Fool's Gold.

It has been far too long since I've spent time playing around with my old Pentax, but some recent accumulations have given me the little push I needed to start dabbling with the in's and out's of aperture and ISO and judging by the wrinkles on my hand in the final photo, i'm doing well on the macro side...  Now onto the my mini assemblage, firstly, it is amazing what you can find in Charity Shops and i've quickly realised that my local Barnado's is a veritable treasure trove. I picked up this beautiful blue and white porcelain chest for a mere £1.99 and i've been lovestruck ever since. It sits on my dressing table and hold all my dainty bits and pieces that i'm prone to losing like these jewellery pieces from Rings & Tings.
Although i'm a fan of bold (sometimes gaudy) jewellery, i thought these delicate pieces made a nice addition to my everyday jewellery wear and i still can't quite pick which piece I love most. The infinity bracelet is just so darn pretty, as is the ring, but the earrings are especially beautiful, i love the yester-year style of them, plus i think i'm garnering a Kristabel-like love for things with the letter 'S' on them! 




Revel In The Songs That He Sings.

High waisted jeans and a loose shirt are my spring/summer staples, and although we haven't had much of a spring yet I've busted out the brighter colours and prints. Ironically not too long after these photos were taken it snowed/rained/hail-stoned like crazy, which led to some hilarious photos which i may post later on in the week! Marcos is such a top photographer that he just continued taking photos even though he was getting soaked.
The other week, I was lucky enough to receive a very beautifully packaged present from Maxwell Scott in the form of their Catania Satchel. I haven't managed to stop wearing it since it arrived because the quality of it is simply unmatched and it's probably the fanciest bag that i have in my wardrobe at the moment. The handmade aspects and the fact that it's made of vegetable tanned leather makes it that bit much cooler too. Such a fab addition to my Investment Wardrobe too.

P.S. I've so failed the whole 'no heat' challenge in regards to not using any heat tools like straighteners and blow dryers on my hair, but i've actually found that my hair is thriving more so than it did when i wore it in buns every day! Let me know if you'd like a pic-torial on how to get poker straight natural hair using minimal heat :) As always have a wonderful week!

Photos by Marcos Anton



There are few things in life that I love more than collars. Peter Pan collars to be exact. I think they make any dress, shirt or jumper look simply darling. I think it's the shape that does it for me, the playfulness of it, and how cute you look and feel whilst wearing it. There is just something about a collared shift dress that makes me feel so free and happy and this Motel one is no exception.

Photos by Marcos Anton


Polka Dotty.


This weekend has been one of the best couple of days ever. It's such a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by such loving and supportive friends and i'm smiling from ear to ear as I write this post. Life has a funny way of surprising you and these past couple of months have been so life changing (but in the best of ways i assure you!) Talking of great things, I picked up this navy cardigan for a mere £2 and it has quickly become one of my new wardrobe favourites. What did you guys do this weekend? I hope you all took advantage of the glorious weather :)

Photos by Marcos Anton



Coat - Sammydress* | Bodysuit & Jeans - Primark | Scarf - My Mothers

Sometimes it's nice to dress down. Most days i'm running errands in a comfy pair of jeans and running shoes, and I initially thought should I actually post this outfit on the blog because it's so basic and simple, then I thought why not, sometimes it's nice to see people in their every day element. Just a quick notice to say my posting will be erratic over the next coming weeks as every little bit of time I have will be used to apply for Part 1 positions, edit my portfolio, and work silently on my projects and architecture sites. As I take my blog photos when I'm out and about it'll be difficult to post as i'll mostly be in studio, Marcos (the photographer) who is also on my course will most likely be spending his time working tirelessly too! Plus my outfits will be similar to the above, simple, comfortable and easy to spend long hours in!
The coat was sent to me by Sammydress who are a China based wholesale retailer. I'll be honest and say that it isn't the best quality, but if you're looking for something cheap then this may be for you. The coat took about three weeks to arrive and is more of a dirty black colour rather than what it looks like on the website, also, i'm finding it impossible to iron out the creases from the packaging. Though the quality is lacking, it is a pretty cool jacket and it's a fraction of the price of something similar you'd find in ZARA or Topshop and I can't wait to wear it with a drapey cami and sandals in summer!


