LFW: The Round Up.

As a blogger, Fashion Week almost feels like some sort of rite of passage. I've mentioned before that my blog was never intended to be fashion based, it just sort've happened? I never thought in a million years i'd have been able to get tickets to Fashion Week let alone sit front row at the Fashion International shows alongside the infamous Pandemonia! For once the timing worked out perfectly for me, and I was able to fit it in just before moving back to University.

As a first timer to Fashion Week, i've got to say the experience was incredible. The atmosphere at Somerset House was almost electric, people were so friendly and it was so nice to see other bloggers and vloggers away from the computer screen. I was lucky enough to have been invited to New Look's blogger refuel room, which was a wonderful oasis in the middle of a very wet Fashion Week. There were manicures, a photobooth, an amazing DJ and food, glorious food!
One of the biggest Street Style themes this year were Embellishment, Pinks and of course Tartan (as worn by yours truly!) and I think one of the things i loved most about Fashion Week was how individual and fearless everyone's style was, it was a time to dig out those clothes that you were too scared to wear and work them. Bloggers like Jen (pictured below) were seriously working the "Lady Boy" trend, androdynous cuts with a feminine details in the form of Barbie pink nails!
Another serious trend was Pastels. They are everywhere at the moment and Burberry Prorsum showed us how ladylike and grown up pastels can be. Soft embellishments and sheer fabric seemingly draped on the models brought out a mix of soft sexiness and playfulness in the clothes. And speaking of Burberry, who else noticed Paloma Faith looking impeccable on the frow? Her hair was giving me everything, the colour, the curls, i'd have loved to have sat in-between her and Sienna Miller.
In conclusion? Fashion Week was ah-ma-zing dah-ling!  I think the nicest part of it for me was just meeting so many like minded people. One of my biggest tips for Fashion Week is to be Twitter savvy and to be as friendly and as outgoing as possible! I spoke to literally anyone and everyone! Through doing so I ended up going to shows i didn't even know were on! (Sophia Webster anyone?) And I ended up making friends with some of the nicest bloggers! So if you're thinking of going next season, definitely e-mail your ticket requests early, be clear and concise in your e-mail and remember to leave your postal address! Wear what you love and feel comfortable in, talk to people and most importantly... enjoy the shows :)

*Photo credit to New Look & Metro UK



London Fashion Week: Day 3

Two Piece Short Suit* . C/O Warehouse | White Shirt . H&M | Necklace . River Island | Bag . Kelsi Dagger 

Day Three at Fashion Week had me baring my legs (Bad move, it was freezing!) in a two piece from Warehouse. There is just something so infinitely wonderful about two pieces, i love that they are interchangeable pieces and stand out on their own, but together... Together they are perfect.

We spent the morning at the Fashion Scout Graduate Showcase at Freemasons Hall, If you're a Londoner like myself you might have recognised Sadie Williams shimmering works in the windows of Oxford street's Selfridges. One of my favourites has to be Xiao Li's chunky textured pastel toned knits (pictured above).
My favorite part of Fashion Week had to be Sophia Webster's SS14 collection (Cheers again Lauren!) We walked into what felt like a magical fairytale garden, with the model's antennae styled hair, perfectly arranged floral displays, a scattering of faux bugs and Katy B's incredible voice coupled with Rinse FM DJ's, I could have easily stayed there for hours. The models were so sweet and the designs so delicate and unique, I was in heaven. 

And this is where my #LFWSS14 journey ended, unfortunately I ended up with "Fashion Week Hangover" and was too tired and sickly to attend the rest of the days, but I had a wonderful time meeting some of my blog crushes, seeing incredible shows and just soaking up the electric vibes at Somerset house. So a huge thank you to Jen, Frankie, Helena, Laura, Megan and Lauren who all made Fashion Week, a week to remember!



London Fashion Week: Day 2 - Part 2

Jacket . Primark | Black Smock Dress* . C/O Karma Clothing | Flap Top Bag* . C/O Warehouse | Tights . Primark | Collared Shirt* C/O Warehouse 
Apologies if I seem a little distant and rushed off my feet nowadays, i'm about to move back to university and I guess leaving packing to the last minute was a terrible idea... especially if you have as many clothes as I do! Nevertheless, here is another post on Fashion Week, the second part to day one as that post was long enough in itself! Click here to see what I saw and do let me know what you think, the collections were phenomenal and I took a particular liking to Luna Sky's designs.

This is what I wore for Day two, a little bit 'plain' for Fashion Week, A simple black smock dress from Karma Clothing, Blue tights and a blue boyfriend coat, perfectly chosen for the horrible rainy, windy weather! You can see what Megan is wearing on her blog here. We had such a lovely day, it was so nice meeting other bloggers and writers and the atmosphere was just electric!

Oh by the way, I did a little interview with Rimmel London, and in true Sade form I was a serious awkward turtle and ended up making a mess of what I was trying to say which was "Minimal eye makeup due to my huge glasses"*sighs* watch it below and try not to cringe for me!

