OUTFIT | Suprise Hotel.

Denim Jacket - Vintage / Crop Top - NY / Skirt - Charity Shop / Belt - Primark / Shoes - Primark .

 The weather has been so lush these past few days. I've been enjoying lounging in the chilly sunshine pretending it's summer when really it's still only about 6 degrees haha! 

The slightest bit of sunshine puts me in such a good mood, i've been dancing around my bedroom to Surprise Hotel by Fool's Gold which is so summery and happy and just wonderful! Give it a listen here.

Time to dash and run to uni. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines as per usual! It never ends! 



OUTFIT | Celestica.

Those days where you have no idea what to wear so literally just throw stuff on... And by some miracle it actually works. I'm well aware of my fashion faux pas of mixing florals with stripes, but i don't know... It just worked? 

Apologies for the silly poses, i couldnt be serious because Christiana kept making me laugh and then passers by kept staring at us like what on earth are they doing? Hehe! 

Oh PS. I'm holding a wee giveaway so make sure you enter here, cause, well who doesn't like free stuff?! 

Coat: Primark
Bag: Primark
Shirt: F21
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: River Island
Sunglasses: ALDO



OUTFIT | I Wish I Knew How, It Would Feel To Be Free.

At the ripe old age of 21, I'm finding myself in a style rut. I'm finding myself leaning towards more classic feminine floaty pieces with just a subtle amount of edge. I feel like i'm too old for studs and 'soft grunge' trends, whilst they look amazing on you guys, I feel i look like a lost 14 year old I wear my levi shorts and creepers! And at 21 I don't really enjoy being mistaken for a teen. 

So what does this mean? Heaven's no, I am not throwing out my entire wardrobe in a bid to be as babely as the ever so wonderful June Ambrose or Karla Derass.

But I am going to turn a blind eye towards trends, I feel like in some ways it's just better to wear what feels the most comfortable for you style wise, rather than just buying things because they look good in the magazine. 

Anyway before I write an essay... Here are two items i nabbed at my local Barnados the other day, they were have a £1.99 clearout and the stuff on offer was pretty darn good! The skirt is unfortunately a bit big but i've used my favourite belt to somewhat hoist it up. Cue me chanelling serious Librarian Chic...

ALSO! What do you think about the smaller images? I upload through my flickr account and I don't know, I just feel like this size is a bit easier to deal with. I'm going to try and find some spare time this week to re-size everything i've uploaded through Flickr *cries*

Turtleneck: Charity Shop
Midi Skirt: Charity Shop
Belt: F21

P.S The title of today's blog post come from Nina Simone's "I Wish I Knew How, It Would Be To Be Free"


OUTFIT | Black & Blue.

Ahhh i've had such a brilliant day today! It's my day off uni so I was blessed with the gift of a rare lie in, which I took full advantage of! And I went to see Lora and Maddie, two fab bloggers who coincidentally go to my uni! I know, how awesome is that? We went for coffee and had such a good natter! It's so amazing meeting other people with similar interest to you! After that I treated myself to some shopping and decided to pop into my local Banardos for some cheap charity finds, I hit the jackpot and found a beautiful ankle grazing pleated faux satin spotted skirt! And a gorgeous striped turtle neck! I tried them on the second I got home and I felt oh so parisian chic! I wish it'd get warmer soon so i can wear them! 

Hope everyone is having a good day :)

Coat: Topshop
Jumper: Vintage
Denim shirt: Vintage (Spitalfields)
Skirt: H&M

 XOXO Sade
P.S. The title of today's blog post comes from the song "Black & Blue" by Miike Snow.


Started From The Bottom.

Good evening loves! I am in such a super good mood today, ironic as the last few days i've been a a huge bubble of utter 'bleurgh' the best way to describe it to be honest. I blame it on a mix of exhaustion from lack of sleep (deadlines), my aneamia playing up and a touch of homesickness but I am back on top form and back to Koal-a-tee blogging! 

The ever so lovely Christiana agreed to help me do a couple of shots whilst we were out and about today which was so lovely of her! I was getting sick of taking awkwardly posed selfies! Eeeeeep I forgot how cringey it is when people stare whilst you're trying to get a good shot, cue over 50-something shots on my SD card when I got home! 

I was feeling oh so Audrey Hepburn-esque today, blame it on the gorgeous ALDO sunnies i was wearing and the stripey gap tee! Anyway I hope you're all well, I'll be uploading another lippy tutorial in the next few days, which ones would you like to see first? My tourquiuse lip? My vampy lip? My nude lip or my pink lip? 

I was supposed to keep this text short and sweet, buuuuuuuut thankyou all for your lovely comments, tweets, e-mails, tumblr questions and instagram's. You guys really make blogging worthwhile! So I present you with some faux flowers to show my love and appreciation (there will be a giveaway soon! let me know in the comments what you'd like to win so i can get some idea!).

Shoes: Office
Tee: GAP
Trousers: Riding Pants by AA
Sunglasses: ALDO
Bag: Primark

XOXO Sade 

P.S The song title for today's entry is Drake "Started From The Bottom"


OUTFIT | We All Want Love.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY LOVES! Seeing as today is the day of love, I'll start off by saying a very big thankyou to all of you who follow me, message me, e-mail me, tweet me and instagram me! Without you guys i wouldn't be blogging and i love you all very very much from the bottom of my heart! (My gosh I am so soppy!) But it's true!

I always feel bittersweet on Valentine's day because I'm always single/love-less (How this hasn't stopped me from being a hopeless romantic i have no idea) Love is a powerful thing because it's something we all crave but not something all of us can get, be it romantic love, love from friends, or even love from family members. So i think we should use today to remember our loved ones, the people who have been with us through thick and thin, those who have never deserted us, the true friends, the supportive family members and if you have one, your other half <3

I'll be spending my valentine's day in studio (no rest for the wicked eh?) and then probably eating left over Pizza in bed watching La Fabuleux Destin D' Amelie Poulain!

Also, about the outfit. I decided on the brightest red-dest dress ever because well, red is the colour of love :)

Dress: Primark
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Office
Bag: F21
Coat: Topshop

Let me know what you guys are doing?! 




As promised the requested 'How i do my lipstick' post. I've done one for more or less every colour I wear so i'll post them over the next couple of weeks so as not to spam you with my mouth!

The pictures pretty much explain the process so i'll keep the writing short n' sweet. Apologies for it being in photo form but i don't think i'm quite ready for the world of YouTube yet!

I find to make my colour vibrant it's best to put down a 'base' in the form of my favourite foundation which mutes out the original colour of my lips. Lining also helps the colour last longer! Hope this helps!

Products used: NYX Lip Pencil in 'RED HOT'. MAC lipstick in RUBY WOO. NYX Xtreme lip creme in ABSOLUTE RED.


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