Kyoto To The Bay...

What's that? Sade without a 'fro? No your eyes are not deceiving you! I'm not quite sure how this 1940's housewife /Amy Winehouse hybrid came about, but i'm digging it. It keeps my ears warm, keeps my hair out of my face and makes me look fancy, even when i'm just wearing a pair of jeans and a turtleneck. I said i'd never take this coat of again, and I most definitely meant it. It goes with literally EVERYTHING, and is such a nice change from black.
My American Apparel jeans are still going strong, and continue to make me look like a mother from the eighties but i love them dearly. Anything that nips in at the waist is a winner in my books. I'm not sure if they're worth the insane price tag but i've yet to find another pair of jeans that are as high waisted as these are (but if you know of a more affordable pair link me up down below!)
Coat . Warehouse | Faux Fur Stole . TOPSHOP | Turtleneck . ZARA | Jeans . American Apparel | Socks . Topshop | Loafers . New Look

I have soooo many posts planned for Valentine's day (Well not loads, but like three) and i'm super excited for them, because I never do anything for Singles Awareness day.. I mean Valentine's day, so I thought i'd entertain myself with some posts! Look out for them from the start of February :)

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Oh To Be Beside The Sea.

Sometimes, it's good to just get away from everything, if only for a day. And that's exactly what myself and two friends did one chilly Sunday morning. We drove down to Skegness for a day of collecting sea shells, eating freshly made doughnuts and watching the sun set as the waves beat the shore. I haven't felt so at peace in a place for so long.
Coat . Warehouse | Denim Shirt . Vintage | Boyfriend Tee & Jeans . Primark | Cherry Red Dr Martens . Office

My outfit is a vast change from the red-lipsticked perfectly coiffed outfits i usually post, but i thought it'd be cool if i showed you what I wear on my "off" days or days when I just want to be comfortable. My lazy day uniform usually consists of a boyfriend tee, some comfy jeans and some boots or trainers. Simple non?
I haven't played with my camera in so long, so it was so lovely to be able to shoot again. I have so many photos from our little trip but i won't spam you guys with too much, after all there's only so much sea you can see (see what I did there hehe)
Photo's by Myself and Marcos Anton.

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Another Investment Wardrobe piece! I spied with my beady little eye this beautiful Camel Coat in the Warehouse Sale and I grabbed it before anyone else could, it was the only one left and it was a size 10, it must be fate, non? I think a good coat, a good bag and a sturdy pair of flats are investment wardrobe essentials but i think coats in general are an investment if you're living in England (it's cold and rainy 98% of the time) but i think a Camel coat tops all others.
Expect to see said coat in more or less every other Winter outfit post of mine. I've found that Camel actually goes with most colours, even blue as you've seen from my last outfit post here and it's just such a nice change from wearing black all the time. What really caught my eye about this coat is that it's boyfriend fit, but has a belt that you can use if you want the coat to have a more feminine shape, two birds with one stone and all that jazz.
Coat . Warehouse 
Images via Pinterest.

I've been scouring Pinterest for ways to style my coat for both everyday use and special occasions and it did not disappoint! I think Pinterest is probably one of my greatest finds of 2013, it's a treasure trove chock-a-block full of inspirational images, awesome diy's and some kick ass recipes!  I hope this series is helpful to anyone else trying to build an investment wardrobe, i've got a "Staples" Pinterest board which helps to inspire my investment purchases, check it out here if you want. Oh, I have a giveaway running at the moment here if you'd like to get your hands on some skincare goodies!

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Simplified Skincare: Giveaway With Nexrastore

 A little while back, I did a post on my super simple skincare regime, and the awesome Delphina at Nexrastore saw my review of their Rose Jojoba and Ginseng night cream and offered to give one sample pack of some of their best skincare goodies away to one of my followers! How lovely is that?!
Nexrastore's NXS range is 97% natural and promises 100% effectiveness. As i've reached the ripe old age of twenty-two, i've been looking more at natural based beauty products (mostly through reading Naturalbelle's blog) because the thought of piling lotions and potions with unpronounceable highly scientific names worries me a little. It's nice to know exactly what you're putting on your skin, and the same goes for haircare but that's something for another post.

