Holy Chic.

 I should probably start off this post by mentioning that this is me 40 minutes after a rough morning with my dentist. Not bad for a woman who had been previously covered in blood and bits of tooth earlier eh? Unexpected root canals are never lovely are they, but that is what you get for having a sweet tooth as intense as mine... *thinks of carrot cake*
In less toothy news, I finally got my hands on that Bershka clutch. The infamous "Holy Chic" one, and how chic it is! Well for £2.99 it really doesn't get any better than that does it? Throw on a £1 80's jumpsuit from East End Thrift Store and match your lipstick and nails to your bag and voila, instant Vogue baby.
 Jumpsuit . East End Thrift Store | Clutch . Bershka | Shoes . New Look | Belt . Primark | Lipstick . MAC "So Chaud"  | Nails . OPI "A Roll In The Hague" | Brooch . C/O Temporary Secretary Jewellery

 I am going to sleep (pass out) and pray my swelling goes down because chipmunk cheeks are so not chic! Oh and by the way you have two weeks left to enter my giveaway here! 

Have a wonderful weekend!



Have you ever been so in love with an item of clothing that you almost want to take it out for a romantic meal and a leisurely stroll under the moon light? Well that's how i feel about this Cat print H&M dress. The fit, the print, the endless A/W layering i could do with it... 
 Dress . H&M | Jacket . F21 | Sandals . Topshop | Bag . C/O Warehouse | Sunglasses . Primark

The dress is so light and perfect for running errands in the on/off London heat. Today, I caught up with Eki, an old school friend. We talked, we ate the most delicious sweet potato fries (and most importantly we shopped and took selfies hehe) Eki also have a pretty bangin' blog herself over here if you want a look see! 
If you haven't noticed, things have changed over here at IN MY SUNDAY BEST. Helen of thelovecatsinc and her boyfriend have redesigned my blog and i couldn't be happier with it! As much as i love florals, and I do love myself some florals, i thought the old design was a little too busy and wanted something a little more sleek and grown up!

P.S. I also have a giveaway going on at the moment, if you're a lipstick gal like myself, you could win a Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC! Enter here


Skinnydip London x Topshop Launch Party.

One of the best parts of blogging by far is being introduced to new brands through the means of copious cocktails and cupcakes and Skinnydip London sure know how to throw a   damn good launch party! The venue itself got an A+ from me (The dorky Architecture nerd in me is making a reappearance it seems..) white walls and floors with black accents, pure minimalistic perfection.
The founders of Skinnydip and their kickass PR Vanessa were so friendly and welcoming and explained how the company, established in 2010 started. The pictures are pretty self explanatory so i'll leave the verbal drooling over the embellished cases and bags to a minimum. But as a 'Bling Magpie' i'll say this, i had yet to see embellished cases that don't look cheap or tacky, but Skinnydip really make this work. The cases and covers have that beautiful opulence about them reminiscent of the Dolce & Gabbana A/W 13 Collection mixed with a bit of Meadham Kirchhoff's kitsch and colourful designs, minus the heart attack inducing price tags.
I was very kindly given one of their "Emerald Cases" from their A/W line exclusively stocked at River Island and soon to be stocked in TOPSHOP! I'll be debuting the case at Fashion Week because it's too pretty for every day use and i'm terrified i'll drop my phone and damage it being the clutz I am! As soon as the Red Fluffy case is on the site i'm making it mine!

Thank you to Skinnydip London for an awesome night!



"These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things" | GIVEAWAY.

My parents always raised me to be thankful, to be thankful for being alive, to be thankful for my loved ones, you get the picture. Today, I want to thank you all. All of you who continuously read my blog, tweet me, send me e-mails and generally support me. All the wonderful opportunities coming my way couldn't and wouldn't have been possible without you guys. From those of you who have watched my blog grow from it's humble illustrative beginnings to those of you who have recently joined me in continuing this personal style diary. Thank you.

As a way to say thank you, I'm going to be giving away "A Few Of My Favourite Things" for the next couple of weeks. The first item will be none other than the infamous MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick. This is my staple red, i've yet to find another red like it, it is simply perfect for me. Hopefully it will be just as perfect for whomever wins it!
 Ruby Woo is a vibrant blue toned red lipstick that looks beautiful on every skintone, from us darker ladies to women of a lighter complexion. It is the ultimate red.

What do you need to do to win? Simple, just be a follower of my blog either via GFC or Bloglovin.
Additional Entries:
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 I'll be entering all names into a hat (Old School i know!) So the more entries, the more names your time will be in the hat! This giveaway will end on September 13th! And this giveaway is open Internationally!

Good Luck, and look out for the next giveaway.




IN MY SUNDAY BEST & WAREHOUSE | #PostcardsFromShoreditch.

One of the best things about blogging has got to be collaborating with awesome brands, and on tuesday i got to do just that and spent the morning with Warehouse. I woke up bright and early to meet Abi and Ellyn from the Warehouse team at their Poultry store, where i was very kindly given the chance to pick out an outfit from their A/W collection. 

Ever since i got the e-mail from the fine folk over at Warehouse HQ i checked (stalked) their site almost daily trying to conjure up an outfit that best embodies my style and for pieces that would fit in with my Investment Wardrobe Project, and the Oriental Bird Print two piece that I had been eyeing up on the website, was thankfully in store.

You'd think that as a blogger i'd have been used to people taking my photo by now, but I still managed to turn into an ice block the second the photographers camera was on me, but i soon relaxed thanks to Abi and Ellyn making me laugh and how chilled and hilarious the photographer was. 

