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J A N U A R Y |  F E B R U A R Y  |  M A R C H

You might want to grab a cup of coffee, or tea if that is your preferred beverage, because this is going to be a long one! 2014 is quickly coming to a sharp halt, and it has become tradition on In My Sunday Best to end the year with a round up (You can see last year's here, and 2012's here). I felt like being a little self indulgent this time around simply because it has been a thoroughly enjoyable year blogging wise, plus who doesn't like to look back at the past and reminisce? At the beginning of the year, I was getting into the flow of shooting with my friend Marcos (who runs a pretty amazing Architecture blog here if you enjoy the built environment as much as I do!) and I became very inspired and excited with the whole thing, we explored different areas in Lincoln to take photos, and I learnt to stop being so awkward in front of the lens.

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A P R I L |  M A Y |  J U N E

This was also my final year of my undergraduate Architecture degree, so I found myself drifting in and out of the blogging world as deadlines loomed, and my gosh, the last few weeks before June really took their toll on me but I somehow managed to stay awake and finish (and post fairly regularly it seems! I also wore a whole lotta red..). An incredible few months, with friends whom i now regard as family.

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J U L Y |  A U G U S T |  S E P T E M B E R

Summer was incredible. I moved back to London, did lot's of bloggy stuff and I graduated! Hooray! A very proud moment for me, because when I began I was 100% sure I would drop out or study illustration instead. But i stuck it through! I also got my first job in Architecture (which turned out to be a nightmare - more on that in an updated 'Life After Uni' post). It was a weird couple of months, I was on a high because I'd graduated and was looking forward to masters, but terrified at the prospect of having to be a responsible adult. Sartorially, it was lovely! The weather was warm, but not too warm so I enjoyed being bared legged and played with keeping it super simple.

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How the last few months have flown by! Time felt like it dragged at university, but when you're in the working world, it is very difficult to find a second free, which is why i haven't been posting as much recently. I am super excited for my blogging plans in 2015 though, I'm *hopefully* investing in a new camera, re-branding the blog. and lot's more but i won't say much more or else i'll spoil it!

So what did I learn this year? For starters, I wore this Maxwell Scott bag A LOT! And I can truly say it has most definitely been my most worn item this year, and probably one of the most useful gifts I've received. It just goes with everything, and anything, Summer or Winter, it served me very very well. Secondly I upped my photographic game, became a small expert at spotting nice places whilst out to take a quick outfit photo and most of all I figured out the little things that make a blog tick like SEO, Social Media etc etc. Who knew the world of blogging could be so vast? It has been such a cool learning curve for me. I learned to just go with the flow, stay away from trends and wear what i like rather than trying to be someone else if that makes sense? I also learned the fine art of reaching out to people, and this year I have met some of the most inspiring, creative, loving and helpful people ever. Never be afraid to reach out or e-mail someone, for you never know where it will lead.

As always, I have to thank you all who take the time to read the blur of typed words, enjoy the images, comment, tweet and e-mail, because without you my blog would be a very lonely place! And even though i might not find the time to reply to every single blog comment, i do read them (and sometimes show them to my loved ones whilst have sobbing omg look how nice this person is! ;__;) and heartily appreciate them from the bottom of my heart! So thank you for the kind comments and sweet words, please do leave me your links if you have any end of year posts lined up! And of course your bloglovin's so i can follow you and keep up to date with your wonderful blogs! Apologies in advance if this feels rambly, it's nearly midnight as I'm typing and i'm trying to wrap this up!

I truly hope the new year brings much love and much light your way, i'll see you on the other side! 

 Happy New Year in advance, lot's of love! 

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

London is so incredibly beautiful this time of year. Lights illuminate everything, people have smiles on their faces, and the whole atmosphere is warm, inviting and almost romantic, even if the weather is not. I've felt compelled to take my camera with me most weekends, even if all i'm doing is going for a solo coffee around St Christopher's Place, or meeting a friend near Carnaby street. I've forgotten how important it is to take notice of the little things around me, and I guess Christmas is all about the little things such as spending time with loved ones, or cooking a meal together. Those are the best things, the small bursts of happiness that soften life's sometimes sharp edges.

