Lazy Oaf's A/W Launch Party.

Not many brands do illustrative design quite like Lazy Oaf do, and a visit to their Ganton street store to view their A/W collection proved just that. Colourful and graphic focused as ever, with a mixture of Versace-esque prints with a Cartoony punch.


Iman Cosmetics BB Crème.

The infamous BB Cream. As a darker skinned woman, I was never able to hop onto the whole BB Cream wagon when it first started rolling. It seemed the darkest shades most brands went up to was 'Sand' or 'Tan', so unfortunately I was left to continue using my Mac Studio Fix Fluid, even during summer (Not a good idea, think sweaty cake face). The weather here in London has been sweltering lately and wearing makeup just seems almost pointless because by 1pm i'm almost certainly sweating it off, but i also want to look 'put together' when i'm going out, so where does that leave me?

Thankfully Iman came to the rescue with their new BB Crème specially formulated for WOC! Yes! Finally a BB Cream that caters to a wide range of darker skin tones! And not just 'Caramel' or 'Mocha'. 

So first things first, what do I love about this product? The fact that it is so moisturising! I have skin like the Sahara Desert, it is constantly dry and dull, but this  BB Crème leaves it feeling moisturized and with a dewy finish meaning I can skip on highlighting. I also really like the fact that it contains SPF15, contrary to popular belief, darker skinned people do (and should) use SPF, meaning my morning makeup process is quicker.

The only things i'd say i didn't really like about the product is that it is mega sheer, I don't know if it's because i've spent most of my makeup wearing life using medium to full coverage bases but at first, i was a little uncomfortable using the product because it didn't quite camouflage my dark circles and hyper-pigmentation, but rather it gave me a sheer glow, allowing for a very natural look. Also, if you are oily skinned, you might not like this one, as i've found using it with a moisturizer has resulted in me once looking sweaty rather than dewy and fresh faced!




Hello Sunshine.

The weather in London lately has been nothing short of beautiful, although like most Brits, i'm finding myself in a fashion conundrum because I simply do not know how to dress for summer. As the UK is generally in a constant state of Winter, I find dressing for summer to be a daunting task. Winter I can do, I love layering patterned jumpers and wooly coats, but summer? *rolls eyes and groans* Sounds odd but I actually dislike the ease of throwing on a pair of shorts and a vest, there's simply no fun in that for me, but when it's hot what can you do? 
 To appease the desperate trying-to-be-experimental-even-though-it's-hotter-than-the-seventh-circle-of-hell me, i've found mixing light jumpers with my all time favourite, the midi skirt has been my summer uniform of sorts. 
 Jumper & Earrings. Primark | Skirt . Vintage | Shoes . DSW | Lipstick . MAC So Chaud

What are you wearing this summer? Leave me your links in the comments section below, i'm in need of some inspiration!




GOGO PHILIP Bloggers Party.

I am a magpie through, and through and although my sense of style is fairly relaxed, nothing gets me quite as excited as jewelry does. Earrings and Rings to be precise. Preferably in Gold. 
So you can only imagine how pleased I was to have been invited down to GOGO PHILIP's new Shoreditch store for a sneaky preview of their new Malibu 1992 and Disney collections.
I felt like a child in a substantial candy store. Intricately weaved golden threads, opulent stones, and timeless pieces juxtaposed against very modern individual jewelry sealed with the perfect retro twist had me gushing. I was particularly fond of these majestic pair of earrings, but sadly my purse thought otherwise *sob sob*.
Thank you to GOGO PHILIP and Material PR for the warm welcome and for hosting such an awesome night!



P.S. You may have noticed that my blogging has been a little erratic lately, my laptop has gone kaput so posts will be a little bit more spaced out than usual until I get my new one! 



Faux Leather Jacket . F21 | Shirt . H&M | Trousers . H&M| Bag . Kelsi Dagger | Shoes . Underground | Jewelry . Topshop

Ode to the crisp white shirt. There is simply nothing quite like it. Nothing will ever beat the ease and simplicity of throwing on a fresh white shirt. I have a strong love hate affair with the colour white. It's such a beautiful colour but the fact that it sullies so easily, and me being the clumsy girl I am means I will rarely wear light colours and often opt for black and navy tones for fear of spilling ketchup or coffee on myself. 



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