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Faux Leather Jacket . F21 | Blouse . ZARA | Jeans . American Apparel | Bag . Kelsi Dagger | Shoes . New Look

 There are a few blogs I've been following for the past year and a bit, and one of them is Josie's. Josie's blog is one of my favourites because firstly, she has a wonderful sense of humour and i've found myself in stitches laughing at some of her posts, and secondly because she has this effortlessly cool French aesthetic. Her style is perfectly simple, and because it's so simple it's perfect! Think Breton tee's, beautiful denim, wool coats and Isabel Marant boots.

As I was getting ready this morning, I flicked through some of my favourite blogs for some much needed inspiration and was drawn to the simple stripes and denim that I saw on Josie's. It inspired me to dig out one of my favourite ZARA blouses and my trusty American Apparel jeans. As I've mentioned before, I can feel my personal style evolving, my dress sense is becoming a lot more simple, with a lot of interchangeable pieces and i'm even adding heels to the equation.

I always feel like heels can really make an outfit just that little bit... better? I was tempted to wear my vans as per usual then i thought, What would Beyonce do? So comfy heels it was!

XOXO Sade 


Mellow Yellow.

Dress . Karma Clothing* | Necklace . Karma Clothing* | Socks . Primark | Shoes . DSW | Sunglasses . DIY  @ Company Blog Awards

I am actually wearing yellow! Karma Clothing contacted me asking me if I could do a little look book featuring their holiday shop products, and for some reason I was drawn to the brighter colours on their website, for someone who is almost always dressed in black on a daily basis, this was odd for me, but i think the lack of summer here made me want to make my own sunshine!

Skater dresses, in my opinion are one of the most flattering fits a girl can wear because they nip in at the waist and fall freely around the hips, so if like myself you are the proud owner of 'Child bearing' hips, this would be a great style of dress for you!

XOXO Sade 


Looking.gd Launch Party.



Hat . Vintage (similar here) | Gold tee . Vintage (similar here) | Jeans . American Apparel | Bag . F21 | Ankh Earring . Topshop

I'm smiling in a picture! Miracles never cease to happen, but this was probably due to the fact that I spent the day in the company of Natalie and Risa. We trekked around Soho for the Looking.Gd launch party (There will be a post up about the day very soon!) and soaked up the wonderful summer vibes. 
All photo's were taken by Natalie as my camera decided not to work on the day, but i'm so happy it didn't now because i am totally and irrevocably (a la Bella Swan) in love with her Camera! It's a Canon 600D with a Portrait lens, and it's now on my Birthday present to myself list!

If you haven't checked out Looking.Gd's site, go, go, go and start uploading what you're Looking.gd in! See what i did there? Hehehe

XOXO Sade 
P.S. I'm featured on Looking.Gd's Street Style here


THE WISHLIST | Simple & Clean.

 One | Two | Three | Four 

I'm finding that my style is changing again, summer is finally here and i'm lusting after clean shapes, bright colours and darker tones. In a desperate bid to embrace my age (Gone are my levi shorts, spiked shoes and Jack Daniels tee a la tumblr teen) i've experimenting with different shapes and colours lately. I've found that the midi skirt or midi dress is and will probably always be my BFF, and i've discovered that strappy sandals may look beautiful but are deathly painful to actually walk in. 

So through my 'trying-to-be-a-lady' trial and fashion error's, i've compiled a mini wish list of the things I am almost having an asthma attack over (in the best of ways i assure you). I discovered Need Supply Co through Erin's blog and I am smitten! Why do all the best clothing sites have to be based in America? Darn shipping charges! This may sound odd, but i love the sites layout, how the products are photographed and just how clean and i guess effortless everything looks. The only downside? The prices. For my student budget, the sometimes $200+ prices give me heart palpitations. 

Number two on my lust list is the H&M kimono everyone has been after, Jen put a little heads up on twitter regarding it finally being in store and for a mere £15 it's a steal! Granted, i think it's supposed to be worn on a picturesque grecian beach, I still want it as i think it will look fab with an all black or all white ensemble.  

I'm in dire need of a new every day handbag. Something sturdy that i can fit my laptop and camera in, along with the other odd bits and bobs i usually carry around. My dear Primark handbag has recently passed (The handle gave way on a busy high street sob sob) and i've been looking for a better quality replacement and the ZARA one as pictured above has won my heart. I like it because it doesn't look too ZARA if you know what I mean. The design is perfectly classic, sleek and simple.

Lastly, the shoes that I would probably choose over Pizza. And that says a hell of a lot. Again, I need a good pair of black every day shoes that go with dresses and trousers and can be worn during summer through to winter without any hassle and these fit the bill. 

Now for the most important question.... What is on your wish list?!


P.S. I'm starting a new illustrated project called the Investment Closet inspired by Rachel over at Notes From My Closet. I'll have more details in the future, but watch out for it!


A Coffee With Liliyang.

The other day, I met with Lucy Dyer, who is one half of the creative duo that own Liliyang London and two Liliyang interns, Miko and Sonia. We spent the day traipsing around Carnaby street, one of my favourite places in London. Carnaby street is home to some of my favourite shops and independant boutiques, as well as some wonderful restaurants.
 I'm always inspired by other people's creativity, and i loved the fact that Liliyang incorporated aspects of both Lucy and Lily's heritage, culture and thoughtfulness. I also loved how passionate Lucy was about Liliyang and seeing the huge amount of work and love that goes into making each bag, so perfect.
 Faux Leather Jacket . F21 / Body suit . Primark / Faux Fur Stole . Topshop / Skirt . Charity Shop / Bag . LilliYang Sianna Tote /

We spent the afternoon chatting about our favourite handbags, and sitting for a quick coffee, and just generally being girls! Thankyou to Liliyang London for the coffee and the company! 

XOXO Sade 
P.S Check out my interview with Liliyang here.


Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards.

On Wednesday the 29th of May, the much anticipated Company #StyleBloggerAwards were held in Shoreditch. I went along with Maddie, Abbie and Adora, who might I add are such wonderful ladies! We chatted to soothe our nerves, took some outfit photos (in true blogger fashion) and pranced around Shoreditch in search of food!

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