Onto the products, the mini gift bag contains Nexrastores Olive & Grapeseed Face Soap, Rosewater Triple Deep Cleansing Toner, Rose & Argan Oil Day Cream, Rose Jojoba and Ginseng Night Cream plus a Facial loofah to cleanse and exfoliate your skin to the natural heavens! If that sounds like something that's up your street then you've come to the right place, simply follow the rules below for a chance to win!

Giveaway Rules:

The only stipulations for this giveaway are that you must be following me via GFC and this giveaway is only open to UK readers! Other than that, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! The giveaway will end on February 10th and the winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

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My first outfit post of the year! Valentine's day is slowly approaching and the only thing I have to show for it is this Heart print shift dress, who needs love when you can have clothes ey? Moving on from the sentimentality and back onto the clothes. I promised myself that i'd play with colour more this year instead of draping myself in black all the time and ironically i wore this very bright outfit to my crit (assessment & presentation) because i thought, well... if i dress well, at least i'll feel good if i fail (i joke! failure is never an option kids!) but in all seriousness, it's wonderful how confident and happy you feel when you're in clothes you really enjoy. 

The heart print dress is from BANK and the blue tones just make my heart sing, I won't bore you about my love for Shift dresses, but if you like you can see what I wrote about another pretty damn cool shift dress from BANK here. Because it's cold as a motherlover in England at the moment, layering is essential and i've found myself reaching for turtlenecks in every shade under the rainbow (i've yet to acquire a mustard, navy and green turtleneck yet but that will happen soon..) but i did find this cobalt coloured beauty in the primark sale for a measly £3 can you believe it?! The price of an averagely made coffee at your favourite coffee shop! Bargain or what?! I got so excited by all the blue that I had to throw on my Eye See You necklace from Sour Cherry, It's probably one of my most worn necklaces, it's bright, it's bold and it grabs people's attention. Perfect.

Coat . Warehouse | Dress* . BANK | Turtleneck . Primark | Necklace* . Sour Cherry

Photo's by Marcos Banon


The Wishlist: Accessories*

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I think the majority of my early teenage years were spent in Brent Cross' branch of Claire's buying faux nose rings and stick on tattoo's, fast forward almost a decade later, and the Claire's of my youth has grown up a little bit, just as I have! This year, I'm trying a more simplified style of dressing and this goes for my accessories too. Items that can be worn everyday rather than just the odd special occasion, so my picks for this wish list are based on simple delicate silvers and golds. I'm also working on a 365 day no heat challenge on my hair (no straighteners or blow dryers) so i've been investing in some serious hair bows and clips to try and spruce up my buns or twist outs! 
I'm not sure what it is, but i've been loving infinity circle necklaces, they're just so delicate looking and can be worn with pretty much everything, same thing goes with infinity rings! So, more importantly what are you guys wishing (lusting) for? :)

This post is in collaboration with Claire's!*


How To Have A Great Day.

