The Summer Journals.


It's hard to believe that this little space on the internet has changed so much in the past few years. It initially begun as just a place to put my spare thoughts and occasionally some journal and artwork and quickly spiralled into so much more, who would have thought, a few years down the line it would have brought me so much joy and untold opportunities, for that I am so grateful, but now that I have a little bit of spare time on my hands I thought it would be a good time to get back into journalling. August is fast approaching, and i'd like this journal to be a culmination of things from the second half of the year. This is a bit of a personal project for me, Four years of Architecture has meant that i'm now hardwired to do everything perfectly and precisely, and i miss the freedom of just being able to create from the heart and not the brain.

My weapon of choice is this Foray Notepad from Viking. I like it because the cover is so soft, almost leather like, and the pages are easy to draw on, not too soft but not too hard, and i've also found that my ink pens have yet to bleed through the pages too which is great!

If anyone wants to join me on this little journal journey (aha!) let me know! It would be wonderful to see other people's work and if you're wondering what my work looks like, here are a couple of Vintage In My Sunday Best blog posts for your entertainment here, here and here!

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Blood Orange.


Whenever I wear anything orange or even seen anything orange, fond memories of Project Runway replay in my head. Who remembers the infamous 'Blood Orange' episode? "Blood Orange? She's so pretentious! It's red!". Now that I have citrus fruits on your mind, how do you like my very summery and very cute DKNY satchel from Harvey Nichols? The size is perfect for a night out on the town, something i'm desperately in need of!  I rarely go for bright colours, but for once I decided to choose Orange over Black. Maybe Orange really is the new black? (See what I did there!). 

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Grown-Up Glasses.


Although I wear my glasses for sight, I've always thought it quite important to co-ordinate my glasses in accordance to what I'm wearing or how I feel even. Last week I had a very important meeting where I had to dress well.. like an adult and luckily these specs arrived the day before so I was able to wear them with a nice suit, and it sounds weird but they gave me the little confidence boost i needed to feel that bit more professional. 

I have three pairs of prescription glasses, these being my fourth, and each pair are so different. From Vintage glittery cat-eye to Proudlock-esuqe frames, but it was high time I'd gotten a pair of more professional looking glasses, and the fab folk at Glasses Direct made that happen. Glasses Direct do actually have a free 'Try before you buy' option where you can order four pairs of glasses to try at home to see which fit you best, but I knew as soon as I laid eyes of this religion pair of glasses that they were the one. Cat eye? Check! Tortoiseshell? Check! They're super lightweight and I even got a compliment from the barista in my local coffee shop in regards to them.

My glasses took about five days to arrive and my prescription was fitted perfectly, so if you're anything like myself and looking to expand your eyewear wardrobe, give glasses direct's free try before you buy option a spin!

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You know when you're sales shopping and you spot something beautiful, and run over towards it in slow motion like in the movies? Then you get to said item and low and behold it's your size and fit's perfectly? Then you drop to your knees and praise the fashion deities with one tear silently rolling down your face. Yes, this is what happened to me the other week when I went to TOPSHOP, I very rarely find things I like in their sales but these pair of shoes struck me as a small goldmine because I have yet to own a pair of mid heel shoes that are also 'dressy'. I can wear these with jeans, with a dress, anything really! And I love the faux croc print on it!

What have you guys been buying lately?

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Un Café, S'il Vous Plaît!


If there's one thing I can't quite survive without, it's coffee, and if you follow me on instagram, you'll be able to testify to this fact! Much of my University time was spent doing a lot of computer work, so myself and my friends would head to our local cafe, Coffee Aroma, to sit, chat and socialise whilst working, and i've got to say they had the friendliest staff and the best coffee's in town! How I miss it so! A nice reminder of my love of all things coffee related is this iPhone case from Iconemesis who are famous for their very cute Fifi Lapin cases. I think I change my phone cases as often as I change my glasses, which is very often indeed! (Please don't tell me i'm not the only one to sometimes co-ordinate my more 'flamboyant' cases to my outfits?) I also love the fact that Iconemesis supports artists and incorporates their designs into their phone cases, i think it makes them very unique in comparison to some of the high street designs. 

So, would you like a coffee?

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I mentioned on my review of the very tasty Tortilla that I'd be venturing into the world of food blogging, it won't replace my outfit or life posts don't worry! Lately I've gotten the urge to become more experimental with my cooking, probably due to the  huge upsurge in healthy eating which i fully love and support! Yes doughnuts and cookies are delicious but we do need to take care of our bodies, so i've been researching healthier options for my favourite naughty little treats.
I love chocolate and I also loved baked goods, so for me a good fudgy brownie is the ultimate dessert! However gluten (which is in flour) isn't too nice on my stomach and I get painful bloating if i eat too much of it, so whilst i was googling gluten free brownies, I found this recipe by Minimalist Baker, and although theirs is vegan, I chopped and changed bit's of it to suit my dietary requirements, but do check out John and Dana's blog, their cooking skills are amazing!

