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Glasses are pretty much my favourite accessory. Apart from stopping me bumping into things and squinting like nobodies business, i think the always complete an outfit, well for me anyway, which is why i have such a vast collection. I think if you wear glasses everyday or most days like me, it's a good thing to invest in quality glasses in varying shapes, sizes and of course colours! However, with so many glasses retailers being on-line, it gets a little tricky in regards to getting the right frames for your face. I usually go with the "Meh it looks cool" and just order but it's a bit of a risk especially once prescription lenses are in! Scarlett of Soho encouraged me to try their at home try-on kit, before ordering. At first i said no because impatient, but Rob, one of the founders told me to give it a whirl, plus it was free. So i did, and i'm very glad i did because the glasses i had initially wanted to order did not suit me at all! I had initially wanted the Churchill in Grey but they were a tad too big for my face, and the glasses i thought i wouldn't like much ended up being my top pick! So it works eh! I ended up choosing the Hammerstein in Crystal Ombre which shall be winging it's to me soon so watch out for them in my up-coming posts!  So if you're a glasses obsessive like myself and are thinking of ordering a new pair of specs, do try the at home services if they're an online company, especially if it's free! You have nothing to lose!

As always, have a wonderful week! And happy December! Christmas is nearly here, hurrah!

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  1. Fab post Sade, I am wearing my green tortoiseshell Hammerstein as we speak <3 xx


  2. They suit you so well! You always find the nicest ones and that's really hard here in nigeria so I have only 1. But as vain as I am, I'd love to have different types. Lol.

  3. This is such a good idea! I want more glasses but one of the things that puts me off is the trying them on in store because I'm massively indecisive and would need like two days to decide on a pair! I love the ones you've chosen, they really suit you x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. The glasses you picked are so cool! It's great you got to try a few to see what suited first x

  5. You suit glasses down to the ground and I actually tend to think of you when I pass a good pair!

    I deeply, deeply wish I needed glasses, even just for reading: they look great and I often think I'd look a little older too. ;) Great for client meetings!!

    Flora x


  6. They're all very nice, I'm partial to cat-eyes (like in my blog picture). My prescription's not super strong, so I ditch mine from time to time because I don't need them to see close objects. I need to branch out from the cat-eyes, but I'm so partial to their shape.

  7. You're so right about glasses! They can make all the difference I think. Love the chosen pairs you got!
    Saadiya x


  8. I adore your photography. X


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