IN MY SUNDAY BEST: A Year In Outfits.

Another year has flown by, and what a year it has been! I hope your year has been as sweet as mine has, for 2015 has probably been one of the most pleasant years i've had in the past five years of so. It's been fairly smooth sailing for me, from new jobs, to new degrees, nothing has been too unpleasant and it's wonderful to look back on what has been a very productive year. I've been doing these end of year posts since 2012 (i began blogging back in 2010/11 i believe) so i've been at this for a fair while, and although my following isn't huge and i don't do as many exciting things as other bloggers do, i'm fairly fond of my little space on the internet and of the people who are always commenting, encouraging and generally being lovely, so here's a big e-hug and a thank you for all the love this year, i hope you know it never goes unnoticed. I hope you enjoy the round up below and i look forward to seeing what the blog holds in the new year! (P.S Read 2014's round up here, 2013's here, and 2012's here♡)


My Favourite Blogs Of 2015.

Top blogs of 2015

Here's A Few For Your Bloglovin Feed…

Hello, hello! I hope you've all enjoyed the festivities of Christmas and you've shaken off the meat-sweat's from over indulging in one too many plates of turkey (i know i have!), I promised to share more of the #bloglove this year and i've halfway succeeded in doing so with a mini blog love series, but to round up the year, i thought it would be nice to share some of the blogs that i've absolutely loved this year on top of my yearly outfit roundup (which will be posted on Thursday!). From photography blogs, to blog's that will teach you how to bake your face, and others on how to bake a damn good cherry tart, i've sourced a good mixture of just about everything, and i've specifically made an effort to include a lot of 'smaller bloggers' as i know how awful it can feel when you're putting your all into something and feeling like nobody is reading. This by no means is a finished list, and i find amazing new blogs everyday, but i realise that this is the internet and ain't nobody got time to read my 500 bloggers I love post, so this concise list of about thirty two shall have to suffice. To save time, i've also added a very brief sentence or two about the content of their Blog's / Websites / YouTubes so you can get a taste for what they are about.


A Very Merry Christmas To You!

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Good Morning, and a very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it! If you can't tell by my excessive use of the exclamation mark and very sparkly gif's, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. As a Christian, I always try to make December a month of going out of my way to be kind to people, be more patient, reach out to people more and generally try my hardest to be a better person. I think it's a nice way to end the year and bring in another year. My family and I are always very reflective on Christmas and we use it as a time to be thankful of all the things we have in our lives, for being in relatively good health, being able to have a roof over our heads, food to eat and being able to enjoy each others presence. So it may be cliche of me to say, but Christmas for me is truly a time to be a little more loving and a little more grateful.

I spent my pre-Christmas eve walking around central London and admiring all the pretty Christmas lights in Burlington Arcade after going to the Chris Wilkinson  exhibition with a friend (it was jaw-droopingly inspiring!), so I pulled out my camera and soaked up all the wonderful sparkly Christmas goodness. London is just something else at Christmas time!

Anyway, as i'm writing this at half nine at night on the 24th and have yet to begin any cooking prep work for tomorrow, I wish you and yours a blessed and happy Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful time time with your loved ones!



The Christmas & New Years Party Dress With TOPSHOP

"If there's no glitter, it's not Christmas…"

With Christmas and New Years being all but a few days away, it's definitely time for a more festive outfit post on the blog, and by festive i mean ALL THE GLITTER because that's what this dress is bringing to the table (and to your hair, and your floor, and even your pants because i can attest that i literally found glitter in my underwear after wearing this, and if that doesn't scream Christmas Party then my friends, i don't know what will!).

TOPSHOP were lovely enough to ask if i'd style up a Christmas look on the blog, and i happily obliged. My look is fairly simple, bar the glitter because i always love to have one stand out piece and work around the rest which i think works well for big occasions like Christmas or New Years, the dress i'm wearing can also be worn two ways, i've worn it the turtleneck way to cover what little dignity i have left, and to give a little back cleavage, however if you're more boobie inclined, you can wear it as shown here, and show off the girls a little. I originally tried it on that way and realised sadly that i have a little too much boob for it to be worn like that on me. 


A List Of Sorts...

east village arts club

1. I have yet to really explore Liverpool with my camera in tow and a coffee in my hands. I need to most definitely rectify this once i've submitted my thesis proposals and my film. The above photo was a quick snap on my way to buy some cotton pads one morning.