P.S Leave your links, and i'll catch up with all your blogs once i'm all settled and moved into my new pad :)



London Fashion Week: Day 2 - Part 1

Day two of Fashion Week was breathtaking in all the best ways and was the busiest day for me. I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed for the Orla Kiely presentation, luckily i bumped into Megan from What's New Pussycatt? and we went to the presentation together.
Safari Chic meets Moonrise Kingdom is the best way I can describe the collection. Girl scout beret's, knee high socks, tans, mustards and navy's reminiscent of Suzy Bishop. A contrast of textures and 70's style silhouettes with a fresh twist, each piece embodied Orla's feminine playfulness with animal motifs and cute collars and even the champagne glasses had glass animals hanging from them which i thought was a lovely touch.
Hellen Van Rees's SS14 FUZZLAYERGLOSSBOX  presentation was a visual feast, inspired by vintage Chanel and the flapper girl, Van Rees's work was a mix of textures and colours draped gently on each model.
Dee Duce's collection provided us with long lined elegant silhouettes that hail the feminine form, organza, silk, chiffons with dramatic crystal appliques.
Luna Sky's collection (which was one of my favourites) was almost ethereal and fairy like with pearls, ornate sequins and tiny shimmering crystals draped from necklines and wrists.
House Of Mobe design trio Paulina Aderian, Nancie Sam-Amoye and Johanet Soname's SS14 came with clean assymetric cuts and burgundy leather accents.
And here ends my quick summary of part of Day two at LFW, so much happened that it's hard to condense into words without boring you all to smithereens but i hope the photo's do the collections justice! P.S. The winner of my giveaway is Rosalie Jayne! Congratulations girl! :)



London Fashion Week: Day 1.

Turtleneck . H&M | Tartan Skirt . Vintage | Brogues . New Look | Necklace C/O New Look* 
Friday marked the beginning of London Fashion Week, and what a few days it has been! Between whirling from show to show, and of course getting soaked by the unrelenting rain. I chatted with fellow bloggers and wicked cool photographers! 

Friday was quiet for me as I had other plans to attend to, but I started off my Fashion Week adventures at New Look's "Refuel Room" for breakfast and a much needed manicure, there i met Jen, Frankie and Helena (Who are the bestest blogger babes ever tbh) and we soaked up all the colours and textures at Somerset House. 

P.S Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! You are all too sweet :) And thank you Helena for the photos! Oh and i'll be announcing my giveaway winner on Monday!



A Birthday & Some Words.

Hey! I don't know about you, but i'm feeling twenty-two! Taylor Swift moment over now.. Good Morning! Grab yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if you're that way inclined, for I am about to relay onto you some words of love. I apologize in advance for all the syntactical or grammatical errors there may be, I've always found more personal posts difficult to edit!

Today marks my 22nd birthday and I am feeling so incredibly blessed. If you have been following me from the beginning during my awkward illustrative days, I thank you. If you are a recent follower, I thank you too. Because you guys have helped shape and mould the last year for me.

So much has changed, i don't even know where to begin. As i'm typing this, i'm slurping the last remnants of coffee from a chipped High School Musical mug and grinning to myself, because I am filled with such happiness. When I started this blog back in 2011, it was with a heavy heart. I was all sorts of confused, my brain and heart were doing loop-de-loops for a multitude of reasons. 21 was the year of change, and what i thought was change for the worst was most definitely for the best. 21 was the year that i truly emerged from my frown filled chrysalis to become a hardened happy, albeit lopsided winged butterfly. It's funny to look back and see how much has changed, my confidence, my attitude towards life, my friends, you get the drill.

Still wondering where you guys come in? I'll tell you now.

You see, this blog was the thing i turned to when I felt everything was too much, too stressful too tiring.  Your words of kindness encouraged me and comforted me on rainy days, simple comments like "Keep your head up." spurred me on and what started as an illustrative diary of my personal growth has become so much more! Your feedback on some of my more personal posts such as "The Power Of Love" left me in tears and your support when i entered Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards was incredible.Without you guys following me, tweeting and commenting, none of the opportunities that have arisen from my blog would have been possible. Through blogging i have met so many wonderful people, some of which i hope will be lifelong friends.

So, to all of you, my blogger friends and readers, i thank you, from the bottom of my love filled heart. Your comments and tweets are stupendously appreciated and i wish you all the most wonderful kismet and as always, i'm sending lots of love and positive vibes your way.

Lot's of love hugs and kisses. 



"A Navy Coat?" I hear you exclaim, but yes. Navy, not black. You see in my teens I wore a lot of black, even to this day some of my friends call me a walking funeral. Black felt (and still feels) so comfortable and natural to me. Put simply it is the colour for everyone and anyone, you can dress it down, you can dress it up. It's just... perfect. However with that being said, I have far too much black in my wardrobe and in terms of outerwear I always tend to play it safe.
So that's where this navy number comes in, I bought it for a mere £1 at East End Thrift Store's infamous Pound Sale. It's a little bit big and it smelt like something that had died in the 90's (If anyone knows how to get that 'vintage' smell out of clothes please help me!) but for £1 I simply cannot complain. I've added an old Topshop faux fur stole to give it a little oompf as i felt it was lacking something.
I can't wait for the great British winter to begin. I can already picture this with a chunky knit, brightly coloured tights and some Dr Martens. Ahhhh bring on the cold!

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