Keep The Quiet Out.


My free time as of late has been spent walking. I'm not sure if it's because the leaves have fallen and turned a vibrant orange but nothing soothes my soul more than a slow afternoon walk with my camera and my journal. I'm lucky enough to live very close to quite a few green spaces and last weekend i went for one of my little walks. I saw wild rabbits, jumped in leaf piles and happily enjoyed the fresh air and scribbled across my journal with numb fingers. It makes such a nice change from the hustle and bustle of central London Monday to Friday. During the week I run like clockwork so it's nice to get some fresh air once in a while!

P.S I have a giveaway running here, go forth and enter! P.P.S Does anyone know how to embed images via flickr? Blogger is making my photos very discoloured, blotchy and blurry! I apologise for this!

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GIVEAWAY: Win An Iconemesis Case!

Rarely do you see a naked iPhone these days, and for good reason too! So many beautiful phonecases are about! I did a post back in summer talking about my Coffee iPhone case from Iconemesis, and they've very kindly offered to give a case (of your choice!) to one of my readers! All you have to do is go to their website, scroll through the glorious cases and simply let me know which one you'd choose in the comments below! The Giveaway will end on December 5th and i'll announce the winner on Twitter! If you're stuck for choice, I love this Fifi Lapin Case and this Gemma Correll one! So cute!

The only mandatory thing is that you must be following me via GFC. You can follow Iconemesis on Twitter and Facebook for extra entries! P.S This is only open to UK readers.

Good Luck!

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Black With A Dash of Black.


If there's one rule I never abide by, it's dressing for the weather. Which is probably why i have a perpetually runny nose. I've always just gone with the whole if i feel good in it, i'm wearing it. I was on and off in regards to this jumpsuit, not because it isn't beautiful, more so because I didn't feel i could wear it. I'm so used to my high collared blouses and baggy trousers that anything remotely *sexy* looking throws me into panic mode and I instantly begin to regret the three plates of jollof rice and plantain i ate the night before, which is so silly! I'm glad I took the chance with this NAANAA piece because i love it! I've worn it with my monk shoes and a more masculine tailored blazer and love the whole androgynous look i get with it. 

P.S I've changed my hair again! It's back to black-ish and i self-installed a sew-in after watching a huge amount of youtube tutorials! I cut off a good two inches of colour damage and i'm making it my goal to hit bra-strap length at the back by December 2015, if that's something you'd like me to document on the blog let me know! :)

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Chocolate, Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Me -Time.

Hands up those of you who make a conscious effort to keep on top of all things self-care related! If your hand is up, i'm super proud of you, keep it up! Myself on the other hand… Now that's a different story! When I began this blog I rambled a whole lot, I'm surprised anyone even read it because it was a big ol' ball of tumbling words and grammatical errors, definitely writing from the heart rather than the head. Now that i'm a few years older (and a little wiser) I've found a lovely balance between writing with the head and heart in mind. I love writing and I think it's a wonderful thing to share with others thoughts.

A cup of hot chocolate always soothes the soul, especially when it's the thick gourmet stuff (i've had far too many warm mugs of this lately). Sally, who shares a mutual love of chocolate, coffee and well food in general was very sweet and sent me a little 'TREAT CHO SELF' package full of chocolately Lindt wonder which came at a perfect time because my stress levels were at an all time high and Stressed backwards is Desserts so… My sister and I spent our Sunday baking up a small storm, well to be honest it was very lazy baking as we only needed to add a bit of milk and water to Lindt Lava Cake packets, was absolutely delicious nevertheless, so much so that I ate three 0_0

I always stress the importance of taking care of yourself, but I've been seriously slacking in that department for the last few months, particularly the exercise department and it's left me feeling like a huge steaming pile of poop for lack of a more erudite adjective. Sarah who blogs at The Laughing Medusa, organised an awesome yoga day which was held the Yoga Nest, part of St Margaret's House which is a Charity programme based in Bethnal Green. I'll save myself the embarrassment of showing you how absolutely un-flexible i've become (my downward facing dog ends up as a plank) and not show you the pictures of me huffing and puffing and leave that to your imagination, but i am seriously unfit! Holly our teacher was super sweet and very helpful in regards to correcting our form and making sure we were going at a comfortable pace and it was such a blast to talk with Che, Sarah and Sasha over Hoummus and Vegan Cakes. I'd definitely recommend some yoga if you're feeling blah, i left feeling limber, happy and full on some delicious cake!