2. I have also yet to find a quiet cosy corner that i can sit and work in for hours other than studio, and studio is VERY VERY COLD. I apologise for the Caps but it's important that you know how utterly freezing it is in there.

3. How beautiful is Mariell's blog? I want to live in her photos, that's how absolutely perfect they are. I hope to one day get a better handle on my Canon. 

4. I'm enjoying just blogging for the hell of it like i used to, useless silly random 2 in the morning web scribbles like this one. It's terribly soothing and it's making me enjoy blogging again.

5. One of my goals for 2016 is to try not to say yes to everything. I know it sounds counterproductive, but sometimes, I say yes to so many things that i end up stressed out and bogged down with an unending list of things, favours and stuff to do. 

6. Although it's winter, I am irrevocably in love and addicted to salad's right now.. So much so that at least two of my meals a day include some sort of salad-y concoction… So refreshing and light!

7. I made crepes for myself yesterday morning, and the act in itself made me glow with happiness. A mini treat-yo-self. Topped with lemon and sugar of course because Nutella is expensive on a student budget!

8. One of my flatmates made traditional Pakistani Chai the other day and it was so good that I haven't managed to shake the taste from my mouth. I need an entire jug full. It was SO delicious. Much better than my tea-bag kind.

9. Open Heaven by Hillsong Worship has been on replay for me. My cousin K very kindly bought me the album as a little gift when she came up to visit me. Such a blessing!

10. I'm not really sure how to end this list. Here's to a wonderfully productive, happy and healthy week! 



The Ballad Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie

lifestyle blog uk

A delicious cookie failure...

In the midst of listening to Madeline Peyroux and twirling around my bedroom, I was hit with what I can only describe as an unholy craving for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Normally i'm a sweet tooth regardless, but these cravings were so intense that they had me trekking in the rain to my local Tesco to buy as many chocolate chips as i could fit in my handbag (hashtag-not-paying-5p-crew). Now i'll be honest and say that these didn't quite turn out as i'd have liked due to my error of putting in way too much flour (also: hashtag-no-measurements-crew). I like my cookies more buttery, dense and chewy, but these turned more airy, fluffy and light, which worked out well because i ate 80% of the tray within a day without feeling sick or guilty so win win. I won't provide the recipe for this as it was a spin off of Helen's 'Ultimate Chocolate Chip Recipe' (with an added sprinkling of impatience on my part, hence the scone-like cookies rather than the chewy soft cookies i desired, but instead i'll share some of my favourite baking babes and their delicious recipes with you below.


On The Art Of Being Your Own Cheerleader

brush lettering ideas

 "You my darling, are a piece of ART!"

You've gotta believe in your slay as the saying goes, but it's much easier said than done, and as much as i love talking about clothes and pretty pictures, sometimes it's nice to share the little things that help along the way when i'm wracking my nerves over a hand in, or generally feeling a bit down in the dumps.
Living in a new place, has been.. Challenging to say the least. i've been channelling my energy into doing absolutely anything and everything, from finishing uni projects early, to feng-shui-ing my room and generally keeping as busy as a little bee could possibly be (ohoho!). One of the nicest and most cathartic things i've done over the last couple of days was to ink little positive messages for myself and put them on my walls so that they're the first thing i see when i open my eyes in the morning, and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. It seems silly, but even in the act of painting itself, i've found a sense of peace and a lingering sort of positivity that isn't overpoweringly nauseous or annoying, it's more of a "C'mon Sade, remember that you've come this far, you can do it!" type of encouragement. These little tidbits are just what i do to bring me back to my Beyonce frame of mind, but this list is by no means exclusive! In fact let's keep it growing, let me know what your favourite ways to keep afloat and feeling dandy are down below!


The Monochrome Coat.

winter outfit inspiration


My mornings start at 7:30am these days, and I leave the house with a spring in my step, scarf bundled around my neck, and a coffee in my clutch. I love Winter. I love the crispness, the bright sunny days, the warmth of a hot drink against my lips, everything feels better (minus the cold toes). I think the fast approaching of Christmas and me not living close to my family anymore means that for me, cold weather = family time and I can't wait to get back to London in about four weeks! I've missed the red buses, grumpy commuters, having a Pret a Manger on every corner and going for Pancakes with my sister.


