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J A N U A R Y |  F E B R U A R Y  |  M A R C H

You might want to grab a cup of coffee, or tea if that is your preferred beverage, because this is going to be a long one! 2014 is quickly coming to a sharp halt, and it has become tradition on In My Sunday Best to end the year with a round up (You can see last year's here, and 2012's here). I felt like being a little self indulgent this time around simply because it has been a thoroughly enjoyable year blogging wise, plus who doesn't like to look back at the past and reminisce? At the beginning of the year, I was getting into the flow of shooting with my friend Marcos (who runs a pretty amazing Architecture blog here if you enjoy the built environment as much as I do!) and I became very inspired and excited with the whole thing, we explored different areas in Lincoln to take photos, and I learnt to stop being so awkward in front of the lens.

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A P R I L |  M A Y |  J U N E

This was also my final year of my undergraduate Architecture degree, so I found myself drifting in and out of the blogging world as deadlines loomed, and my gosh, the last few weeks before June really took their toll on me but I somehow managed to stay awake and finish (and post fairly regularly it seems! I also wore a whole lotta red..). An incredible few months, with friends whom i now regard as family.

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J U L Y |  A U G U S T |  S E P T E M B E R

Summer was incredible. I moved back to London, did lot's of bloggy stuff and I graduated! Hooray! A very proud moment for me, because when I began I was 100% sure I would drop out or study illustration instead. But i stuck it through! I also got my first job in Architecture (which turned out to be a nightmare - more on that in an updated 'Life After Uni' post). It was a weird couple of months, I was on a high because I'd graduated and was looking forward to masters, but terrified at the prospect of having to be a responsible adult. Sartorially, it was lovely! The weather was warm, but not too warm so I enjoyed being bared legged and played with keeping it super simple.

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How the last few months have flown by! Time felt like it dragged at university, but when you're in the working world, it is very difficult to find a second free, which is why i haven't been posting as much recently. I am super excited for my blogging plans in 2015 though, I'm *hopefully* investing in a new camera, re-branding the blog. and lot's more but i won't say much more or else i'll spoil it!

So what did I learn this year? For starters, I wore this Maxwell Scott bag A LOT! And I can truly say it has most definitely been my most worn item this year, and probably one of the most useful gifts I've received. It just goes with everything, and anything, Summer or Winter, it served me very very well. Secondly I upped my photographic game, became a small expert at spotting nice places whilst out to take a quick outfit photo and most of all I figured out the little things that make a blog tick like SEO, Social Media etc etc. Who knew the world of blogging could be so vast? It has been such a cool learning curve for me. I learned to just go with the flow, stay away from trends and wear what i like rather than trying to be someone else if that makes sense? I also learned the fine art of reaching out to people, and this year I have met some of the most inspiring, creative, loving and helpful people ever. Never be afraid to reach out or e-mail someone, for you never know where it will lead.

As always, I have to thank you all who take the time to read the blur of typed words, enjoy the images, comment, tweet and e-mail, because without you my blog would be a very lonely place! And even though i might not find the time to reply to every single blog comment, i do read them (and sometimes show them to my loved ones whilst have sobbing omg look how nice this person is! ;__;) and heartily appreciate them from the bottom of my heart! So thank you for the kind comments and sweet words, please do leave me your links if you have any end of year posts lined up! And of course your bloglovin's so i can follow you and keep up to date with your wonderful blogs! Apologies in advance if this feels rambly, it's nearly midnight as I'm typing and i'm trying to wrap this up!

I truly hope the new year brings much love and much light your way, i'll see you on the other side! 

 Happy New Year in advance, lot's of love! 

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  1. So excited to see you kicking ass in 2015 <3

  2. Lovely end of year post! I especially love how you broke the pictures up into months and gave a little comment on the season. I met you at the VCSwapshop in November and you were lovely!

    All the best for 2015!

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I recently found your blog (where have I been really?) and instantly fell in love!
    Your photos are more than perfect, your name is lovely, just like the beloved lady singer and your style unbeatable! Now that I saw that we're sharing the architecture stuggle, I'm happier!
    I am some steps away from my degree (at last) but not so sure if I want the architecture life, because it's hard indeed... We'll see! I'm wishing you a lovely New Year's Eve and all your heart desires in 2015! :)

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  4. Happy New Year Sade! Congrats on all your achievements this year! You looked fab from Jan-Dec looking forward to seeing more of your fab style in 2015! x

  5. You just look so gorgeous all the time, you wear the cutest things that are so 'you'! Happy New Year Sade, I hope 2015 is fab for you lovely lady! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Absolutely stunning and your style is great.

  7. Your outfits never fails to disappoint! Many wishes for the new year!


  8. Happy New Year Sade! Lovely round-up, you always look so gorgeous, beautiful x

  9. Beautiful and creative outfits! I love your style! Happy New Year!


  10. Happy New Year lovely! Hope you had a good one, definitely meet up soon! xx


  11. Happy New Year beautiful! You look flawless in every picture

  12. you have the best style! happy new year!

  13. Love your style! You are looking amazing with your beautiful dresses


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