Eye See You.

As I grow older, I'm finding that I don't quite have a consistent style. Instead, I pick and chose and mix and match, sometimes I don't quite get it right, other times I do, but i've discovered that finding good investment pieces in basic colours like black and navy coupled with some stand out accessories, works really well, especially if you're a student like myself and your spending choice is between food or new clothes. Food always wins.
Jacket . F21 | Turtleneck dress . East End Thrift Store | Nutty Tote . Lazy Oaf | Necklace* c/o Sour Cherry | Socks . Topshop | Creepers . Underground | Lipstick . Topshop Lip Pencil | Scarf . My Mums

My everyday university winter wardrobe generally works along the lines of all black with a spattering of colour  via jewellery, hosiery, makeup or bags, today I did all four. Jess and Kayleigh at Sour Cherry were kind enough to send me this wicked cool "Eye See You" necklace from their A&E collection. I can't quite choose what i love the most about it. Between the chunky gold chain, the blue glitter and the fact that it was made by hand, i'm a little bit in love, plus the compliments i've had whilst wearing it are hilarious, whispering eye jokes galore ha!

In less glittery news, my dissertation draft is in on Monday so i'm currently losing a serious battle with sleep and making BFF's with the library ugh! Oh, the winner of my giveaway has been announced on twitter! I'm off to get a bit of evening shut eye before tackling the rest of my diss! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Photos by Marcos Banon.


Blue Hues.

Me, not wearing black?! Quelle horreur! I generally tend to gravitate towards black, navys and dark greys in terms of dress colours, especially during the colder months, but the shade of this Organza Insert Dress from Warehouse almost seemed to whisper "choose me, me, me", i'm blaming my new found love of pastels on Olivia from What Olivia Did (That girl can rock pastels like no other!). And in true Sade fashion, i've been ignoring the -1 degree Midland winds and braving the cold with bare legs and icicles for toes. Ironically, when it was warm i avoided skirts and shorts, but now i can't go a day without flashing a bit of ankle or leg and Warehouse with their collection of dresses are enabling me to do so, they just keep hitting the nail on the head in terms of fit, colour and style. I also have my eye on this dress here which i'll probably nab for my Christmas parties with my Warehouse voucher from the Company Magazine Blogger of The Week competition.
Pastels were everywhere at Fashion Week and months later, i've finally attempted to try the trend and i think i'm actually liking it!  I love pastel colours on my nails, but wearing it all over is another story. It's like wearing white, I love it but I simply admire from afar as i'm too scared that i'll spill something on myself. Maybe this is the start of me wearing brighter colours?
I offset the pastel with black and my trusty £1 navy coat from East End Thrift Store and paired it with some jewellery the awesome ladies over at Sour Cherry were kind enough to send me. Their jewellery is wonderfully quirky but also very affordable, think Tatty Devine without the tear inducing price tags!
Coat . East End Thrift Store | Dress c/o Warehouse* | Earrings & Ring* c/o Sour Cherry | Heels . Bakers

P.S what do you think of the photos? My friend Marcos who was in this post is a wicked cool photographer and helped me with these. I absolutely love the quality, so much better than my vintage Pentax! 
Anyway, it's back to dissertation writing (crying into my books and screaming at my laptop) anyone else in third year totally losing their marbles over grades?! Oh my goodness, it's ridiculous! I find i spend most of my time reading, typing, model making and photoshopping everything and anything that seems vaguely architectural. I can't wait for the academic side of university to end! 

As always, have a fantastic week! P.S My giveaway ends in a few days! Enter quickly here!


"A Latte Please.."

Coffee is good but Coffee with friends is better. Although the whole University experience can be stressful sometimes, nothing makes things brighter than having good friends to laugh with and get you through the sleepy deadlines. On top of being super chilled and wonderful to spend time with, Andrew, Marcos and Raphael also happen to have awesome style. I've always been intrigued by menswear, I find with women it's a bit easier to define our varying styles but with men it's always a bit harder to get it right, but these guys do it very well.
During winter, I become a little obsessive over lighting, so when i found fairylights in pound land, i became a woman on a mission to turn my bedroom into some sort of winter wonderland. I think the fact that i can barely stay awake to do work as my room is so comfy is a testament to my success! As i'm typing this i'm preparing to go back to Studio for an all-nighter... yay :(
Thank you for all your warm words on last Sunday's post. I really appreciate it and your comments, as ever made my day! I think one of the nicest parts of blogging is the connection you can make with people you've never met!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know i've been absent on the outfit front for a bit this week *insert whine about deadlines*, but i'll have a very blue post up on tuesday!


The Longest Week.

