I think i'm in the minority of glasses wearers that actually really enjoy wearing them. I always feel complete with a pair of frames gently balancing on the bridge of my nose, in fact I almost feel a little bit naked without them. Cat eye shaped glasses really do have a special place in my heart, the shape of them takes me back to a time of swinging skirts and bluesy Billie Holiday songs, and they just make me feel fancy even if i'm just wearing them to do some reading or computer work.
I had a blast playing with my camera taking these shots, and it feels nice to be playing with my Pentax again. The blog photos Marcos takes are incredible but i've missed the excitement of working behind the camera myself. Now onto the glasses, unfortunately the frames I chose from Firmoo are being phased out, so you can't get them anymore, but these are very similar to the pair I was kindly sent. The frames themselves were fairly cheap in price in comparison to brands you'd find on the high street and they're super lightweight. Plus they applied my prescription to the lenses perfectly! The only downside is that if you want your specs in a hurry, express shipping is a wee bit pricey. But for the most part if like myself, you can't quite afford the Miu Miu you want, this is a great alternative. If you'd like a pair of Firmoo glasses yourself, head to my twitter for a giveaway where you can win one of five gift vouchers towards a free pair of frames!
I went a little bit crazy with the self portraits, but I had so much fun taking these! Oh and you can just about see my new hair colour. Warmer weather always beckons change, and for me, change is always good. Oh and if you're feeling the love for glasses at the moment I have a giveaway to win a super sleek pair of Marc Jacobs shades here!


  1. You look absolutely stunning, and your glasses compliment you beautifully!


  2. Love those glasses :)


  3. I love your glasses very much! They give you such a lovely sophisticated look :) I also really enjoy wearing my glasses!

    xoxo, Vero.


  4. Love your new hair colour and those glasses suit you so well.
    Afeeyah xo

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  5. I love thoses glasses, they fit you very well :)
    Hope you will follow me, I always follow back :) ! X


  6. You look gorgeous! And I'm with you on loving to wear glasses - maybe it's because I didn't need them until I was eighteen, or because I'd been needing them for a while by the time I got them, but, while I'd love perfect eyesight, I'm thrilled I get to wear glasses all the time.

  7. I have a thing for cat-eye frames too...yours are beautiful! I liked mine when I had them, but they broke and I got a regular pair that I wear 'cause I have to.

  8. I love those glasses, they suit you so well Sade x

  9. They look fabulous on you! I'm trying to get the hang of doing self portraits of myself... boy, the amount of pictures you have to go through to get one you really...really like...it astounds the mind! lol... Plus, I need a new camera so that might be the problem I'm dealing with. lol.... I just got a pair of glasses from Firmoo too!! It's a great company and great quality!

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  10. i love your specs, you really suit them!

  11. Your glasses are just so beautiful. And I liked the portraits


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