipstick (Cheeky Cherry - Dupe for Mac's 'So Chaud')* . M&S | Heels . New Look

Luckily for me, I have a few Christmas parties lined up and a wedding to attend, so you'll be seeing this dress soon, most probably with berry coloured tights and a lace collared shirt! So, what do you think? Have I managed to pull off the Prim to Partywear look? It's not often I get to dress up and feel like a lady, and it was interesting trying to create two very different looks using just one dress, so this was so much fun to do!

Everyone knows M&S do incredible food but they do also have loads of partywear pieces and dresses in at the moment which are affordable and pretty darn stylish!

Hope you've all been having a fab week! I've finally finished for Christmas so i'm looking forward to catching up on some much needed rest and blogging!



This week has been so very busy, with looming deadlines (when do i not have looming deadlines?) and preparing to jet to Nigeria, I've found myself trying to get in a nap at any moment I can. However when   I wasn't napping, I was at Lincoln's annual Christmas Market admiring the beautifully crafted trinkets, bright lights and wonderfully smelling food. 
One of the best things I've found out about university, is the people you meet and i'm so happy to say that i've made some of the sweetest friends and acquaintances here. It saddens me deeply that in a few months my undergraduate years will be behind me and all the people i've met will disperse worldwide, but i've still got the awesome memories so it's not so bad. 
Anyway, back to work for me, I have my critique tomorrow so i'm currently in studio propping my eyes open with matchsticks attempting to make my work look as erm... architectural as possible? I wish you all a wonderful week! I'll be scheduling some posts for when i'm away over the next few weeks!

I'm currently listening to Tinashe | Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)


Le Breton.

Here's another "What I wear to Uni" post, because well this was what I wore to Uni a few days ago. I've been heavily influenced by the idea of mixing and matching completely opposing items of clothing and just going with the flow, something i've seen a lot of in the Japanese Niko and.. Magazine. I love their 30 day coordinates edit, I can't explain the concept properly because, well I can't speak Japanese however I do understand the whole mixing and matching simple items to create something that just meshes well. Click here to see what I mean.
Striped Tee . Primark (Mens) | Skirt . Primark . Denim Jacket . Vintage | Earrings* c/o Sour Cherry | Socks . Topshop | Converses . New York | Nail Polish . Topshop

I love the concept of investing in re-usuable pieces for everyday, and i'm guilty of not sticking to my investment wardrobe project in terms of what I'm buying/wearing, but come January i'll have a few updates up my sleeves in regards to that. 
How is everyone preparing for Christmas? I'm trying to be in the festive spirit but it's difficult when i'm away from my family! I can't wait to go back to London next week and snuggle them! I've got a few posts scheduled, but i'm going to be on holiday in about a week so things might be a little quiet! Hope you're all having a wonderful week! I'm currently writing this blog post from studio at 2am doing massing models on SketchUp yay! Just one more week of uni work until i'm free!

What I Wore...

Photos by Marcos Banon.


On The First Day Of Christmas...

December is finally upon us! Excuse me whilst I drag out all my Christmas films and start with the Micheal Bublé albums, but there is something so magical about December. Everyone generally seems cheerier, the holidays are approaching and the thought of three different types of potatoes at my Christmas Dinner is already making me salivate something awful! Is it weird that i've decorated my bedroom and bathroom with christmas candles and decorations? I am addicted to the Mackintosh Spice Yankee candle.
Aside from my festive excitement, nothing interesting has occured this week because, yep you guessed it, i've been swamped with dissertation reading and writing but finally i've finished huzzah! Well the draft anyway. Our final hand in is in February and i'll be glad to see the back of it! I'm so used to practical projects that i almost forgot how to write. Thank God for blogging eh?
One thing i've been making the effort to do every Sunday is write out a list of lovely things that have happened in the week, it is so easy to focus on the negative and forget the good in life and this is just my weekly reminder that life is sometimes so beautiful, even the little things like drinking a strong cup of coffee in bed whilst the sunlight beams through your window is a wonder. 
I'm spending my sunday looking for Butternut Squash recipes, I'm not sure why but I have a strong urge to cook some? I think i've been spending too much time in the Vegan and Vegetarian tags on Tumblr! I'm hoping to make some Butternut Squash soup this week! What have you been doing this week? Anything more interesting that arguing if the Architectural Representational Paradigm is changing with the rise of Technology like myself? 

Have a blessed Sunday! 

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