I'm definitely still living in the post (vicariously lived through) Coachella vibes, and harnessing my inner seventies love child with lot's of clashing patterns and prints. I think the best thing about this Motel Jumpsuit aside from the awesome paisley print, is that I can wear it in winter with a nice fisherman jumper and a collared shirt (speaking of which, i've gone ga-ga for collared shirts, but more on that in another post) which sort of makes it suitable for the Investment Wardrobe hall of fame.
There is a hilarious story to accompany yesterday's outfit post. As Brits, we love to harp on about our tumultuous weather, yesterday's elements were truly all over the place. As I left my house the sun was beaming down on my face and I thought it would be the perfect day to wear my new Motel Jumpsuit to run some errands and get some outfit shots along the way. Unfortunately Mother Nature thought otherwise and myself and my friend Eline (who took these photos) ended up getting soaked through to our pants. Very uncomfortable stuff! I also fell over about four times because of how wet the grass was and how impractical my shoes were (all the creys) so I'm currently nursing a very sore ankle.

I think these photos truly proved that I am truly a city girl through and through, horses, wasps, stinging nettles and mud is definitely not my cup of tea but I hope it was worth it for the shots!  As always have a lovely week! And keep me in your prayers / send positive vibes as I wrap up my last bits and pieces of work!


Destination Unknown.

It's finally festival season hurrah! Which means the academic year is coming to an end, and with only three weeks left of my undergraduate degree the only thing on my mind right now is booking holidays and relaxing on a sandy beach with good music and a G&T in my hand, absolute bliss right? However being a student on a design course means the majority of my cash goes towards boring things like grayboard and printing (Who knew printing would be so incredibly expensive?!). So when I saw that BANK were offering tickets to not one, but three festivals across Europe, well I just had to enter didn't I?!
I think one of the best parts of festivals and holidays in general is capturing memories. I always love to look back over photos years after events and reminisce. I think a disposable camera is your best bet when going to a festival because 1.) If you lose them or if it get's stolen they aren't as expensive as an SLR or Digital Camera so the loss isn't too great 2.) Developing them is soooo much fun because you have no idea what you're getting and it's so exciting to see how the photos turn out! I've been stocking up on them lately as Boots has a buy one get one free offer on them at the moment. 
Two words: Festival Fashion. Aside from the sometimes excessive appropriation, I love the freeness of it all and being able to wear whatever the hell you want. From a onesie to embellished wellies, you can do whatever and not a soul will question you! The freedom is incredibly cool, but this year if I have the chance to go anywhere I think i'll stick with my trusty DM's (You can see how much i've worn them!), lot's of high waisted bottoms, simple tees and of course some vintage style sunnies with some obnoxious jewellery. If I could though I'd make a sneaky purchase and get this Kimono and these Sliders to take with me, very festival chic oui? Add a cheeky flask full of Southern Comfort and we have a winner!
Who could forget the music? I think my dream line up would feature Solange, Icona Pop, Disclosure, Bonobo, Gold Panda, Bastille, San Cisco, Haim and Local Natives but a girl can dream eh! So if you haven't entered already, what are you waiting for? Go go go enter the Destination Unknown Competition and may the best person win! If not, let me know your plans for summer!

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