INGREDIENTS (makes about 10 delicious brownies):
- A tin of sodium free Black Beans
- Three teaspoons of Cocoa Powder
- Four teaspoons of Sugar (Demerara if you have it!)
- One room temperature egg
- Some crushed nuts & chocolate if you'd like
- A small teaspoon of Vanilla extract
- A teeny pinch of salt

If you're anything like myself and are fairly lazy in the kitchen, i'll tell you that brownies are the easiest thing to cook, and for this recipe the most strenuous task will be waiting for them to cool down which you have to do or else they will fall apart! Please do bear in mind that you can change the recipe according to your taste, so add a little more sugar or cocoa powder if need be!
Firstly, you can either choose to blend your black beans into a paste using a food processor or blender, or you can be like me and just mash them with a spoon, but bear in mind they'll be a little lumpier if you do the latter! After that it's just a matter of just adding all the ingredients together and giving it a good stir, it's as simple as that! Place the mixture in a greased brownie pan and bake for about 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees (or until it has set) then take it out of the oven, leave to cool for another 30 minutes then proceed to cut and of course taste! I had my brownies with a huge serving of Coconut Ice cream!

P.S If you're a fan of all things sweet and delicious check out Helen's blog here, and Olivia's blog here. They have some incredible recipes that i'll soon try out! As always, have a wonderful weekend, and let me know if you try the recipe out!

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I'd forgotten how awkward/difficult it is taking blog photos in central London and i'm sure you can tell by my semi-awkward posing that people were staring and staring hard aha! So much so that we only got about six or seven shots in general! A far cry from my general over one hundred shots. 
I picked up this denim midi skirt in the Primark sale for a mere £5 and it's probably the best £5 i will ever spend this year. I love midi skirts, they suit my figure well so whenever I find one at a bargain price, i most definitely have to snatch it up asap! I also got a pair of faux Birkenstock's too, which are very comfy i might add! I'm seriously enjoying this resurgence of ugly (but oh so comfy) shoes.. Am i the only one slyly hoping Ugg's make a comeback for the Winter? (Please don't judge me aha!).
I was lucky enough to receive a bag from the fine folk over at Marc b, and it comes in perfect timing! It's a very good everyday/work bag and i've been using it everyday for work and even running errands. Considering i'm the type of person to carry everything under the sun in their handbags, this bag is pretty much perfect for me, and it's sturdy too, it should definitely be inducted into my Investment Wardrobe Project!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be spending my weekend catching up with friends and picking up some bit's and pieces for a giveaway!

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Taco's, Margarita's & Sunshine.

I think it was Oliver Twist who once sung "Food glorious food!". Very aptly put too (especially if you follow me on instagram!) but an afternoon of sales shopping and window browsing does call for some sustenance, especially when facing the horrors of Oxford Circus, in the form of too many people and not enough pavement, but luckily where we went (myself, my mother and my sister) to eat was on Market Place (i.e behind Topshop and far away from the madness!) so it was very quiet and super relaxing. We went to Tortilla, a Californian style Mexican food restaurant. I was lucky enough to have received two vouchers for some burritos or tacos, but since there were three of us, i treated my mother and sister and bought my taco and the drinks separately but considering the taco's were only £4.50 (a bargain i was not expecting!) I splashed out on some cheeky frozen Margarita's for my mother and I, and boy were they good!
Tortilla itself is not so much a 'traditional' restaurant, and if i were to compare it to any other place on the high street it would be a sort of high end subway in the sense that the food is prepared very quickly in front of you. You choose your fillings, additions etc and pay all in less than 10 minutes, so it's great if you're in a hurry but want good quality, wholesome food. I ended up getting the Pork Carnitas Taco with a lot of guacamole, salsa and cheese. It was absolutely delicious, my mum and sister got the Chicken burrito with varying additions but we all sat in silence for a good few minutes to wolf down our food. All in all? A pretty good and affordable place to grab a quick bite if you like mexican style food and you're in the Oxford Circus/ Bond Street / Tottenham Court Road area. The food is great, as is the decor and the staff were very friendly!
I think i'll be writing up more posts about hidden gems in London, be they restaurant, or vintage clothes shops, so I hope you enjoyed reading this! Oh and I have a recipe coming up this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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