Blog Love #3

Men's Fashion, Illustration and A Whole Lotta Pink…

I have a huge list of old reads and new finds in the blogging community, and i'm keeping my promise to share them with you on at least a monthly basis. So here is my monthly #bloglove for Novemver (make sure to share your favourite blogs with others using the hashtag #bloglove on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sharing is definitely caring. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately but have struggled to find the time to comment as much as i usually do (Boo Architecture!) but now that my Urban Design submission is out of the way, i have more time to blog, and read blogs hooray! So as always let me know your new blog finds, and leave your links for me to have a gander!
jordan bunker
Jordan's blog is a beautifully curated visual delight, filled with elegantly shot imagery and concise, clear thoughts. If i'm feeling low on photography inspiration, Jordan's blog is one i visit and re-pin a lot for inspiration. Everything is just so professionally done, from his style, to the layout of his blog. Everything is crisp, clear and super cool, and for those of you folk who aren't menswear enthusiast's like myself, it's still a brilliant read, and it's really changed the way i look at menswear blogs (we need more of you!)I now have a newfound respect for how men put together their outfits, and how their looks can inspire my own fairly femme style.

amalia andrade
Where does one begin with Amalia's work? A lot of the time it feels like she's managed to pry inside my brain and spill out it's contents on paper. Her work is beautifully honest and there is a rawness and relatability to it that i simply love. I actually first came across her illustrations and graphics from Celia who runs a pretty snazzy blog herself, but more on that in another Blog Love post. There is just this boldness about her work that really resonates with me and I even have one of her quotes saved as the background on my phone. I find her Instagram particularly awesome, so go check her out!

Mermaidens blog
Mermaidens summed up is an explosion of pretty pink pastels, glitter, mermaids and beautifully curated photo's. Kailey is just a sweetheart, and despite her blog's huge success, she's remained such a down to earth girl! She's such a darling and i'm so happy to call her a blog friend despite her living across the pond. Her photoshoots with Hana Haley always leave me in awe and wanting to pick up my camera, but i've got to say her self styled portraits have always been my favourites. She's truly a lovely soul with such a bright and happy blog!

This rounds up my favourite three for this month, let me know if you've come across them before, and let me know your blog faves for this month! Let's try and share the love a little bit more. Have a lovely week.



Winter Vintage.

vintage fashion bloggers uk


One of the struggles i've found with the vintage items in my wardrobe, is not quite knowing what to do with them when the weather becomes colder. I've been determined to get more wear out of my clothing after a mini clear out on my depop, and i've been enjoying the aspect of layering more and more as the temperatures are dropping and this blue vintage button dress has been doing the rounds over the past few weeks, with a mixture of brightly coloured tights, scarves, jumpers and belts. The fit makes it easy to wear as a dress and even as a longer layered top or cardigan, which works perfectly now that i'm a skint student.

A big tip i'd give in regards to vintage clothing is to go by fit and not size if that makes sense, for example this dress is a size 20, but i like wearing it fairly oversized so that it get's cinched in at the waist for a style that i find more flattering to my figure.


'NANCY' London Retro

london retro glasses review

Feeling Spectacular….

I'd like to think that a good part of my image is centred around my love of eye-catching frames (see what i did there!). And although i'm not always wearing them in my blog posts, on a daily basis you'll be sure to see my sleepy face framed by one colourful pair or another (i practically have an eye-wardrobe at this point), so for me it's important to keep things fresh considering i wear my glasses so often, especially if i'm working in studio. My latest acquisitions are the 'Nancy' Glasses* by London Retro, an eyewear brand i can truly put my heart on my sleeve and say i really, really love, the styles are, well retro inspired and it fits in perfectly with my aesthetic, vintage looking, slightly kitschy, and maybe a little colourful. I've actually previously blogged about two of their other frames, the infamous Fitzrovia glasses, and the classic Malcolm glasses, inspired by the man himself.



Navy winter coat


Trans-seasonal pieces are wardrobe staples for me. Most of my dresses can be worn both in the warmer months and in the colder months, and i've been much more careful with what i have in my wardrobe, as i'm trying to build a good collection of quality pieces that will last. Dressing for the colder months without turning into a giant icicle is tricky, and i've yet to truly perfect the fine art of balancing comfort with style when it's cold. A good solid coat in a strong colour is probably one of the best things to have in your wardrobe, and this 70's style coat, is seeing me through the crisp Autumnal mornings and frosty evenings up here in Liverpool.  


