Pink To Make The Boys Wink.


There are definitely no boys winking over here, and still no boys in my yard despite the array of flavourful milkshakes there, *le sigh* all jokes aside, how great is it when you go through your wardrobe and drawers despairing and yelling to yourself dramatically "UGH I HAVE NO CLOTHES!" only to find a gem of an item hidden beneath all the faded jeans and t-shirts. Said gem, is this skirt. I've worn it before on the blog here, back then, my hair was a lot shorter and things were so different, fast forward a year and a bit and my blog is still here but i'm happy to say my photos have improved a lot! It feels like i've been writing and photographing for this blog for years but browsing through some old posts reminds me that it hasn't at all!

I think starting a blog has to be in the top ten of things i'm happy i've done in life and it feels so odd to think what i'd be doing if i wasn't furiously thinking about what to write in my next post, or lugging my camera around with me to various coffee shops and markets. It's just such an enjoyable past time to share the things you love, with people who feel the same way be it good food, some snazzy new shoes, or even if things are a little grey and gloomy.

But before I get too mushy and overly sentimental, back to this outfit eh. I feel sort've like a super cool 60's librarian in this get up. Very lady-like, very me if i do say so myself. I've been feeling all sorts of brave lately and even though the weather is very chilly, I still find myself to be one of the few 'bare legs crew' member still lurking about. Sometimes tights just don't cut it, am I right?

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Layer It Up.


Layering season is upon us, hurrah! This is most definitely my favourite time of year, aside from Halloween and Christmas approaching, colder weather also means cooler clothes (no pun intended!), and as much as I always wish Summer would come back, (then instantaneously regret it when i remember i melt as soon as temperatures reach over 17 degrees) I just love Autumn. Winter not so much, but Autumn, Oh yes. Leaves begin to fall and change colour, the air is fresh and crisp, and people seem a lot more jovial as the holiday seasons approach which is always nice. 

I bought this ZARA dress in the summer fully knowing i would be layering it with a few jumpers and turtlenecks come winter. The shape is very man-repeller-ish, but it's so comfortable and floaty which definitely makes it a winner in my eyes. My brogues from OFFICE are also very man-repelling but super cute non? They make me feel all 'grown up' and they're just generally a very good pair of shoes to have in ones wardrobe.

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The Walk.


Sunday is quite possibly my favourite day of the week. It's a day that i associate with waking to a sunlit filled bedroom, warm coffees and long walks. Today was that kind of Sunday. My sister and I went on a long autumnal walk around where we live and it was absolutely wonderful. Monday to Saturday is often so hectic and filled with running around, commuting from one end of London to another and generally just so fast paced, that it was lovely to just take things slowly and enjoy our surroundings.  Since the weather is still somewhat in limbo, i've been taking a few leaves out of the trans-seasonal style book and sticking with a good pair of boots, in this case a pair of knee highs from New Look and short dresses with thin tights. After about an hour of walking I was positively roasting in my coat and praying to the weather gods for the temperature to drop a few degrees. Knee high boots have been on my radar ever since I saw Dunya style them so well on her blog. They look good, keep your feet and your legs warm, and they go with quite a lot of things so they're well worth it, plus my pair were pretty comfy despite me not breaking them in beforehand! And of course no day out would be complete with a cheeky coffee stop before cracking on with some work!

Also, you may have noticed from the images that I got a new lens for my camera! It's a nifty fifty so it's awesome for blog photography. I also got an Intuos tablet that i've been needing for forever, and getting to grips with it (very slowly!). 

What did you get up to this weekend? 

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A Handmade Christmas With Laura Ashley.

"A post about Christmas.. In October?" I hear you cry. Yes, indeed. I'm one of those highly irritating people who get all doe eyed when setting eyes upon anything vaguely Christmassy. For me, Christmas is a time for family, friends, food, happiness and warmth and so every year as soon as the temperature starts to dip and the leaves begin to gently fall to the ground, that little spark in me is ignited.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of spending the evening doing some Christmassy arts and crafts with Laura Ashley and some other very nice bloggers. I'm the type of girl who looks at her DIY board on Pinterest solemnly vowing that one day I'll tick off at least one pretty simple crafting piece but the day never arrived. Until last night that was! I made a very glittery Christmas card that i'll most probably be posting to a friend, and a winter-inspired floral crown. It's a small blogger cliche but floral crowns are just the bees knees, and Laura from We Made This Home did a particularly smashing job on hers! If you're more of the sneaky purchasing type like me, Laura Ashley's Christmas range is actually up on their website at the moment and it's filled with all things glittery, bauble-y and bunting-y!

So the question is, will you be pulling all the stops out crafts-wise this festive season? Or will you be naughty like me and probably end up buying things?

Oh, by the way I did a little guest post for Laura Ashley over here if you fancy a little gander. 

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The Not So Little Black Dress..


My wardrobe is loaded with LBD's and Midi skirts, but I had yet to come across the perfect everyday Black Midi Dress. Thanks to the ASOS sale, my midi dreams have come true and this dress has me waltzing around London like a modern day Dorothy Dandridge. I wear a variation of this more or less every other day (occasionally i'll throw on some jeans and a jumper) and it's just so comfortable, simple and easy to wear, throw on some heels and you've got yourself a pretty snazzy outfit. I'll keep today's post short and sweet! There are definitely not enough hours a day... As always have a lovely week!

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