Firstly, thank you all for your kind words on my Sunday Treasures post, i'm glad i'm not the only one who sometimes feels a little bit 'eh' with my content, after all we're only human aren't we? Secondly, this has been the longest week ever. Although I always preach positivity, I sometimes find it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel in turbulent times, especially during times of grief, my eyes, for the most part have been filled with salty tears and my chest a hollow concave. Death is never easy, but I always try to see it as a celebration of someone's life. But tomorrow is always another day and the fact that there is still breath in my lungs and a kick in my step means that I should always smile, after all I doubt my granny would have enjoyed seeing me blue for too long...
Although I haven't had any time to sit down and properly draw or sketch (anything that isn't architecturally related) I have been browsing my old journals just to re-ignite some lovely memories, like my time spent with the Royal Academy of Art's Attract programme and Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards with Natasha from Bisous Natasha.
My flatmates and I began a "Veggie" week last Monday in a desperate bid to try and eat more ethically and so far so good, I've finally cracked how to make Tofu not taste like an old shoe and i've been experimenting with Asian cooking, like the Thai Coconut Noodle soup pictured above (let me know if you want the recipe!) I've also been experimenting with my hair lately, taking care of natural tresses can sometimes be a burden, and i've become so sick of having to braid or blow-dry my hair out in order to style it. I've found that Bantu knots are a huge God-send in terms of styling and getting my hair stretched quickly and almost effortlessly. I simply take down the knots in the morning, shake, and i've got soft beachy waves!
How can I count the ways in which I adore Daughter. Elena, Igor and Remi have a special place in my heart, so much so that I had to share their KEXP set with you all. Listen to it and tell me your heart doesn't break a little bit with every word Elena sings.

In more 'eh' news, I'm going to be honest with you guys, i've appreciated every comment, every word and all the support you guys have given me during my brief stint in the blogging world and i appreciate it all very much, however i'm a little worried about the content of my blog. In some ways i could argue, it's my blog and therefore I should post what I want, which is true, but I post for myself and for you all. I'm a full time Architecture student working almost 40 hours a week plus i volunteer my hours at the University and therefore have very little time for myself, so sometimes the posts that have deadlines attached get published first, and sometimes my more personal posts get put on the back burner until I have time to edit etc, this doesn't mean that I'm in any way abandoning my old blog style or my 'personal' posts, but it's hard out here for a pimp sometimes! (i'm high fiving you if you get the reference!). I realise that i don't have to explain myself, but I had a comment on yesterday's post that  both saddened me and sort've gave me a kick up the back side, in a good way I assure you, I enjoy honest feedback, I understand that not everything can be rose tinted!  I guess this is just to say, I'll make more of an effort to get back into regular photography posts and bring back the art aspect to my blog. I only ever began this blog as an outlet for the stress and loneliness i felt when i first started university and it has turned into so much more, and so many wonderful opportunities have come my way from it, and for that, I will forever be grateful to all of you.

As always, have a wonderful Sunday, and remember to start your Monday and a beautiful note, love and light <3


The Little Black Dress.

Christmas is coming, or should I say, Khristmas is coming... BANK has launched the Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy and have collaborated with different bloggers (myself included) to style the collection in preparation for the party season! Check out how Tasha from So on Trend has styled hers here.

I don't have very many dressy dresses in my wardrobe as I find i generally gravitate towards such simple structures and colours, but it was nice to be able to wear something a little more dressy and embellished. I chose the Lipsy Kardashian Lace Sequin Dress because what is the party season without a little black dress? 
Kardashian X Lipsy Dress* C/O BANK | Clutch . ZARA | Strappy Heels . Bakers | Lipstick . Ruby Woo by MAC

Although i wasn't on my way to a party with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Idris Elba *swoons* I certainly felt like I was in this little sequinned number. The dress itself is very comfortable and sucks you in, in all the right places so you don't need to feel guilty for all the mince pies you've eaten over the holiday period ;) 

BANK have a shed load of gorgeous glitzy dresses on their website at the moment here from sequins to bodycons and shift dresses to faux fur, there's something for everyone. So, what are your thoughts on the Kardashian Kollection?

Have a lovely weekend!

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Sunday Treasures.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It is both and end and a beginning and I always feel an overwhelming sense of peace on a Sunday. It's a day for reflection, recuperation and in some ways gratitude. I generally wake up at 8:30 on a Sunday morning, 9:00 if i'm feeling particularly tired and I spend my morning writing down the things that have made me happy this week and planning the things i will do the following week. I glance up at my pin-board and look at all the beautiful things there, postcards from the National Portrait Gallery from my visit in the Summer, A cheeky photo-booth moment with my darling sister, A very sweet handwritten letter from my dear friend Alexandra.. And I smile to myself ready to begin the day.
As it's my final year in Lincoln, i'm trying to explore every nook and cranny of this little cathedral city, appreciating the beautiful architecture, the autumnal plants, the little tea shops hidden away behind crumbling walls. During my first year here the beauty of this little city was clouded by the negativity and anger in the form of loneliness and i hated everything about Lincoln, now a few years later, i'm irrevocably in love with this place.
And of course, no exploration is complete without a quick "What-I'm-Wearing-In-This-Very-Cold-Weather-Picture"my blog is fashion based after all! I've found a new found love in the form of socks and hosiery, blame it on the weather, or my new found appreciation of colours other than black, but i'm quite addicted to buying socks and tights in almost every colour. So far i've stockpiled, greens, blues, purples, whites and even metallics which you'll see more and more of as the weather gets colder and colder.
And finally, there is nothing more satisfying than flicking through old copies of ELLE magazine in a warm bed with a Cinnamon and Apple scented Yankee Candle, before turning on my macbook to catch up with my favourite bloggers, Flora, Jazmine and Kristabel amongst many others.

