Things I Loved in September..

October is fast approaching and although i'm excited for the crisp autumnal winds and the cliche Pumpkin Spice Latte, September has always been one of my favourite months. Mostly because it's my birthday month (Go Virgos!) and also because it has always felt like a month of change. With that said, here are a few things that made my September that little bit more awesome..

I'm in the process of re-branding my entire blog, and i'm doing it partly by hand and partly with the help of Pipdig who designed the layout you see on my blog as of present. I've been heavily influenced by watercolours and soft browns and pinks and i've found the best way to do somenthing sometimes is to do it yourself! My blog is a very personal project and i thought i should inject a little bit more of my personality into it so i've been painting my little heart out and preparing everything from headers to custom borders for the new layout and one thing that i've loved is this little Winsor & Newton Watercolour set that I bought from Cass Art a little while back. It's portable so I can take my painting with me wherever I go and It means I have the freedom to work from almost anywhere.

Zara have been absolutely killing it with their A/W stuff but their perfume is incredible too! Granted they don't have the staying power of my usual Flowerbomb, but for the price, they're a huge bargain! Speaking of bargains, I've been revisiting an old love of mine, Charity shops. Since re-doing my bedroom, my space has been feeling a bit bare and far too minimal for my liking so i've been picking up little bits and bobs to make the place a little more 'me'. I found this antique tray for a mere £2.99 in my local shop.

September is my favourite because as i mentioned before, it's my birthday month, which means PRESENTS! I received a very lovely present from Gaelle and Gemma of Wifty. They very kindly packaged up and sent me one of their Wifty Boxes which are monthly subscription boxes featuring the cutest and quirkiest products from independent designers. I received two very sweet hairclips and a pair of earrings in mine which I actually wore to work the same day. Check out their website and if anything catches you eye i have a nifty (hehe it rhymes with wifty!) discount code for you! Just enter sundaybest10 at the checkout for 10% off :)

Another favourite this month have been my new Chelsea boots from OFFICE. They are absolutely beautiful (pricey! but beautiful). I've been needing a nice pair of black boots for Autumn and these fit the bill perfectly. I've been wearing them very carefully so as not to mess up the suede but i love how it goes with boots and dresses, definitely something for the Investment Wardrobe Project.

What did you love this month? Leave me a link to any of your favourites posts! And a very happy October to you all!

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Back To Basics..


Sometimes it's nice to dress comfortably, i think with the rise of blogging it's easy to feel overshadowed clothing wise and feel like you're boring because everything nowadays is so bright, glittery and trendy (I feel so old saying the word trendy) and it's easy to get sucked into it all, but like i've mentioned in my Investment Wardrobe series, the older I get, the more I focus on clothing that I can get the most wear out of. I love the odd piece of kitsch jewellery but when it comes to dressing I strive to buy things that are easily layer-able and trans-seasonal. Maybe in a few years when my base wardrobe is complete i'll begin treating myself to a few bolder items (I have a bright red coat on my wish list), but for now i'll happily keep plodding along with my affordable and sometimes vintage wares.

I bought this striped Bershka mini shift dress in their sale for about £10 I think and it's one of the best £10's  i've ever spent as i've worn it so much. I've worn it layered with a midi skirt and also with tailored trousers, and i've worn it with a rainbow of various tights. It's just an easy piece to wear and something I really enjoy having in my wardrobe.

With that said, anyone else feeling the pressures of blogging image wise? Let me know your thoughts below!

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Home Is Where The Heart Is...

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Home certainly is where the heart is, and my not-so-secret Pinterest addiction has certainly fuelled my love of decor and interiors, particularly bedrooms because after all, they are considered ones sanctuary. If you've been following me on twitter, you'll know that I've been doing a fair bit of DIY work in regards to my own little sanctuary. After a few years away at University, i'm now settled and back into the routine of things the London way and one of the things i've wanted to do for a while now is re-jig my bedroom. It used to be an awful shade of lilac and not particularly inspiring, but after three weeks of stripping off wallpaper and working well into the night to erect a very complicated bed frame, we finally finished and now I have a very bright, airy and comfortable space to work, relax and blog from! My only issue now is that I need to fill it up with lots of beautiful artwork, lush plants and little bits and bobs to make it feel a little more 'me'. So here's a 'Currently Coveting' list of things I'll be adding to my shopping basket come pay day...
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 
In terms of decor, I don't really think I have a style or a theme, but anything that is bright, colourful or retro looking usually catches my eye. I'm not really a fan of the whole black and white minimalism thing that's currently doing the rounds in the blog-world. Life needs a bit more colour! Let me know what's on your decor wish list and leave me links below!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Kimono style dresses are fast becoming a favourite in my wardrobe. The shape is so flattering on my figure and I had heaps of compliments on this dress when I wore it for a day at the V& A a few days ago. I also wore this dress to my graduation along with a beautiful Navy Links of London friendship bracelet I was kindly given so they both hold very happy memories for me. I won't go on about it too much but our ceremony was held in Lincoln Cathedral, a place that has been mentioned on this blog many a time, and it was so wonderful to graduate it a place that held so many wonderful memories for me, a place I could go when I was tired, stressed or simply not feeling my best, and be able to feel at peace as soon as I was in it's towering (pun intended!) presence. It was just as majestic on the day and all in all i'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I chose something simple to wear so as not to clash with my Cap and Gown and I thought it worked very well, especially with such a beautifully delicate necklace. I felt like, dare I say it... An adult..

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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Soho Grind

Nothing, and I mean nothing will ever top the feeling of putting a fresh cup of well made coffee to my lips. Growing up in Britain, I've always shunned the Brit love affair of tea and taken on a love for 'Un Cafe'. I drink it for pleasure, for the caffeine buzz and for the happiness I associate it with. Some of the greatest moments of my life have happened with a steaming cup of coffee in my hands.

Lately I've been avoiding high street coffee shops and instead i've been supporting local coffee artisans because a.) the coffee is much better and b.) It's better to support smaller companies, with that being said I found myself in Soho Grind a few weeks ago after a long day on Carnaby Street and I was blown away by how friendly the staff were and how great the coffee was. Any shop that blasts M.I.A on their stereo and serves Raspberry Nata's is my kind of place. I generally buy their Cappuccino's but I'd also highly recommend their Mocha's (oh and their freshly made flatbread's too if you're hungry!). If you're ever in the area, make sure you give them a visit.

Soho Grind
19 Beak Street

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It's A Jean Thing!

Denim is very hard to get 'right'. Or should I say it's hard to get good denim to suit a multitude of shapes and figures and as my body has changed over the years (aka I've eaten one too many hot dogs) I've avoided clothes that are tight on my lower half and rather I wear a lot of stuff that is cinched in at the waist and almost always a-line, which is fine but sometimes change is good and it's nice to go a little out of your comfort zone. Oasis invited me down to their Argyll street store for some breakfast and a little chat about their new denim collection, Oasis are probably most known on the high street for their colour prints, but i think soon they'll be known for their jeans too! I had a chance to try on a few pairs so I could get a good impression of how they'd fare and i've got to say they are very sturdy jeans! I even did the trusty jeans squat in each pair i tried on just to make sure and they still felt comfortable! 

The pair I'm wearing in the photos above are the Cara Mid Blue Denim Leggings (which are also high waisted yay and on my to buy list for payday!). P.S Oasis are holding a twitter giveaway so you could win a few pairs yourself to test out! All the details are here

Photo's are by myself and the lovely Rebecca Cohen

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