The Turquoise Trench

miss pigeons wardrobe


I've been so inspired by the whole scandi-minimal-chic trend. Long flowing coats, muted colours, simple jewellery, ripped jeans and a good pair of trainers. I can dig it, it's practical and it's hangs nicely between not too dressed down, but not overly dressed up either. For me it's the perfect everyday look, which is just as well as this is what i look like a good 90% of the time if i'm going to studio or running errands. I actually bought this coat from my internet bud Maria who runs a very beautifully curated online vintage store, Miss Pigeon's Wardrobe where she re-works clothing to bring new life to them. 


Autumn / Winter Natural Hair Care & Tips.

natural hair winter hair care
So far it's been a very mild Autumn, and i've yet to break out the heavy layering, but knowing the great British weather, i know that crisp mornings, frost upon the ground and huge scarves are not far away so i've been splurging on some new products to keep my strands in tip top condition. You'll be happy to see that all the products can be bought in your local 'drug store' or in this case Boots. (some products aren't on the website though, so i've linked to where you can purchase online if you can't find them in store!) It makes me SO happy to see more variety and diversity in high street stores, representation is important and i'm glad there are companies out there who make accessibility and representation something they work on continuously, so big love to Boots for making my trips to the 'drug store' that bit better!


Three M's.

architecture student sketchbook moleskine


It's been a little while since i've posted something that didn't have an end goal, and as it's Sunday, i've been doing a little scouring of my archives and re-reading posts from back in 2012 when I was struggling to get through my undergraduate degree. Fast forward three years and i'm back in the same position, but this time i'm in the North of England and pursuing my Masters in Architecture. How time flies! Back then it felt like i would never graduate, so it feels surreal to be edging towards qualifying as an Architect. I feel like an adult at school again, and i'm still struggling to remember anyone's names on my course, but hopefully everything will fall into place by Christmas, and speaking of Christmas, It feels like i'm hurtling through some sort of time machine, and I can't quite believe that it's October already. I've already submitted three pieces of work and i've done one oral presentation (i didn't throw up with fear like i thought i would hurrah!) which went very very well.


GRWM: The Curly Fro' & Lazy Makeup.

get ready with me youtube black girl natural hair
I actually summoned up the ovaries to record, and show you all a step by step process of how I generally paint my face if i'm going 'out' out. Pretty simple really. A good concealer, some highlighter and mascara will take you far in life. I'm still finding filming a bit weird, but oddly satisfying. No one tells you have much fun editing is! On that one i actually have another video i'm editing at the moment on LUSH's new 'natural hair' collection, which i'll hopefully have edited and put up by next week. So without being too wordy as the video quite literally speaks for itself, let me know what you think!

Products Used: Rosebud Lip Salve | MAC Orange Colour Corrector | Nars Creamy Radiance Concealer in 'Amande' | MAC Face & Body Foundation in 'C7'  | Sleek Contour Palette 'Medium' | Sleek Blush by Three Palette in 'Lace'. | Oriflame Mascara | Barry M Lip Pencil in 'Cocoa' | Kiko Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 'Warm Brown' | MUA Matte Lipstick in 'Fawn Fancy'. 



Dark Hues.

Time seems to be flying by, and my move to the North feels like it was months ago although i've only been an adopted Liverpudlian for about three weeks now, hence the vague radio silence. I spoke about it on twitter earlier this year when i was stressing over applications and portfolio designing, but I've moved up to Liverpool to do my MArch (Masters in Architecture) and so far so good, deadlines have been met enthusiastically on my part, and all the lecturers, professors and tutors seem super cool and knowledgeable which is alway good. 
These photos are actually from one of my last few days in London with my good friend Marcos. And I have yet to stop wearing this H&M shift dress (which i unfortunately can't find the link for as it's pretty old boo!), i've worn it's so much that it's starting to fade a little, but it's so perfectly autumnal and the dark hues remind me of Halloween, Fires, Pumpkin Spice Latte's and comforting bowls of soup. I have wholeheartedly entered A/W guys.


