Very often I forget how vibrant and full of life London is. Most days i'm so consumed by my journey to work or what I'm doing that I forget to appreciate the beauty around me and the many things to do, places to visit and things to eat here. Sometimes you need an afternoon with a good friend to get you thinking about the little things, so I did just that with Sherida. I always enjoy going out with her because she is what I consider a rainbow in human form. She's so passionate about her craft, her future and just about everything she puts her hand to and it's so wonderful to be around such a delightful person! 

The Victoria and Albert museum is always a good place to go. It's free to go in, though some exhibitions you'll need to pay for, but i think it's such a beautifully peaceful and inspiring place to go. After taking sneaking photographs of each other and wandering around the museum talking about a mixture of art materials, boys and aperture, we went to the Horst exhibition. Vin-X had kindly given me two tickets to check it out, and I can only describe the work as phenomenal and highly inspiring. Each photo was imbued with such softness and sensuality and I loved that they lacked the static sterileness of most high fashion photography today.  We often forget, due to how accessible photography is nowadays, how much work went into each piece. From the annotations, to Horst's sketchbooks and later work with Vogue, there was no doubt how passionate this man was about this work and it was beautiful to see. It has really inspired me to be more hard-working in regards to my more creative pursuits and even Architecture. Although the exhibition ended today (boo!) i'd highly recommend reading up on Horst P. Horst. 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and a very happy new year to you!

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  1. those books look so good, wish i could read them. lovely pictures. xx

  2. Amazing photo's, I love the V&A, one of my favorite places in London! xo


  3. how cute is the butterfly art! great photos

    Rose and Weston x

  4. really good pictures :) Same as you I have to admit that many times I forget I live in London, so I don't take advantage of everything around us. Today decided to go for a walk in Soho | Picadilly and it was really nice - except for the cold!

  5. a rainbow in human form, love that! :)
    ahhh, i would have loved to have gone to this, a huge fan of horsts photos!

  6. The V&A is one of my favorite spots in all of London. I've seen so many stunning exhibitions there over the years, and I really adore their amazing cafe as well. ;) xoxo

  7. Beautiful pictures! I agree that sometimes we are always on the go that we forget to stop and just enjoy the little things around us.


  8. The museum looks so beautiful. I hope I can visit one day :)


  9. Great post and reminder. The fact that (for the most part) the museums in London are free can make for a lovely morning or afternoon. Even museums that I didn't think I'd be interested have surprised me and kept me wandering for several hours. Thanks!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I need to visit the V&A x

  11. I forget about what Glasgow has to offer too, so many places I've never been to. Sounds like a lovely afternoon

  12. I love museum visit! Lovely photos :)

  13. wonderful images, i wish I could just pop to London for the day and visit the amazing museums, it would be at the top of my to do list, then on to the big Topshop! Loving the blog revamp! x


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