Pancakes, Seven Dials And A New Camera..

My sister and I have a monthly pact to spend at least one day a month with each other somewhere in London. Usually we wake up at 7 and get into central London around 9. Then we look for the tastiest brunch place we can find and order pancakes, coffee, fresh fruit and enjoy being in each other's company. This time we went to The Breakfast Club in Soho, and it definitely lived up to our pancake expectations (my sister and I are Pancake Connoisseurs you see) and both of us were defeated by our huge fluffy stacks covered in bacon and delicious fresh fruit. I definitely recommend it although i'd say to try and get there before 10am so as to avoid the long queues. After pancakes we headed to Seven Dials as Yossy wanted to go to Timberyard to try their famous Matcha Latte's. They were good, but I still think Soho Grind has my heart as far as London Coffee places go.

Having a sister is the best. It's like having a part of you merged with a best friend if that makes sense? And although there's about six years difference between us in age, it doesn't stop us getting along and generally always finding someplace to explore, or interesting things to be photographed. It's pretty awesome to have someone you're so relaxed and comfortable with and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Oh! On an unrelated note, my self portrait above was taken with my new Canon! (The rest, with my wonderful old pentax) The flip out screen and continuos auto-focus make it so much fun and so fast to take photos myself, so i guess here's to a lot more photo-diaries in addition to coffee, clothes and cat-eye glasses ;)


Collars & Cuffs.

Oh the memories this dress holds.. I bought it for my Final year degree show back in June and I love it dearly. It brings back fond memories of warm evenings with friends drinking wine and laughing with not a care in the world. A few months on and I have all the cares in the world aha! The joys of being an adult eh! Although the dress is no longer available on the ASOS website, they do have it in Pop Boutique's Covent Garden store if you're near it!

It's a quick one from me today as I'm awfully sick and trying to soldier on! I wish you all a wonderful week and thank you for the kinds words on my last post!



A Very Oversized Coat.

Hooray! My second post of 2015! And it's an outfit post from my day at the V&A with Sherida. One of my best discoveries as of late has been hitting up my local Charity Shops for Coats. I've found that they are generally of impeccable quality, and very very affordable, making it a win win situation for me! I found this almost ankle-length Larry Levine number in a British Heart Foundation shop for only £15 and it just had to come home with me! I love longline coats but they're generally very pricey and to be honest not that warm (gotta keep it practical people!) so i was super happy to find this was both very warm and still ticked the boxes aesthetically for me.

I have so much planned for the blog this year! From potentially dabbling into the world of youtube and documenting my travels. To investing in a new camera (I bought myself the 700D!) and generally trying to up my game photographically and creatively. It's hard when you work full time in a career that doesn't have much to do with photography, fashion or beauty but in the same vain, i wouldn't have it any other way! I'll be applying for my masters in Architecture soon, so I might be going off to university come September which will give me a little more time on my hands to enjoy my little space on the internet. What are your new years resolutions or plans? :)




Very often I forget how vibrant and full of life London is. Most days i'm so consumed by my journey to work or what I'm doing that I forget to appreciate the beauty around me and the many things to do, places to visit and things to eat here. Sometimes you need an afternoon with a good friend to get you thinking about the little things, so I did just that with Sherida. I always enjoy going out with her because she is what I consider a rainbow in human form. She's so passionate about her craft, her future and just about everything she puts her hand to and it's so wonderful to be around such a delightful person! 

The Victoria and Albert museum is always a good place to go. It's free to go in, though some exhibitions you'll need to pay for, but i think it's such a beautifully peaceful and inspiring place to go. After taking sneaking photographs of each other and wandering around the museum talking about a mixture of art materials, boys and aperture, we went to the Horst exhibition. Vin-X had kindly given me two tickets to check it out, and I can only describe the work as phenomenal and highly inspiring. Each photo was imbued with such softness and sensuality and I loved that they lacked the static sterileness of most high fashion photography today.  We often forget, due to how accessible photography is nowadays, how much work went into each piece. From the annotations, to Horst's sketchbooks and later work with Vogue, there was no doubt how passionate this man was about this work and it was beautiful to see. It has really inspired me to be more hard-working in regards to my more creative pursuits and even Architecture. Although the exhibition ended today (boo!) i'd highly recommend reading up on Horst P. Horst. 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and a very happy new year to you!

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