Camel On Camel

I am struggling to fulfil my true Autumn/Winter-Layering-Chic look because of this flippity-floppety British weather, and for once I am looking to the heavens for it to become a little chillier so i can bring my Pinterest A/W board to life! Luckily for me, the first day of London Fashion Week proved to be very wet and pretty windy so my cosy camel get up served me well on both counts of practicality and style, which was wonderful as i had been considering wearing block heels with a dress which would have been a big ol' heaping of NO BUENO! Because LFW had closed it's doors on Somerset house and moved to Brewer street. The cobbles of Somerset house were nothing compared to the vehicular and human traffic jam that was Brewer Street, i think i narrowly avoided getting hit by cars about three times, so simple comfort was a good choice. 


On Blackheath

At the ripe old age of 24, i finally went to my first ever festival, who have thought it? Although if festivals with gourmet Mac n' Cheese and jugs of Pimms are anything to go by, then On Blackheath is definitely the festival for me. This was definitely not the muddy affair i had associated festivals with, but rather a very enjoyable and relaxed day, but not quite knowing what to expect, i Pinterested 'Festival Fashion' in a desperate bid to find what on earth i would wear as On Blackheath is a day festival, so it would have to be comfortable enough for me to be able to trek all the way back to Zone 6 in. You can't go wrong with a leather jacket, because they go with practically everything and they're super cosy, but i wanted to feel more…. Festival-y, like the free spirited-indie-boho girls you see on tumblr. Unfortunately i can't quite pull that look off, so in true Sade fashion i kept it practical with my trusty dusty Dr Martens, Some comfy jeans, a fringed kimono and a black tee. And naturally i had to top off the look with some glitter face paint because Kelis was playing and i wanted to do her proud haha!


Bouquets, Birthdays & Blooms.

The leaves are turning varying shades of burnt brown and russet red, there are acorns strewn around and i think i have even managed to see a conker or two but it may just be my eyes deceiving me. Autumn for me is always a wonderful time of year because it marks change. Change for me in the sense of age. I turned 24 on Saturday and my day was filled with flowers, cocktails, a new piercing, family and lots of happiness and warmth. A very very good birthday to be honest, and i think any birthday that includes flowers is a good birthday. Flowers make me happy because they are so full of life and beauty, they smell incredible and they is just something so sweet about waking up to blossoming vase of florals on your bedside, nothing quite beats that feeling for me. Plus, flowers are exceptionally fun to photograph!


Pinned Up.

 So on this one glorious sun filled day, i pinned up my hair, put on one of my favourite dresses, some new shoes and a beautiful new marc b bag and hit central London for a morning of Pancakes, The Bloggers Market, a spot of shopping and general goodness, and it felt GOOD. I live for the days when I wake up with a spring in my step and the desire to go forth into the world with a strange kind of happiness, a happiness that radiates and glows, and as much as I'd love to have these days…. well daily, real life sometimes has a way of making you feel not-so-great. . Let's talk about beauty, representation and the media shall we? For a long time I don't feel good about myself, and although my parents instilled the whole 'be strong' mentality into me from a young age (gotta love that tough Nigerian parent love ey?), i began to falter in my teens. I think a mixture of having the boy of my dreams at age 13 and a half, actively tell people to laugh at my large nose, my full lips, my flat chest and my skinny legs at school (i have never fancied a guy with braids since then), and realising the hard way at university that to some people black = ugly (more on this on another long post but for today lets keep it short and sweet). It wasn't until maybe 2013, that I truly knew what self love meant.


The Denim Mini Skirt.

The A-Line denim skirt trend has been doing the rounds on everyone's Instagram, Blog or YouTube Channels, and for good reason too because they are the fashion god's gift to all women. I'm not sure how I have been surviving sartorially without this little denim shaped piece of gold in my wardrobe because it goes with everything and i can wear it year round. Summer? Yep. Autumn? Oui, Winter? Uh huh honey (with tights of course), Spring? YASSSSSS GIRL. It's safe to say I like it and I like it a lot. I've mentally styled it with a rust coloured jumper, a white collar shirt, mustard tights and brogues for winter and I am legit so excited for it to a.) stop raining and b.)become cool, dry and crisp so I can be the black Alexa Chung this skirt clearly wants me to be.


Pattern Coffee.

