The Knit-List With Bonprix*

In the words of Lord Eddard Stark, Winter is coming. Well, actually my frozen fingers indicate that Winter is actually here. Nothing comforts me more in the colder months than warm comfy items of clothing, i'm talking snoods, leggings (judgeth me not!) and of course plenty of knits!
Bonprix have a huge range of knits and Christmas Jumpers  in at the moment and above are just a small selection of the jumpers and cardigans i'm loving! My favourites have to be the Pink fluffy knit jumper, (i think i'm one of the few people left who doesn't yet own one of those lovely marshmallow-esque jumpers *sobs*) and the Poloneck dress! I can just imagine pairing the knitted dress with a pair of knee high boots and faux leather trousers/leggings and pairing the fluffy jumper with one of my leather skirts!

This post is in collaboration with Bonprix!*



My Kawaii Case.

My love of embellished items has gone a whole very kawaii notch up, if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen my previous very bling phone case, unfortunately i accidentally snapped off a little bit of the side so said phone case is now sat decoratively on my shelf. My poor iPhone was naked until Paula from My Kawaii Case offered to send me a customised kawaii phone case. In that moment all of my wonderful (awkward) teen years came back to me, my mini obsession with all things kawaii and anime almost resurfaced the second i clicked on Paula's site.

Each case can be customised to your liking with the bespoke order option, i opted for it to be as cute as possible because, well... who doesn't like cute? But other options are offered if you feel it's a little too adorable for you. 
Isn't your phone really heavy? I hear you proclaim, actually, no. I was a little surprised myself but "whipped" deco phone cases such as the one I received, are handmade with silicone and light cabochons so they're not as heavy as they look and the silicone is soft and flexible so it moulds to your touch.

So, what do you think about my new case?

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Jewellery is good, but ethical jewellery is even better. Soko, founded in 2012 was created by women for women to help make fashion a better world through the equitable direct trade of beautiful ethically sourced goods between artisans in the developing world and web consumers worldwide.
Highlighting the talents of design and craftsmanship in Africa, Soko sells jewellery handcrafted by Kenyan artisans via mobile technology (How cool is that?!) where they engange both consumers and artisans to work together.
Top Left: Trio Brass Necklace |  Top Right: Kamba Braided Aluminium Earrings | Bottom Left: Mahali Block Necklace | Bottom Right: Infinity Bracelet

I love Soko's pieces because of the simplicity of them, even the more intricate pieces have this wonderful practicality about them, the pieces don't wear you, nor do you wear the pieces, but rather you both work hand in hand together.
The awesome people at Soko were kind enough to send me two Brass Fringe Necklaces, one for me, and one for you! All you have to do, is follow the instructions below on rafflecopter! The only mandatory entries must be that you are following myself and Soko on twitter! And that you tweet both of us what your fave piece on the website is using the hashtag #SokoLovesKenya

This giveaway is open internationally and will end on November 28th at Midnight. Good luck!

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Geometric 60's!

Ah, the infamous shift dress. Hailing from the swinging sixties, they require the littlest effort to wear which is probably why they remain one of my favourite style of dresses to wear. I'm a lazy dresser, more so in summer but when it get's cold i find it all too easy to slip on a onesie and call it a day, but unfortunately it isn't quite socially acceptable to go to sainsbury's in a cat onesie for milk at 10pm (people will look at you weirdly!) So when i do want to look a little fancy, i'll opt for a shift dress and throw something collared under it to give it a little something extra.

I love the print on this dress and the pop of colour the neon gives it! So nice for Winter don't you think? It's a little different than the usual autumnal hues of burnt oranges and various shades of burgundy.
Neon Shift Dress* c/o Bank Fashion | Embroidered Collar Shirt* (Worn underneath) c/o WAREHOUSE | Coat . Primark | Tote . Lazy Oaf | Loafers . New Look | Jewellery . TOPSHOP

P.S Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last blog post! Your words were so uplifting and inspiring and it's so awesome to see other women so full of hope and life! I just want to hug you all and bake you cupcakes!

What I wore...


Let's Talk: "Who You Are".

Life is a crazy thing. 

As pro self love and pro positivity I am, it's bloody hard sometimes. Not everything is rainbows, unicorns and fashion blogging. Aside from the shiny perfect bubble that blogging seems to be, there are people, you and I with very real lives. Some of us are in education, some of us work, some of us are old, some of us are young... You get the point. Life, as wonderful as it is, can sometimes get on top of us and believe me I have most definitely had to face the storm before seeing the proverbial light in life. I went through the whole self deprecatory period of "Who am I? What am I doing? What am I worth?"