Wishing you, and yours a very magical Christmas if you're celebrating! I for one can't wait for my Mothers famous roast potatoes and my Dad's awful Christmas jokes!

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Winter is so beautiful sometimes, the way the sun sets during the colder months make taking blog photos such a breeze as the lighting is so lovely and warm that it means i don't have to do any post-processing in photoshop hooray! Winter is also beautiful because it means I can wear lots of soft layers, fluffy jumpers and warm boots. My jumper is from the East End Thrift store pound sale and i LOVE it! I made the mistake of washing it on the regular setting resulting in it shrinking a good size and a half but i don't mind. The colours, the texture, just so perfect for my current wardrobe.

On another note, CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE YESSSSSS! What are all your christmas plans? Although i've lost the child-like excitement that comes with the festive period, I am very much looking forward to a relaxing day with the family watching My Wife and Kids re-runs.

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Photography is one of the most important aspects of running a blog. Good quality images and well written paragraphs are definitely key, and whilst the writing part can sometimes come naturally, the photography part isn't as easy but there are definitely a few things that can help. For me, using props and a good lens generally equals a speedy blog shoot and some nice clear images - hurrah!
I generally shoot my products on a white throw that i got from Primark for about £2, or on old photos or magazines, but lately i've seen some beautiful wooden floors used as backdrops. Unfortunately for me, my bedroom floor isn't rustic and woody, however i knew there had to be a cheaper and more more simpler option, and then it hit me. Make a wooden board! I was actually lucky enough to get two huge panels of wood from neighbours who were going to throw them away, but you can also buy tongue and groove panelling strips from places like Wickes and distress them so they look nice and aged. Assembly is super simple, all i did was slot them into place (hence the tongue and groove!) once my Dad had helped me to cut the panels in half, and that was it! I purposely didn't glue them together or anything for ease of storage.

I love the natural rustic look it gives the photos, and something as simple as a cup of tea with a few pine cones and leaves looks so much nicer on the wood panels rather than my normal white sheet.
So if you've been wondering how everyone has managed to get new wooden floors installed much like i did, try this little trick out for size if you're looking for something new for your blog photos. I'll be adding other little nifty tips and tricks i've discovered along the way, after all it is the season to share! As always have a lovely week, and let me know if you've found this helpful!

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I Say Soda, Soda.


After managing to get the majority of the grandma's attic smell out of my new EETS trews, I'm feeling pretty happy about them. The jacket is so warm and thick, perfect for the almost arctic wind that is a' blowing around England this time of year. I always think Vintage clothing is pretty cool in the sense that whatever item has been lovingly worn by someone else and it makes me wonder what kind of journey said item has been on. In keeping in line with lazy-warm outfits, i've brought out my infamous AA jeans out of hiding. I always say this but they were worth every penny and are the only pair of jeans that i've washed and worn over and over without any fading or shrinking. Bless American Apparel for their super flattering fits. And speaking of American Apparel, i finally managed to get my hands on one of their U-back body suits thanks to Buy-Tshirts Online. If you're looking for AA basics (American Apparel sell basics in wholesale!) at a bargain price, then check them out. Unfortunately there aren't any Jeans or Riding Pants, but if it's Tops or Hoodies then you're good to go! In more awkward news, I totally ignored how cold it was, and being a member of the no-bra crew is pretty dangerous given this erm…. nippy climate, big scarves save lives people.. Or at least preserve some sense of modesty hehe!

As always, have a wonderful week, and keep warm! (If it's cold where you are!) I'm currently typing with icicles as fingers..

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Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind.


Winter's chill has finally descended upon us causing me to layer everything and put on two pairs of tights and a pair of thick socks, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My Winter Wardrobe is severely lacking in coats and warm things in general so to remedy this my sister and I headed to East End Thrift Store's £1 Sale. I'm not sure if my expectations were far too high this time around, or because the last time I went i had come home with a veritable treasure chest of a bin bag full of great finds but this time round was pretty anti-climatic. The two hour wait to get into the store alone had put a dampener on our morning (doors opened at 11 and we arrived at 10:30 but the queue was crazy!), and by the time we actually got in, the majority of clothes were on the floor, or torn to shreds, no joke! So I didn't leave with as much as I had liked, but I still do recommend it to any one who loves a bit of bargain vintage as much as i do! I now have two pretty smelly, real suede, faux fur lined jackets waiting to be dry-cleaned and worn! For a pound each? You really can't complain too much! 