You can get a good cup of Coffee almost anywhere in London now, for we are a city that prides itself on efficiency, awkwardness, rain and exceptional hot beverages. But, what you can't always get is good service or a relaxed atmosphere. I like my coffee shops airy, quirky and peaceful which is hard to find in Central London, so it's always a pleasure to find a place that ticks all of those boxes and more. I've seriously been slacking on my indie-coffee-shop-love and I'm loathe to say that due to where I now work (Canary Wharf), I've been a slave to chains rather than independent shops which is where I'd prefer my pennies to go. But today I've got a new coffee-love post, and if you'd like to see my previous one, it's here.


Vertical Stripes.


No blurred lines over here thank you very much. Vertical and horizontal are more than welcome though. You'll have probably noticed from my blog that i have a strong love of striped clothing, from Breton top's to boldly lined skirts, there's just something about the simplicity and ease of wear that you get from wearing striped clothing. Take this dress for example, it was £15 in the H&M sale and i bought it because i knew i would get a lot of use out of it this summer (Speaking of which where has the Great British Summer gone?!). It's airy, it's floaty, it's comfortable, and I find the way it softly skims over my figure, so flattering.


Blog Love #2

Hello again! I'm back with a few more brilliant blogs that you should definitely add to your bloglovin' list this week! There are so many blogs nowadays from Fashion to Food and so much more, so i think it's very important to share the love when I find blogs that inspire me or meet people who are super cool!




I promised YouTube tutorials, and here's my first one! 99.9% of the time, I wear my hair in a 'stretched' state. i.e, not in it's natural kinky coily state. I do this because 1.) i'm lazy and 2.) tangles. lots of tangles. I used to be queen of the Wash n' Go, but due to some self inflicted curl damage cause by over zealous hair straightening last year, i've had to nurse my hair back to health by keeping it stretched and in a protective style until my hair reaches Bra strap length so i can safely trim off the damage without losing too much length.


Small Treasures

Occasionally, I'll come across an item of Vintage clothing that leaves me a little breathless and scrambling for my debit card. This dress was one of them. I found myself a little bit addicted to Depop after my sister introduced me to it. I found it to be a veritable treasure trove chock a' block with unique items of clothing, hard to find makeup bits and sometimes a lot of junk. I'd spotted Megan wearing a beautiful denim ASOS mini dress on her instagram a while back and i loved it but wanted a similar version in a longer length, so you can imagine my utter delight when i spotted this dress for a mere thirteen of your english pounds on Depop. I snapped it up SO fast! I'm dreaming of how i'll wear it in autumn with Dr Marten's, a chunky knit, another headscarf and a suede jacket mmm…..




As the saying goes, 'You are what you eat'. I've discovered that true to my mother's word, after you hit a certain age you simply can't eat and drink recklessly without it having some sort of knock on effect on your body, soul and mind. I am here as living proof to testify to her statement. Since beginning my new job, additional money has meant me spending said money on food, all. the. damn. time. Namely KFC's Hot Wings (I'm 99.9% sure they lace them with addictive substances because my addiction is not normal). As you can imagine, living off a diet of junk food has left me lethargic, out of shape, and generally feeling pretty shitty. 




Hello YouTube!

Do not adjust your screens, yes i really did grab life by her ovaries and i filmed and edited my first ever YouTube video, which I must say was a lot more fun than i expected it to be! iMovie is the bomb dot com! Anyway, here is a video of myself being slightly awkward and not really knowing what to do in front of a camera, so if you've ever wanted to put a voice to the face then here it is!

Before you sigh and say yet another YouTuber?! I solemnly swear to avoid any 'Primark Hauls' or 'What's In My Bag' videos, no shade to those type of video's as I sometimes enjoy them, but other people do them so much better than I would so I thought i would focus my channel on Natural Hair, Architecture, Art, Vintage goodies, and general vlogging (although currently work and university stuff has seriously destroyed my already lacking social life). There is a severe scarcity of Natural Haired Black UK YouTubers (I only know of FusionOfCultures, LizLizLive and Naturalbelle) I thought i'd do a few videos in regards to hair, as mine isn't particularly long, it'll be fairly easy to watch and adapt to the styles i've worn on the blog such as roller set's and twist out's. I'd also like  to document in video form, some things that are a little harder to photograph. So, if you like the sound of that, hit the subscribe button (wherever the hell it is, and leave your links below if you have a channel yourself!).

