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Home certainly is where the heart is, and my not-so-secret Pinterest addiction has certainly fuelled my love of decor and interiors, particularly bedrooms because after all, they are considered ones sanctuary. If you've been following me on twitter, you'll know that I've been doing a fair bit of DIY work in regards to my own little sanctuary. After a few years away at University, i'm now settled and back into the routine of things the London way and one of the things i've wanted to do for a while now is re-jig my bedroom. It used to be an awful shade of lilac and not particularly inspiring, but after three weeks of stripping off wallpaper and working well into the night to erect a very complicated bed frame, we finally finished and now I have a very bright, airy and comfortable space to work, relax and blog from! My only issue now is that I need to fill it up with lots of beautiful artwork, lush plants and little bits and bobs to make it feel a little more 'me'. So here's a 'Currently Coveting' list of things I'll be adding to my shopping basket come pay day...
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In terms of decor, I don't really think I have a style or a theme, but anything that is bright, colourful or retro looking usually catches my eye. I'm not really a fan of the whole black and white minimalism thing that's currently doing the rounds in the blog-world. Life needs a bit more colour! Let me know what's on your decor wish list and leave me links below!

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Love this post! I love Moroccon themed rooms, with lots of orange and colour and patterns although I guess sometimes it can get a bit loud so it's all about balance I guess. Also plants/flowers are a must! They just bring a bit of life in to the room :)
    (this is one of my fave home inspo sites - homedesigning.tumblr.com )
    Saadiya x


  2. Ooo you're making me want to get decorating Sade! Love the candles and perfume bottle x

  3. the title of this post had me singing "You & Me" by Disclosure in my head haha
    ~ huge Pinterest fan over here too! xxx

    Liv | Queen of the Jumble

  4. I'm totally with you that life needs colour! I personally like white or off-white walls and wooden floors with lots of colour from soft furnishings. That way you can easily change your colour scheme if you get bored and what not. And lots of plant - always gotta have a plant or two!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  5. love this little roundup!
    pinterest is life!!!!

  6. Hope the room is coming along nicely! Looks like some fab inspiration <3 xx



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