The pictures above were actually taken after the sale, and i think for someone who had been battling through hundreds of people with an arm full of coats, i don't look too shabby haha! Channelling my inner faux Francaise, with this beautiful silk lined Beret from Chidora. Stella, the founder noticed I was on a healthy hair journey kindly sent one of her wonderfully made hats my way and it could not have come at a better time as I've been obsessively pining of Beret's and all things French on my Pinterest boards. Generally when I wear hats, I usually wear a satin bonnet too to protect my hair from rubbing against the fibres of the hat creating breakage, Stella's hat's are lined with pure silk which is awesome. Less bulkiness and a lovely fit, plus no stressing if you can't find your bonnet which is me most mornings and nights.

The dress, I picked up at the Voucher Codes blogger swap shop a few weeks ago and i've worn it about ten times since bringing it home! So perfect! So a huge thank you to whichever blogger this once belonged to! 

As always, I hope you're all having a wonderful and very enjoyable week! 

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Scarlett of Soho.

Glasses are pretty much my favourite accessory. Apart from stopping me bumping into things and squinting like nobodies business, i think the always complete an outfit, well for me anyway, which is why i have such a vast collection. I think if you wear glasses everyday or most days like me, it's a good thing to invest in quality glasses in varying shapes, sizes and of course colours! However, with so many glasses retailers being on-line, it gets a little tricky in regards to getting the right frames for your face. I usually go with the "Meh it looks cool" and just order but it's a bit of a risk especially once prescription lenses are in! Scarlett of Soho encouraged me to try their at home try-on kit, before ordering. At first i said no because impatient, but Rob, one of the founders told me to give it a whirl, plus it was free. So i did, and i'm very glad i did because the glasses i had initially wanted to order did not suit me at all! I had initially wanted the Churchill in Grey but they were a tad too big for my face, and the glasses i thought i wouldn't like much ended up being my top pick! So it works eh! I ended up choosing the Hammerstein in Crystal Ombre which shall be winging it's to me soon so watch out for them in my up-coming posts!  So if you're a glasses obsessive like myself and are thinking of ordering a new pair of specs, do try the at home services if they're an online company, especially if it's free! You have nothing to lose!

As always, have a wonderful week! And happy December! Christmas is nearly here, hurrah!

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Keep The Quiet Out.


My free time as of late has been spent walking. I'm not sure if it's because the leaves have fallen and turned a vibrant orange but nothing soothes my soul more than a slow afternoon walk with my camera and my journal. I'm lucky enough to live very close to quite a few green spaces and last weekend i went for one of my little walks. I saw wild rabbits, jumped in leaf piles and happily enjoyed the fresh air and scribbled across my journal with numb fingers. It makes such a nice change from the hustle and bustle of central London Monday to Friday. During the week I run like clockwork so it's nice to get some fresh air once in a while!

P.S I have a giveaway running here, go forth and enter! P.P.S Does anyone know how to embed images via flickr? Blogger is making my photos very discoloured, blotchy and blurry! I apologise for this!

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GIVEAWAY: Win An Iconemesis Case!

Rarely do you see a naked iPhone these days, and for good reason too! So many beautiful phonecases are about! I did a post back in summer talking about my Coffee iPhone case from Iconemesis, and they've very kindly offered to give a case (of your choice!) to one of my readers! All you have to do is go to their website, scroll through the glorious cases and simply let me know which one you'd choose in the comments below! The Giveaway will end on December 5th and i'll announce the winner on Twitter! If you're stuck for choice, I love this Fifi Lapin Case and this Gemma Correll one! So cute!

The only mandatory thing is that you must be following me via GFC. You can follow Iconemesis on Twitter and Facebook for extra entries! P.S This is only open to UK readers.

Good Luck!

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