We can't control what life throws at us, but we are the only ones who can control how we choose to feel. One of my promises to myself in 2014 (and for the rest of my life) is to take better care of myself. I think it is so incredibly important to make time for yourself, we often work ourselves so hard we end up tired, unhappy and with a generally sense of unease. One of the things I write most about in my Life tag is living a happy, fulfilling and positive life, after all we only have one life to live, why not make the most out of it?
On my days off, I generally start my day by opening my curtains, letting the light flood my room and allowing myself to enjoy the simple pleasure of being blessed enough to have woken up alive, happy, well and in good spirits. Nothing lifts my spirits like sunshine pouring through my window, i'm not sure what it is about natural light, but it just makes everything it touches so beautiful. I've always disliked winter because of the whole no light  after 3pm thing!
Next, my favourite part. I put on some of my favourite music, i'm loving this song here by Tom & Laura Misch, it's subtle, it's jazzy and it's oh so smooth, give it a listen if you're into that type of music. I go into my bathroom and start my morning routine, but because it's my day off, I allow myself the pleasure of a face massage and and a full body exfoliation (words can't describe how much I adore Soap & Glory's 'Scrub Of Your Life Exfoliator'). I really take my time and allow myself to relax, completely and fully. After my epic shower, I moisturise and get dressed, but I wear my comfiest clothes, a soft knitted jumper and a pair of elephant print silk trousers. Now Ladies, I understand how annoying it is to wear a bra, especially when you just want to relax, you have to choose between a restricting bra, or having your boobs jiggle everywhere, but i have found the solution! Dun dun dun! *drumroll please* I give you the American Apparel Triangle Mesh Bra, stupendously comfy and your boobs have some support, plus there is no underwire! How amazing is that?!
I know most people like to do Yoga before they get ready for the day, but on my days off, i prefer to take my time and really allow my mind and body to relax before i think of doing any work, or checking any e-mails. I love this routine by Tara Stiles, although i'm not quite as flexible as she is yet, but i'm working on it! After yoga I usually fix myself some breakfast and 99% of the time it's a big ol' bowl of porridge with various seeds, nut butters with the occasional few chocolate chips in it.
Now it wouldn't be my day off without some meditation and some reading. I find it especially hard to switch off and concentrate sometimes, but this is where the Buddhify app comes in! I bought this on the App store after googling meditation app's and it has been my saviour, particularly at night when my brain tends to go into overdrive. And of course, no relaxation day is complete without a cheeky read of the latest Elle Magazine (I think it's the only magazine I buy regularly).

Take some time out this weekend and treat yourself, you are seriously worth it! Even if it's just to something small like a bubble bath instead of a shower, or a special dinner. I promise, you will feel so awesome when you do! Remember self care and self love is paramount! I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! 

P.S. What types of posts would you like to see more of on IN MY SUNDAY BEST, I realise my blog has more of a Fashion base, but i think it's both interesting and challenging to tackle other subjects, let me know in the comments section below and i'll try my hardest to make it a reality! 



As I said in my MOODBOARD / EARTH post, my wardrobe additions this year will focus more on being interchangeable and practical. That being said, i'm finding it difficult to draw the line between boring and practical, I want to be comfortable but I also want my pieces to define my style and that's where statement pieces come in, like this pair of Two-Toned Leather Boots from ZARA. 

I fell head over heels with these as soon as I laid eyes on them during the sale and I snatched them up at a lighting quick speed. Where do I begin, the colour (I love my red's!), the pointed toe, the square block heel, the soft leather. Everything about these boots is perfect, plus they're super comfortable, with or without socks. I can't wait to pair them with everything! 

What have you guys been buying lately?


Mood Board / Earth.

Images via Pinterest

As a new year begins, so does the desire to re-invent oneself, or at least embrace change. For me, fashion wise this year I feel like i'll be more swayed towards investment pieces rather than one off's, simply because I feel like my wardrobe at this moment in time, just isn't up to par. I have a horrible habit of buying lot's of items that i'll wear once or twice before disposing of them, all because the cheaper price tags. This year, I plan to spend wisely.
Earthy muted tones have been constantly on my mind lately, whether it's a camel coat, or beautiful photography of plants, i've been enjoying softer colours.


The Blank Page.

There is something so exciting about new beginnings and fresh starts. Thoughts of renewal and rebirth come to mind and positivity is in the air. One of my favourite parts of a New Year, is being able to start a fresh diary, i'm organised, but not as organised as I'd like to be, so this year my diary will be with me at all times, brimming with appointments, blog ideas, to-do-lists and of course, the odd doodle.
I have lot's of plans for my little space on the internet this year, I feel like I lost my way a bit in the middle of the year. Expect a lot more of me playing with my camera and more lifestyle based posts..

A5 Black Diary . WH Smith

I wish you all a Happy and very prosperous New Year

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