Dinner By The Quayside at Manhattan Grill.


It's not often you get the opportunity to have your food prepared for you by the same man that cooked for President Obama and the Dalai Lama, but if Damian Trejo's cooking was good enough for them, then I was sure it would be good for me!

London is an incredible city, bursting with so many colourful and flavour filled restaurants and it's no secret that I love food, much to the dismay of my ever increasing waistband, I also love to cook and can throw down a pretty mean steak (i've perfected the art of the rare steak!) but I have never had a steak as good as the New York Strip that I had at Manhattan Grill. There are just some restaurants that you'll have to leave the 'diet' at home for as I happily found out on Monday evening.  

The night began with some wine tasting with my sommelier Imran, who was super friendly and very knowledgeable, and with his help I was able to select the perfect wine for my steak. I chose the famous Rothschild 'Chateau des Laurets' which, even for someone like myself who favours a good Rose over a red was absolutely delicious. I had a selection of starters from the menu which were all cooked to perfection and served with a Strawberry Mojito, but I have to say the 'Seared black pearl scallops with a pea puree and crispy chorizo' was outstanding, even looking at the photos is making my mouth water! After my starter the next to try was of course Manhattan Grill's infamous steak!  And after much converstaion with the very friendly Eduardo I eventually went for the New York strip, although he recommended the 'Wagyu' and had it with some sweet potato fries and of course a glass of Chateau des Laurets. The steak was served with various sauces but my favourite by far was the Chimchurri as it was so fresh! For dessert, I had to get the Cheesecake which was served with fresh raspberries and a Chateau du Mouret sweet wine. 

My verdict? I thoroughly enjoyed myself! But I will say that it's probably more of a luxury dining experience and the prices do reflect that. I'm already considering booking in a small party of friends for my 23rd which is coming up in a few weeks...I was lucky enough to be a guest of Manhattan Grill's but as always, my honest thoughts are reflected in this post, and their food was pretty damn good so if you're looking for somewhere new in London to dine out, try dinner by the Quayside at Manhattan Grill and do let me know if you go!

22 Hertsmere Road 
Canary Wharf London
E14 4ED 
United Kingdom

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  1. Lovely pictures Sade! I do love a good steak and the Manhattan Grill sounds lovely. Great post x

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome dinner. It all looks so amazing and I'm a vegetarian haha.

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  3. Everything looks so delicious! I waaaant

  4. i love the interior, very well captured! now im hungry for a good steak!


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