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend! I'm spending mine working *sob sob* 




Clothes are a funny thing. Monday to Friday you'll most probably see me sporting comfortable trousers, a pair of new balance trainers, and a long jacket or cardigan. But come the weekend and i practically dive head first into my wardrobe and really allow myself the simple pleasure of 'dressing up'. Although I was only going for lunch and a chingwag with Jess (who very kindly took these photos for me), I thought when on earth was the last time i threw some nice clothes on, did my hair nicely and threw on some makeup? Don't get me wrong, dressing up and looking fancy isn't some sort of prerequisite, but i'll be damned if i don't say, it's so so so much fun!

My entire outfit was very much based around my bag, which is stupendously cute if i might add. The shape, the size, how classic it is.. I was very much the heart-as-eyes-emoji when this arrived in the post, and i've taken it upon myself to wear it with every single fancy dress/outfit i've worn since it's arrival. It's love y'all. True love.

In other news, it is really hard balancing blogging whilst working and trying to get university work and portfolio's done. In fact, it is SUPER hard, so although i have a crap load of photos in my camera, i have little to no time to edit them and write up posts so apologies for my weird dippy in-n-out posting as of late! I still do read every single comment, even if i have yet to reply to them all! Give me a month or two and hopefully things will be a little less crazy, and speaking of less crazy… I should probably write an update to my 'Life After University' post, because boy do I have some stories to share!

As always, have a wonderful week, buy yourself some new lipstick, eat some pancakes, and be merry!

What I Wore

Top - Miss Selfridge | Skirt - Vintage | Heels - New Look | Bag* - Marc b | Lipstick - MUA Lip Laquer 'Reckless'




monki long cardigan
black uk fashion bloggers
natural hair bloggers uk
mua lip laquer  dark skin
in my sunday best blog
Sometimes in all my excitement, I'll forget i have some snaps on my memory card, and upon finding them i'll sometimes lapse into a little daydream about when they were taken, why etc, etc. I met up with Sherida a few weeks ago for a day of eating pancakes at The Breakfast Club (aka my second home), complaining about boys, intense retail therapy on Brick Lane to make up for complaining about boys, and general girl-power uplifting chats.

"That's the cool thing about blogging, sometimes someone will just send you an e-mail or a text and ask to meet for a coffee, and normally i'd follow my parent's advice about not meeting people on the internet because theres a 99.9% chance that they could possibly be an axe-murderer."

But i'm glad i took the chance with Sherida because she is 100% not an axe-murderer and she runs an incredible personal blog devoted to photography, her thoughts and splashes of colour, and it really reflects the type of person she is in real life, super bright, sunny and warm-spirited, just an awesome person to be with really. And every single time we meet up, we both leave feeling so uplifted and encouraged. Life can be a very lonely place at times, and it's a bit more lonely when you don't have many close friends irl, or a significant other, so i'm glad i've stuck by this little blog (even though i considered deleting it only a few days ago!) if not only for the kind people i'm meeting along the way.






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The sun has finally made an appearance and in true Brit style I took advantage of the little bit of Vitamin D we had and threw on my Spring / Summer gear. I'll raise my hand and tell you honestly that within about 30 minutes of walking outside in my glorious new masculine footwear additions, that my toes were fifty shades of cold. The sun is SO deceiving y'all! But however cold my tootsies were, i'm sure that you'll agree with me when i say  that my new clarks sandals are absolutely beautiful, from the leather, to how comfy they are, i'm sure they'll see me through summer very well! I'm digging the whole masculine trend for spring which is weird as half of the time i'm super girly, with ribbons, whistles, bells and all.
I'm also seriously in love with Double Denim which is really a hit or miss in the fashion world, but i think the key to pulling it off is to wear different shades of denim so that it doesn't look too co-ord-y. I went vintage on vintage for this outfit with an old mens shirt i bought about four years ago from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Spitalfields, and a new pair of high waisted cropped jeans from Rokit in Brick Lane. Now I know i've always championed American Apparels High Waisted Jeans, but my dear bargain loving friends, I've realised the error of my ways and I have to say that my vintage pair top my AA hands down, mostly because they were a third of the price and secondly because i prefer the fit, so if you're looking for a pair, i'd suggest you go vintage. I only paid £20 for these bad boys!

JEANS (similar) - ROKIT


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