Electric Bloom.

Bowler Hat . Ego Vintage / Dress . Primark / Bag . Forever 21 / Cat necklace . *Gift from Alex via Punky Pins / Creepers . Underground.

I am writing this post from the fiery depths of hell that is studio. I joke, I joke. In some weird masochistic way,I'm actually enjoying the lack of sleep and Prada handbags under my eyes (Thank the makeup gods for MAC's mineralize concealer!) . The slogan "No pain, No gain" springs to mind... I'm coming up to the end of my second year in Architecture and I can't lie, as much as I haven't exactly loved University so far, I will look back on some aspects of this academic year quite fondly (don't worry there will be a slightly cringe-worthy summary post coming up as soon as i move back to London!).

Like I've mentioned before, My university city (town to be honest) has a distinct lack of high street stores, or any stores tbh. It's filled with numerous coffee and cake shops instead, so when I do find clothes I like up here, the heavens part and angels descend proclaiming "Hallelujah!!!". I spotted this ridiculously bargainous (is that a word?) shift dress in Primark not too long ago and I was so happy! It looks more like an Asos or a Topshop dress to be honest and it fits so freely, so it's perfect for summer. If we do eventually get a summer in England that is *sighs* Anyway back to rendering my buildings!

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Mohair Cardigan . Charity Shop / Bodysuit . Primark / Skirt . Charity Shop / Shoes . NYC /

Guys, I am exhausted. I am pooped. Why didn't anyone tell me that university would be a giant ball of love hate stress whilst I was in sixth form? It's definitely not the orgy of fun, recklessness and utter chaos, I once thought it'd be. But I only have one more year of Archi-torture left before I'm kicked out into the real world so I guess I better buckle up and 'enjoy it'.

I'm finding the weather isn't helping at all. I simply cannot work if the weather is nice, in fact I find it almost unfair that I have to slave away in front of 3D Modelling programmes whilst the sun is shining! Imminent deadlines and warmer weather means i've been very lazy with dressing. I love keeping it simple in summer, bodysuits and midi skirts and perfect for me and I believe works well with my bodyshape.

I'm off to stuff my face with Edamame beans whilst frantically clawing my face off because CAD/Photoshop/Kerkythea crashes (without saving my work) Eugh deadlines. On the plus side, it means I can finally move back to The Old Smoke aka London! 

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Time For Tea.

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm ignoring all my responsibilities and using today to just R-E-L-A-X! I'm the type of person that makes endless to-do list's and ticks them off meticulously, but lately, it feels like everything is up in the air. I think it being very close to the end of the academic term has something to do with it. 

For me there is no better way to unwind than having a big mug of Green Tea, reading ELLE magazine and listening to Billie Holiday (Which is exactly what I'm doing on this fine afternoon!). The lovely people over at teapigs asked if i'd like to be a part of their #MatchaMay campaign, which is simply telling the whole world how great Matcha Tea is!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram (@inmysundaybest) you'll know all about my love affair with Green Tea. However, the Green Tea I usually drink is unfortunately the processed kind, meaning I don't get as much of the benefits as I would drinking Matcha, which is 100% natural organic ground green tea leaves!

Check out teapigs on twitter, facebook or their site here! If you'd like to get involved with Matcha May or are already an avid tea fan like myself, you can use the discount code: BLOGGERS12 for 15% off at teapigs! Whooooo tea! :D

I'm off to finish my tea and dream about all the bags in the May edition of ELLE! I hope you all have a wonderful sunday! 

P.S. Thankyou to everyone who nominated me in the Company blog awards! I've been shortlisted for best use of photography!!! with a bunch of other very talented bloggers! I'm still in shock! I appreciate it so very much <3 Voting for the next round has begun, and I'd appreciate it if you could spare a second to vote for me again HERE under best use of photography! Sending lots of Green Tea, Brownies and hugs your way! 




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Fallen for a guy, fell down from the sky. Halo round his head. Feathers in a bed, In our bed, in our bed. It’s sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you say!

