The Fail-Proof Smokey Eye.

Now, I am a beauty novice in the sense that I actually don't do very much other than a quick dab of concealer and a few coats of mascara most days, but on the rare occasions that i do decide to experiment a little bit, it's generally very simple, quick and easy. Essentially fail-proof even for a beauty clutz like myself. I think a mixture of spending too much time watching Lily Pebbles, Vivianna Does Makeup and I Covet Thee's youtube tutorials and having lot's of barely used shadows led to this look. And I loved how quick and easy it was to do, so I thought i'd show you all too! P.S. it's also the makeup i'm wearing in this instagram photo here.
For this easy peasy look you'll only need two eyeshadows, one lighter, one darker, the choice is up to you and the possibilities are endless. The star of this eye makeup show for me is this eyeshadow from Rouge Bunny Rouge called "Bejewelled Skylark" which I picked up for £12 in the sale, unfortunately it seems like it's sold out online at the moment, but who can blame people, just look at the colour! The shadow itself is super pigmented, long lasting, densely packed, doesn't crease,  and is incredibly easy to blend, even easier than the shadows in my Naked 2 palette if i'm honest, and if i had the money to, i'd probably shell out on a few more of Rouge Bunny Rouge's shadows, I have yet to find a negative about this product other than the fact that the normal price of £20 is a bit steep for me, so i'd probably wait for their sales!
Okay let's get down to business shall we! For the purposes of this pictorial, my base has already been applied, but in real life i usually apply it after my shadow so i can clean up any fall out. I used Iman's BB creme* as a substitute for foundation, Mac's Mineralize Concealer in NC40 under my eyes, NYX blush in Cinnamon on my cheeks and Benefit's The Porefessional to prime my lids.
Next, apply the lighter shade all over your lid in a packing motion, once you're happy with the pigmentation, blend it out lightly so there's a natural transition to your brow bone. After that take your darker colour (I used 'blackout' from the Naked 2 Palette) and gently press into your outer crease about 2/3 into the eye socket and again blend out, but this time blend like your life depends on it! When you're happy with the results, add some black to the lower lash line but if you have small almond shaped eyes like me, only apply it about 2/3rd's of the way in, otherwise it can make your eyes look really small and we want sultry eyes, not small eyes!
After that just apply lashings of your favourite mascara, i used L'oreal's Miss Manga Mascara (I've reviewed it here) on my top and bottom lashes until i had enough volume. Check to see if everything is to your liking and darken your eyes a little bit more if you fancy (i added more black to the outer edges after these pictures were taken!).
Easy peasy eh? I'm not a makeup expert by any means but i hope those of you who are as new to makeup as I am enjoyed this! I really enjoyed doing this pic-torial so look out for a few more in the future! Next up, i'll be tackling Hair and Protective Styling for colder months! Oh by the way my skincare giveaway ends tomorrow so make sure you enter here!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Drooling over here - boy you are beautiful!!

    Get modelling Sade, you look absolutely lovely - beautiful light in these photographs too and I am so envious of your complexion!
    Good job on the eyeshadow - I'm terrified of looking 'too made up' so I never try it but it looks so good the way you've done it that I might just start trying with some very pale colours!


  2. Gorgeous. I'm even less than a novice when it comes to make up, but I'd definitely try this!

    Courtney from Two Looks, One London | A Beauty & Fashion Blog .x.

  3. Beautiful eye look. Your skin is gorgeous x

  4. Your skin is lovely, the eye shadow really suits you x

  5. Your skin is flawless, your eyeshadow looks great!

  6. you look beautiful Sade :) x

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // Youtube // Lime Crime Giveaway

  7. The eye shadow looks fabulous! I loooove your blog definitely following!
    Tosin xx

  8. This looks so stunning Sade! I always adore your blog pics x

  9. gorgeous! cant go wrong with a naked palette for a smoky eye x


  10. This burnt-rust color is perfection. It isn't too overdone, yet an unexpected look. You look beautiful!

    xo, Rebecca


  11. I'm rubbish at applying eyeshadow so thanks for this informative tutorial. You rock a smoky eye. x

    Nerve Wires

  12. Smokey eyes are one of my long time favourites. I love the way you did it, you have a lovely face and perfect skin! :)

  13. Love this look, now you got me looking at rouge bunny shadows and staaap it you're too gorgeous
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~ http://smilerrr.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/get-on-that-camel.html

  14. Beautiful Sade! <3 you really can't beat a smokey eye! xx


  15. I love this look! What's the name of the colour of the eyeshadow? I don't know which one it is on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website

    1. Thank you! It's called "Bejwelled Skylark" I'll edit the post and pop it in now! Thanks for the heads up :) xo

  16. Your skin is amazing! I love love love this look! It's so subtle yet striking. x



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