Underwear / Outerwear.

Although I often dress like someone's grandmother, with my love of midi skirts and blouses, I have another secret (well not so secret if you're following on pinterest here) love. It's underwear. I have an entire double drawer full of the frilliest knickers and stringiest bra's ever. Said drawer get's no love because sadly i'm a) single and b) prone to sticking to my Bridget Jones pants for everyday use, i'm not a fan of the all day wedgies and ridiculous chaffing that most cute pants bring. Today I bring you *drum roll please* Underwear as Outerwear, or at least showing you how to wear that beautiful basque that's sitting in your drawer feeding moths and reminding you of your impending cat-lady-status.
Marks & Spencer sent me this beautiful lace bodysuit and asked for my take on the Underwear to Outerwear trend, they also have tonnes of other lacy bit's and pieces here too.  So onto Look 1! Now, I'm pretty modest in terms of dressing so those of you who are a little shy to flash a bit of flesh like myself, might like this. I think the way to go about the trend is that less is most definitely more. I'm all about that subtle sexiness, an exposed collarbone, wispy hair framing your face, and of course the weeniest sliver of cleavage. So i thought of wearing a light silk unbuttoned blouse, with a midi skirt and some comfy desert boots was the way to go with making this look understated and a little undone. 

Body* - Marks & Spencer | Blouse - ZARA | Skirt - Vintage | Boots - Primark | Fedora - New Look | Lip Laquer* - Marks & Spencer

Look two, is all about embracing those curves ladies! But again, i tried to keep it a little covered up with the faux leather jacket (I seriously need to get a new one!). This would be awesome for a cheeky night out I guess, if you're not a jeans kinda gal, you could just pop on a midi length leather skirt. I'm a firm believer of the boob-leg-ratio thing. If i'm showing a bit of chest, i cover my legs, if i'm showing a lot of leg, I stick with longer sleeves and higher neck-lines, but this is just how I work, i'm also a firm believer in wearing whatever the hell you want because, your body, your choice! :)

Jacket - Forever 21 | Jeans - Primark | Boots - Zara | Body & Fedora - Same as above

The body itself is made of lace and mesh, and the lace on the bust is thankfully fairly opaque with an almost nude lining, meaning you won't be giving people and eyeful of erm..nipple, but i love the fact that some parts show a little bit of skin for example the lace just under the bust. P.S On a beauty note, can I just take a minute to praise M&S on their incredible Lip Laquers?! I'm wearing 'Rosewood' in the pictures and I kid you not this stuff lasts from morning till night and does not budge! If they made a blue toned red similar to Ruby Woo i'd snatch it up in an instant!

So, the big question is... How would you wear you style the trend? 

Photos by Marcos Anton


  1. Love the raindrops on the leather jacket and HELLO amazing body! The curves you are rocking under those skirts are incredible...wear what you feel comfortable in of course, but know that's a banging bod!

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  2. oh my sweet lord you sexy lil thaaaang! WOWSER missy, you look incredible, both looks are beautiful! x

  3. You're so gorgeous! And I would style this look by teaming the body with my vintage Levi shorts and my timberland boots and adding a long fluffy cardi xx

  4. This is so beautiful. You made wearing underwear out look so tasteful. Beautiful. xx

  5. Anonymous2/28/2014

    You look absolutely AMAZING - definitely should rock this more! xo

  6. This is soo beautiful

  7. OMG the second outfit! SOOOOOO HWAT!


  8. LOVE your bod! Where you been hiding that! Second is my fave xx

  9. You look absolutely stunning! Amazing post! You're flawless!

    ♥ Oxana
    O X A N A M.U.A Makeup Blog NEW SMOKIN HOT POST!
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  10. Love your jacket!!

    xx stephalsay.blogspot.com

  11. you look amazing! love it!

  12. How stunning!! The second outfit is by far my fave, so lovely and I love the intricate lace detail.
    Saadiya x


  13. I really like this look x

  14. Anonymous2/28/2014

    This looks amazing - the body with the jeans is so sexy!

    Love your look just started following on Bloglovin

    Ally x

  15. Your figure is amazing! I'm a big fan of underwear as outerwear and love wearing my lacey bodysuit like this. I'm yet to try the slip dress and bralet trend but I definitely want to attempt it! <3

  16. Stuuuuunning! Love the photography <3

    Wild Wolfy
    Sil xx

  17. Anonymous2/28/2014

    Really great outfit!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  18. Love the both looks :)

  19. i completlely agree with you on the boob leg ratio but then again we are free to wear whatever we like and im so not into the whole slut shaming business. love how youve styled both outfits, and can i just say your figure is so amazing, im super jel xx
    The Frill Seeker

  20. You look so stunning Sade. I love the outfits and your lip colour is so gorgeous! I've never thought of buying M&S lipstick x

  21. I'm a big fan


  22. Wow! The second look is amazing. You look lovely X

  23. YOU LOOK SMOKING! I love look............................


  24. This is so gorgeous - very old Madonna! :)

  25. Oh wow! I one hundred percent want to be you, Sade - I agree with you on the leg to chest ratio thing. My mum call it 'tart points' - you don't wanna push the number too high! Womannnnnn you look divine. You really really do - you do sexy in such a classy way, I think you are amazing.

    I also prefer wearing trousers for a night out - I think collarbones, shoulders and cleavage is very, very sexy - jeans and heels is the right balance and means you can enjoy yourself without worrying about flashing your knickers, I find!

    Seriously Sade, well done for this one - I think you've nailed the underwear as outerwear trend - it's a difficult one for a lady to get right and I think you've done it perfectly. 10/10!



    p.s I'm tempted to go and buy myself a basque and this lovely lip lacquer now!

  26. Pure class Sade! Only you could pull this trend off and still look like such a lady, I'd look like a total trollop (why did I say trollop? I'm not my nan haha) xxx

  27. Anonymous3/01/2014

    It's amazing Sade ! Really, I am also kind of shy but I really love how subtle are those looks, even the second one seemed to me possible to do ! :)

  28. You are stunning, you have an amazing figure, and from what I can glean from your blog, you are an amazingly cool person! How are you single?!??

    Courtney from Two Looks, One London | A Personal Style Blog .x.

    LOVE the first look, btw.

  29. Oh my God, you are absolutely stunnin.
    How have I only just found your blog.
    So rare I fall in love with blogs like this.

    Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

  30. You look fab wish I looked that good in a body suit!

  31. Oh wow!! I love both looks and I love your makeup in the second look. You make wearing underwear as outerwear look so tasteful!!

  32. Oh wow you look beauts especially in the second look (my fave) look at your figure!!! HOT <3 love how you made this bodysuit look so different! Bloody gorgeous Sade! xx


  33. ooow this is sexy, two fab outfits x

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