I have been obsessing over the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album Mosquito. I've been a huge Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan since "Heads Will Roll" dropped in the peak of my teenage years, also who doesn't have a cheeky girl crush on the babe of babes that is Miss Karen O? One of my favourite tracks on the album is Sacrilege, the lyrics are simple but it has such a bluesy southern rock vibe infused with some gospel-esque vocals at the end and I love it! If you fancy listening to the full album preview it's here.



Poetic Justice.

One of my favourite past times is journal-ling. My old journal is a mixture of illustrations, lovely letters sent to me by some of the most wonderful people on earth, wise words and quotes and other bits and bobs. It's mostly a reflective sort of journal, sometimes I flick through and catch myself stuck on pages etched with delicate ribbons of sadnessand sometimes I'll land on a page that fills me with the most wonderful memories.

I couldn't sleep the night before so I spent hours pouring over my little journal re-reading letters and well wishes beautiful souls had sent me during my a-level years (how long ago that feels!) and reliving some of my more tiring moments in life. If you don't have a journal i highly recomend one! Just get an old sketchbook and fill it, fill it with anything and everything, then years later you'll look back on it and think, "Deary me, have things changed that much?". It's also good fun, and a way to store things of sentimental value (I am a very soppy person if you didn't already know!).

And now onto another topic, the glorious American Apparel high waisted denim dreams... I mean jeans.. They are perfect in literally every way. I don't think i've ever, in my entire life found a pair of jeans that cater perfectly to my wide-hip-small-waist ratio but these do and boy do they make you look gooooood, emphasis on the 'ooooooo' totally necessary, for you see, I unfortunately was not blessed with the highly coveted black girl booty, instead I have a bum that is almost concave in shape, but these jeans harness the magic and sprinkles and wonderfulness that is LA and magically lifts my deflated balloon-esque bum giving me, well.. not quite a Beyonce booty but a pert booty nonetheless!

I hope you've all had a wonderful stress-free weekend, I myself have been rolling around on my bedroom floor resembling something from The Grudge due to 'stomach pains' :(



Million Voices.

Earrings* c/o Bee-Jewels / Bowler Hat . Ego Vintage / Jumper . Primark / Skirt . TOPSHOP / Creepers . Underground / Bag . Primark/

Much to my delight, the postman delivered a beautifully wrapped package containing a pair of earrings from the ever so lovely Bee over at Bee-Jewels.com who very kindly offered to send me a pair of her Shoulder Sweeping Tassel Drop Earrings!

Very dramatic earrings oui? I think they're best paired simply so as not to distract from their awesomeness! Bee-Jewels have a wide range of beautiful pieces and gorgeous dresses on their site with free shipping! The only downside would be the shipping as they're located in China. 

I wish you all a very lovely weekend! I shall be spending the majority of mine buried within books and staring at my work, wishing it could do itself!




As you can see,I went a wee bit crazy in Primark, but in my defense, we only really have Primark and Topshop in my uni town (crazy right) and I needed to pick up some basics... I realise that jewelry isn't basics... but...they were so pretty! My favourite items are a pair of super comfy elephant print black silken trousers, the tortoise shell sunnies and of course the etched detail bag.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!

P.S Thankyou to everyone who voted and nominated me in the Company blog awards! I love you all! <3



Heads Will Roll.

Bowler Hat . Ego Vintage / Jacket . YAK Vintage / Tee . Primark / Velvet Dungarees . TOPSHOP / Sunnies . ALDO /

Ode to the Bowler hat... How can I describe all the ways in which i am totally and irrevocably in love with thee? Well for starters I will probably never take you off again! 

I've never been much of a hat person, however I spotted this beauty the other evening in one of my favourite vintage shops and it was £10 less than the £25 Topshop one so I nabbed it as fast as I could! I've found that it goes with EVERYTHING and it just makes my daily outfits that little bit jazzier! 

Also guys, I have a tripod hurrah! Meaning a lot more posts coming your way hehe! I hope everyone is good and well! I'm in an amazing mood because I found the most amazing apartment to live in for September when I start 3rd year and gah I'm just so so happy and relieved! House hunting is very stressful! Off to cook Jollof and Stew yay! :D


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