Photos by Marcos Anton


Fancy Pants.

Not so much fancy pants, but fancy skirt in this post. Remember when I said Pink wasn't my colour.. As it turns out I'm actually kinda liking pink, especially when paired with my marshmallow fluffy jumper. Pink is even better when it's on a Midi skirt, especially a genuine 1950's circle midi skirt, Dorothy Dandridge eat your heart out! Brag Vintage were awesome enough to send me this pretty circle skirt. Brag are a small sheffield based on-line Vintage clothes store and they have a huge selection of clothes for both gals and guys, their skirt selection might just tickle your fancy if you're anything like me...
My friend Alex came to visit me at the weekend and this is what I wore for coffee and wandering around Lincoln with my little Pentax (If you've ever wondered what camera I use, it's a Pentax ist DS).
Skirt* - Brag Vintage | Fluffy Jumper - Primark | Jewellery - Topshop | Tights - M&S

I'm always a little stuck as to what to write to accompany my outfit posts as I tend to want the images to speak for themselves so I guess i'll keep this one short and sweet.

As always I hope you all have a wonderful week!   

Photos by Marcos Anton


What's In My Bag?

You can tell a lot about a person by judging the contents of their bag, and although i've changed my daily handbag over the years, the contents have pretty much stayed more or less the same. I have to admit this post is a little cheeky as in real life, I actually carry two bags, this one with my general stuff and another one with my laptop and uni stuff but maybe that's another post for another time..
1. The Handbag: My bag of choice lately has been the Marc B 'Staten' very kindly sent to me by the lovely folk at BANK. It reminds me of the Chanel quilted cross body bags. Very classic, surprisingly spacious and easy to wear with just about anything.

2. My Diary: You might remember this post from the New Year, where I said I wanted to be more organised this year. It's working!

3. Glasses: So I can read, they're from here if you were wondering.

4. Body Mist: Soap & Glory hands down have the best smelling products in the world. I've been using their body mists continuously because they last long and smell so darn good.

5. Hand Santitiser: Because you don't know what you could pick up

6. Lip balm: Ashy lips are never ever cute.

7. An Emery Board: My nails are naturally very long and often get snagged on things, to prevent breakage I carry and emery board with my to file down the parts of my nail that snags. Nothing irritates me more than breaking one nail and having to chop the rest off!

8. Hand Cream: Because Ashy hands are also never ever cute.

9. Earphones: I feel very out of sorts if i don't have some Schoolboy Q or Childish Gambino in my ears when i'm out and about.

10. My Phone: My lifeline essentially. My phone cover of choice has been Skinnydip London's 'Emerald Case' which you might remember from this post!

11. A Mirror: To check for dry lips and eyelashes lodged in eyes.

12. My Purse: It has just about everything in there. I bought it in the Warehouse sale for a tenner and haven't looked back since.
So, what's in your handbag? Link me to any posts you've done down below!


I Bite My Tongue And I Torch My Dreams.

My little old Pentax has been with me for the majority of the week, and it has been so lovely to learn how to use it again, fiddling with the ISO and aperture have been fun. I've been a little here there and everywhere this week. I'm not sure if it's because i'm edging slowly towards the end of my degree and towards 'real life', but everything feels so repetative. My days have been filled with waking up, showering, getting dressed and going to studio. Every single day, even on weekends and i just can't wait to feel something other than sleepy. Flowers are springing up (excuse the pun), and they're a constant reminder that the soft warmth of spring will be soon be upon us. Spring has always feel like a fresh beginning to me, the darkness of winter will be gone and life will be a little rose tinted again. It has been a very long week, everything happens for a reason but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to go through life unblemished.

What are you thinking on this gloomy Sunday morning?

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