Thank you to Warehouse for having me and letting me get involved with the #PostcardsFromShoreditch series! You can see more photo's here and check out my mini interview with them!


P.S. I now have a Facebook page! Like it here to stay up to date with my daily doings and other good stuff!


La Coiffure.

It's been a year and a month since i decided to spontaneously cut off all my flame coloured hair in favour of a Solange-esque shave, and i've finally decided to update you all on my current length, products etc etc. This will be a fairly long and detailed post, so you may want to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit or two.

As of now, after a 1.5 inch trim, I am at arm pit length, which after just a year of growth is quite wonderful and the reason I've retained so much length is due to protective styling. My hair is generally in a bun, in braids, under wigs or in twists 95% of the time, due to styling time constraints and laziness on my part. Less manipulation = Less breakage, therefore more length retained. Hair maths eh?

My hair is a 4a texture (You can find out more about hair typing and how it can help you understand your hair here) and is prone to dryness, tangling and breakage, so to keep it at it's best i use products that target moisture problems such as Wave Nouveau which contains glycerin, a product that draws moisture from the air and into the hair strands. For my trusty sleek everyday buns, i use Eco Styler Gel to smooth down my strands and get my baby hairs poppin' a la 90's J-Lo.

My go to product for shine is Carol's Daughters "Mimosa Hair Honey" which is, as the name suggests a honey coloured soft citrus smelling pomade that leaves my hair shiny and soft without being too heavy or greasy. 

In terms of washing, i tend to use any shampoo lying around as i have yet to find one that doesn't strip my hair. Because of how dry my hair feels after cleansing, i generally deep condition for 30 minutes to 1 hour using Tresseme's Luxurious Moisture Conditioner, which does it's job and so much more. I love the product so much i sometimes use it as a leave in conditioner too!

Lastly, to finish I use Yuko's Anti Frizz conditioner and DGJ's Berutti oil (which is more of a serum if i'm honest) to help loosen the curls and kinks as i blow dry my hair and allow my hair cuticles to lay flat.

Top Tips For Length Retention

  1. Drink water, and lots of it.
  2. Protective style. Less manipulation = Less breakage therefore more length.
  3. Moisturize and seal in the moisture with a light oil or butter such as Shea Butter or Coconut oil.
  4. Co-Wash frequently, particularly if you have dry hair.
  5. Study your hair, understand what it needs to thrive.

I hope you've found this little post somewhat helpful, I've been getting a lot of questions in regards to my hair and i hope i've cleared some of that up! If you have any more questions tweet me @inmysundaybest or e-mail me. 



Harnett & Pope.

It's rare to find brands that are unique in style these days, i'm finding everything is a regurgitated mixture of crop tops, coltranes and acid wash skater skirts, so it's nice to see fresh homegrown and handmade talent from Christy Harnett and Katie Pope, the creators of the new East London brand, Harnett & Pope

I was kindly invited by Laure, of Harnett & Pope for their grand launch party in June and was offered the chance to view their A/W collection and talk to the creators. I was amazed that everything was made 100% by hand in their studio and it made the clothes seem that much more beautiful. 

Harnett & Pope mix over sized pieces and bold colours, think black juxtaposed against neon oranges with leather piping and deep burgundy's with the most beautiful lace details, Autumnal perfection right? You can see more on their website here, or check them out on twitter here. If you're in the Brick Lane area, I most definitely recommend a visit to the shop. 

I was also given a small present as I was leaving from the lovely Harnett & Pope ladies, a gift in the form of a chequered orange, turquoise and grey hand made tee. It's absolutely beautiful but I'm still undecided on how to wear it! If you have any suggestions please leave them below for me! I'd love to know what you think! 




My Investment Wadrobe: The White Knit.

This marks the start of a very exciting project I am beginning. I've become increasingly annoyed at how throw away my wardrobe has become over the years and I blame a mixture of 'following trends' and buying for buying sake if you know what I mean. So, in a bid to curb my frivolous spending, I've taken a leaf out of Rachel from Notes From My Closet's book, and begun an 'Investment Wardrobe' series. 

To begin, here is my latest acquisition, a white knitted jumper from Warehouse.

Living in the UK means that a warm knit jumper will always be treasure in my wardrobe,  After growing discontented at the quality of Primark's Jumpers, and having to buy new ones after every other wash, i decided to give away all my old jumpers and I'm now slowly refilling my wardrobe with new better quality ones in time for Autumn. 

I particularly love this Warehouse one because of the detailing on it, the delicate stitches and woven rib paneling make it really stand out.

What say you guys on investment pieces?




You & I.

London is so beautiful. No, it really is. You see I never quite took advantage of all the things London has to offer before I packed up and moved to University in the North, so now, whenever I get the chance to, I spend my days walking from place to place (with some gnarly blisters upon my feet) and simply enjoying all my city has to offer.
Today I headed to and old favourite, The National Portrait Gallery. As a portrait illustrator myself, The National Portrait Gallery has almost become a haven for me, during my GCSE years many moons ago, I spent hours sitting cross legged in the contemporary wing armed with a chocolate stained sketchbook and some graphite, furiously sketching swirling patterns across the pages in a bid to emulate the work of the great Maggi Hambling. 
It was lovely to return much older and with a much more presentable sketchbook. I spent a few hours oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the BP Portrait Awards, which is free to the public if you're in the Leicester Square area!

Top . Vintage | Culottes . Vintage | Shoes . New Look | Bag . Kelsi Dagger |

It wouldn't have been a trip to the National Portrait gallery without buying an array of decorative postcards and a new sketchbook would it? :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather, my ankle swelled to the size of a balloon shortly after these photos were taken. Note to self: Stop running for buses Sade!



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