As you can tell, this post is a little different to my usual ones and the reason for this is because i'm becoming a little bit disillusioned with fashion blogging, i'm not sure what it is, but i think with the rise and rise of PR relations and blogging, things are becoming a little too structured and repetitive if you know what I mean.  I miss the whole posting for fun aspect, and i think it's easy to get caught up in the whole blogging world and feel down about your blog. I feel like my posts lately have been lacking personality and in some ways originality, it's simply been, "Here's what i'm wearing. Okay, bye", but when I started blogging, it was of whatever came to my mind, what I saw, what I made, what I did and what I wore and i'm resurrecting that idea. So this blog, alongside my love of clothes, will also feature plenty of other things and I hope you're as excited to read about them and I am in regards to writing about them. 

Thank you to Flora for reigniting my passion for writing 

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Let Me Introduce You To Megan, Kristabel & Lizzie.

Often, when the season's change, i find myself in a fashion rut, i secretly want to reach for the baggy butt leggings, bobbled hoodies and ugg boots. But i find that my dressing is almost a reflection of how i feel so i generally try to make an effort with my clothing choices, but sometimes i just don't know what to wear and this is where other bloggers come into play... My dashboard is chock-a-block with writers, bloggers, cooks, and artists who inspire me so much in so many different ways that i thought it was high time i introduced you to some of my favourites..

Megan  from What's New Pussycatt

Megan is a total babely babe inside and out and I am happy to call her a blogging-friend, her dress sense is killer and she is such a sweet girl. Her outfit posts are literally F LA W L E S S. Everything is just so perfectly put together that i'd hire her as my own personal stylist if i had the money!

Kristabel from I WANT YOU TO KNOW

Kristabel's blog is literally a visual feast, every photo is laced with a special kind of beauty and i really appreciate all the work she puts into her blog, everything is so clean and clear and i absolutely love that about her blog! Kristabel also has one of the most enviable blogger closets out there and i forever find myself lusting over her shoe and hosiery collection.

Lizzie from Dust On The Ground

Lizzie has such incredible photography skills, and sometimes i go through her blog simply to marvel and the gorgeous photos. Each outfit and photo has this wonderful time gone by type of vibe that i adore, everything is just so warm and pretty and it inspires me to get a little bit more creative with my own photography skills.

I hope you've liked this post, I sometimes feel like not all the awesome bloggers I follow get the recognition they deserve, and when the blogging world is as saturated as it is, it's difficult to. So why not share the blogging love? I'll be doing a "Let Me Introduce You To.." on a monthly basis :)

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Coats are fast becoming my winter obsession thanks to Helen at TheLoveCatsInc and Josie at JosieLoveShoes. I've found that a good coat and complete and enhance a somewhat boring outfit, and of course save you from the harsh british cold (currently typing with frozen fingers!).
Herringbone Coat* c/o Warehouse | Turtleneck . H&M | Leather Skirt . Vintage | Metallic Socks . Topshop | Chunky Loafers . New Look

Back in March (I think) I won Company Magazine's blogger of the week in collaboration with Warehouse and i was gifted a very generous voucher to Warehouse's stores, i had saved said voucher till a couple of weeks ago when I fell in love with their Herringbone coat. I'm trying to be more adventurous in my coat wearing as i'm so used to draping myself in anything that is a) black and b)relatively warm, so the Herringbone coat was a good investment, as the colour is neutral enough to pair with just about anything but it's a little more interesting than black.
In unrelated news, guys... Uni is crazy. When i'm not in studio destroying my sense of vision with Photoshop, i'm either sleeping or eating my weight in stress. The thought of graduating with a low grade actaully cripples me with fear! There's nothing I want more for my time at University to have been worth it. Literally the only thing i dream about when I sleep is getting a first in my degree, is that crazy? (I know it is but gah i can't help it!) but enough of me stressing, how are all of you? I feel like i'm seriously behind on everything that's going on in the blogging world, not being back in London and having mountains of work means i don't really have time to read blogs etc as much as i can so i'm trying to stay in the loop via twitter! Hope you all have a blessed week!

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