I write all this to say, dedicate a little you-time! You owe it to yourself! Little things like a warm cup of tea after a long day, or treating yourself to your favourite film, or food (Hot Dogs & Mac n' Cheese in my case) helps tremendously. Music has been my go to and songs like this, and this have seriously kept me motivated, when the only thing I wanted to do was fall down into a deep dark hole of despair and fear. There is only one you, and you have to take good care of yourself. Unfortunately life hits hard, and in ways we may not understand. But as sure as the wind will blow, and the sun will set, things will change. Brighter days will come, and darker ones will come, that's just the way life goes, we just have to keep it together, and keep it moving. With that said, how are you all? Hope you're keeping well, and life is treating you just fine.

I think as much as these fairly long winded life posts are a way of sharing, they work as a good reminder, and I still go back and look at my "How To Be Alone" post when I'm feeling a little blue.

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Chilly Philly.


Blimey, it got cold quickly didn't it! Not that i'm complaining as i'm definitely in my element when it's cooler (as long as it's not rainy) as theres so much more choice in regards to clothing choices. LAYERING SEASON IS AMONG US PEOPLE, LET US REJOICE! I can't wait to wear all the faux fur, chunky scarves and chelsea boots in my wardrobe! And speaking of winter wear, my autumn/winter shoe game is seriously on point right now if i do say so myself, apart from chunky brogues, boots and heels, i now have a pair of very lovely monk shoes! I've wanted a pair ever since I saw them on pinterest here, and Get The Label very kindly sent me a pair, along with a very cosy knitted jumper and a playsuit (check out the collar action going on!).

This is my 201st published blog post, and i can't quite believe i've written, photographed for and published that many in my two (nearly three) years of blogging! I have a crap load of posts in my drafts that need finishing touches and a couple photos that need editing but i'm trying to get on schedule for a minimum of two posts a week! P.S. if you have any post request let me know! I'm currently trying to get another hair post done, this time it'll be on protecting your hair in winter! 

As always have a blessed week! Love and much light :)

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The Sleek Bob.

I've had requests since way back to the start of summer in regards to how I get my naturally kinky curly hair super sleek and straight, and here it finally is. For me, the most important parts of getting a good press are having very moisturised and detangled hair prior to straightening, and having a good quality pair of hair straighteners. I usually make sure to wash and deep condition for at least an hour, after that i air dry my hair overnight in a few chunky braids and then i do a very quick blow dry just to smooth everything out and make the process faster. I can now straighten my hair in about 25 minutes flat these days and maintain it poker straight for about five days before my roots begin to revert. This is the fifth time i've straightened my hair this year and I would advise to always be discretionary about the amount of heat you put on your hair as it can cause damage.

The fine folk over at ghd sent me a pair of their limited edition lagoon stylers to try out. I had previously searched the internet high and low for naturals who had used ghd's to get their hair straight but could only find a handful so i thought it'd be great for me to try them especially as i have type 4 hair which is on the kinky-coil side of the curly girl hair spectrum.
Let's begin. You will need:

Detangled moisturised hair
A heat protectant that contains some sort of silicone (I used ghd's Heat Protect Spray)
A brush or comb 
Sectioning clips or hairbands

I begin by sectioning my hair into about four (sometimes five) sections for ease of access, and gently brush or comb each smaller section before straightening it just once! Yes I got straight hair with just one pass! Less passes mean less damage which is always a good thing.
Once all sections are fully straight, take your straighteners and run over the ends quickly flicking your wrist inwards to create a small curl, this is what will give you the illusion of a bob look without having to cut your hair into one! When you finish use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to gently comb it out so it looks more natural and you're pretty much good to go! Throw on your favourite red lipstick and killer dress and you're done.
Et Voila! Super sleek straight hair!

I love having natural hair because I can go from Coily to Straight with ease and so much more. As much as i occasionally like straight hair from time to time, i could never go back to relaxing! If any of you are considering going natural or transitioning and would like a more in-depth hair series let me know! I'll be doing a years worth of protective styling as of January 1st and will check in every three months and document my journey to healthier hair practices! I aim to grow my hair back to full Arm Pit length or even Bra strap length by the end of this year! I've had to cut off a good two inches of hair due to damaged split and dry ends from dying so here's hoping my hair can grow back quickly! P.S. Apologies for the dodgy lighting, it gets so dark quickly nowadays!

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