We worry and fret and push and pull ourselves till we're nothing more than a tired shell of our former selves, as i've said before and will continue saying, Self Love is paramount. Take everything day by day, keep working with yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and never ever against! Find what you love doing in life and do it well! You are wonderful and fearfully made!

I'm currently finding my final year at university difficult in the sense that I need to have faith in myself to be able to present my projects in crits, i'm terrified, but i'm working on it. Little things like rehearsing presentations to myself in my bedroom till i sound confident enough to sell a concept to a potential client, forcing myself to be more confident in social situations and just allowing myself to breathe! I've found that writing out a list of all the wonderful things life has to offer and all my short term and long term goals really helps in a "This too shall pass" way.

I've noticed a lot of people are going through transitioning phases in life right now so i thought this might help, sometimes it's nice to spread some positivity and love!




Do you ever have those posts that you simply forget to post? This is one of them, quelle horreur! I was quietly going through my "Posts" and saw that I had totally forgotten to publish this! This post is from late August and was on the same day as Warehouse's "Style Me If You Can" campaign which you can read  all about here.
This River Island skater dress practically whispered "Please buy me Sade!" and I think I walked in and out of the shop four times before deciding to buy it, because to be quite honest £40 seemed quite steep for a simple skater dress and River Island don't do student discount (Shame on you!). But after realising that i could wear it layered etc i bit the proverbial bullet and just bought it. 
Dress & Necklace. River Island | Shoes . TOPSHOP | Frames . Urban Outfitters 

Dress aside, I feel like I'm mega out of the blogger loop guys! I'm trying to shake myself up and get back to it but it's not easy when you've got other responsibilities! Particularly those in the education realm *sighs* Dissertation anyone? I'm beginning to loathe reading because of it!
I've got a few exciting posts up my sleeves and another giveaway coming your way, so do bear with me as I try to get more... bloggy? Sending love and positivity your way as always!

Oh! Btw, I have Tumblr again! Follow me here and leave me your links below! My dashboard is ever so boring at the moment!

What I Wore....




Making A Spectacle Of Myself.

It's no news that I am a glasses fiend, in some ways my trusty Urban Outfitter Cat Eye frames have been one of my most defining features, but thanks to My Optique, a new pair of spectacles have joined my framed throng.
I thought after a good three years with my UO frames, it was time for a new shape and London Retro's aptly named Metropolitan collection caught my blurry eye. The Metropolitan collection "Celebrates the sartorial flair of the capital" with easy to wear vintage inspired frames that sit perfectly with your wardrobe. I chose the very stylish Fitzrovia frames after seeing a similar shape on Made In Chelsea's Proudlock (How dreamy is he?) The frames themself came with a gorgeous leather case and London Retro microfibre cleaning cloth which i thought was a nice touch i couldn't have made a better choice, my glasses were perfect! The awesome people at My Optique fitted my prescription wonderfully and i've had so many compliments on them!
London Retro Fitzrovia Glasses* c/o My Optique

So, what do you think? Do you prefer Sade a la "Cat Eye" or a la "Fitzrovia"?





It's that time of year again where I pull out all the black items in my wardrobe and sink into the comfort of darker colours, berry lips, faux fur and lot's of hot chocolate. I love black and well, as you've seen from my jewellery collection, i also love gold, put them together and you have Sade written all over it, and that's where this French Connection jumper comes in. As i'm growing older i'm looking for interchangeable wardrobe pieces (Check out my investment closet posts here) items i can dress both up and down and this jumper fits the bill, i'm already picturing it with a white collared shirt, black jeans and a pair of comfy flat boots...
Jumper* c/o FCUK | Skirt, Earrings, Belt . Primark | Shoes . New Look

In other news, if you can't tell by the pictures... I'm back at university for my final year! Weird, but i'm stupidly excited for this year, i've missed the work, my friends, the city and just generally being a student to be quite honest. My first week is coming to an end and i'm already up to my ears in work, can you believe it?!

I hope everyone is well, i've been feeling so upbeat lately and want to share these positive vibes with you all! Oh, and if you were following me on bloglovin' before I changed my domain, make sure to follow me again here as it seems that it reset!


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