Borough Market

One fine Thursday morning two weeks ago, I woke up very early with my camera and a good book in my hand and took the tube to London Bridge for a much needed me-day. The best way to start the day naturally is with a stack of pancakes, and usually if i'm on my own i avoid eating out because i get super self conscious and worry that people think I've been stood up, however i was determined to get a huge fluffy stack of The Breakfast Club's Bacon Pancakes, so i walked past three times before summoning up the courage to say, "Just one please" with an air of false indifference. The waitress sat me down in a little corner and as i glanced around looking at couples and business people chattering over their food i thought "shit shit shitty shit, why am I eating alone oh my gawd" but after ordering a flat white and bringing out my book of choice (It was 'Things Fall Apart' by Chinua Achebe) i felt a little more at ease. And when the pancakes arrived, i happily shoveled forkfuls into my mouth whilst wondering what would happen next in Umuofia.

Afterwards I went to the infamous Borough Market, and what a treat it was! So many colours, textures, scents and goods! I walked around once taking everything all in before deciding to bring out my camera and happily snap away whilst taking time to buy a few Meringues, Macarons and Cacti (a girl's gotta treat herself ok!). I wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip to Borough, for the energy alone if not for all the delicious treats.

And I wholeheartedly recommend you taking yourself out for pancakes, or waffles, or whatever breakfast fare your heart desires. It's good to treat yourself sometimes.

Have a lovely week and let me know what you're all getting up to! 




Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a somewhat relaxing weekend and have a warm mug of tea in your hand, hope in your heart, and excitement in your bones regarding the week ahead. I know i am! Sunday's are my lazy days and I generally use them to relax, rest and of course, catch up with my favourite blogs, websites, 'zines, and videos across the web, so it occurred to me, why not share blogs and websites that i love and read on a weekly basis to others? Who knows, you might find your next favourite blog here!

Laura, the lady behind Cardboard Cities, is a woman of many talents, from print-making to photography, collage pieces to outfit posts, there's a little bit of everything on her blog and that's why i love it so much. You can see how much work she put's into each piece and her efforts are not in vain because they are just so beautiful. Her photography is brilliant too, and wonderfully captures the little quirks and corners of Cardiff.

Melissa is awesome plain and simple. Her portraits are so striking, lush, vibrant and full of life (and hair!) and i just love them! She seems like the sweetest girl too and i'm so excited to see where her photographic pursuits may lead her, and also at some point meeting her for a very exciting natural hair series! Hoho!

Where do I begin with Yasumi and Hiro? They are a powerful and enigmatic force and whenever I sit to catch up on their blog I'm always lost for words, and for time. I'm not sure how to describe Worship Blues so i'll let you see for yourself but i can say that i am living through them vicariously. Each post is laced with sweet sentiments, simplicity and appreciation of the little things in life. Plus their travel posts are absolute GOLD and great to read as it's no frills. 

I hope you've enjoyed my short but rather sweet round up! I'll try to do this once or twice or month because there are some blogs that simply don't get enough love! Let me know if you know any hidden gems :)



The Vintage Kilo Sale.

Judy's have had my heart since I was at University up in Lincoln, and apart from their regular Vintage Fair's, they also hold a number of Kilo Sales up and down the country which are fab! My sister and I headed to the Brixton fair last week as it's not far from us, and it didn't disappoint! For me, Vintage buying falls into two categories, the quickies, and the investment's. The 'quickies' would be the type of stuff I get from the £1 Vintage sales which are generally full of tat, require a discerning eye and a lot of patience. The 'investment's' are the vintage pieces that are a little bit pricier but much better quality! The kilo sale fell into the investments category in that it was £15 for a kilo (which is about one big coat, or four smaller items like dresses / blouses). My goal is to own a coat in every colour of the rainbow, so i decided to go for the above Jaeger Princess coat. The shape, style and quality of it is what made me choose it,

My biggest tip? Get there early! And come without baggage (literally!) or you'll find it hard to rummage through the various rails and buckets. My sister and I arrived about an hour and a half before closing and there were some cool bits and pieces but not as much as there would have been had we arrived at the opening. All in all it's a good middle ground for the affordable vintage loving maven's out there. It's not quite as scary as the £1 Vintage sales, and not as expensive as buying from a Vintage shop, so definitely worth a visit!


Have a wonderful week! And I hope you all got your lurve on this Valentine's day!




"There are always flowers for those who want to see them" - Henri Matisse

It has become somewhat of a tradition for me to buy a small bouquet of flowers for myself every month. Usually Tulips, because they are my favourite type of flower. I think my favourite thing about them is that when you show them enough love and care, the open ever so gently and the scent of them just makes me smile from ear to ear. They really are a beautiful species of flower. As Valentine's day approaches, I always up the self-care routine and do little acts of love for myself, be it a mug of hot chocolate with extra sprinkles, or catching up with Mariell's blog, I just try to make things a little easier for myself. Here's a list of things that have been making me happy lately (apart from Tulips of course!)

1. Evening walks to St Pauls Cathedral after work.

2. Giant Meringue's from Borough Market.

3. Rceiving pictures of cats from my friend Eline who is in Norway.

4. Listening to Lauryn Hill's 'To Zion'.

5. A Mocha at my favourite Coffee Shop.

6. Kiki's Delivery Service (All Miyazake films make me happy to be honest!)

7. People who are polite on public transport.

8. Fresh bedsheets.

9. Getting lost in a good book.

10. Seeing people in love. <3

What makes you happy?



I am living in black turtlenecks this winter, and I apologise for the excessive outfit posts you've seen me wearing them in, but they are just such a classic staple piece and go with everything. In fact, i've been wearing the same sort of outfit (with minor changes here and there) for the past few weeks, and i think the novelty of layering is slowly wearing off. The good thing about this cold snap, is that my coat game this season is STRONG! I remembered this coat I picked up not too long ago for about £10 (My bargain game is also strong it seems) and threw it on to go to the Vintage Kilo Sale (a blog post on that will be coming soon!) and I garnered many a compliment about the little faux fur collar too.

Anyway, it's back to the drawing board quite literally for me, March is around the corner and i'm seriously slacking in regards to my portfolio applications!

As always, I wish you all a wonderful, happy and very productive week! 

Coat - Vintage
Turtleneck - H&M
Jeans - Primark
Bag* - Marc b
Boots - Oasis


My Secret Valentine With Anthropologie.

As someone who spent Valentine's day of 2011 cuddling my flatmates cat whilst said flatmate went out for a romantic dinner with her boyfriend, I've got to say at the ripe old age of twenty-three and a bit, I've actually never had a valentine, not even a secret card squashed into my locker at school. So when Anthropologie (aka the store that is basically my Pinterest board dreams manifested) asked me to join their Seceret Valentine campaign, I almost dropped my biscuit into my tea from happiness.

Anthropologie gave me the name of a blogger and their blog and asked me to choose a few things for them to be sent their way for Valentine's day, and vice versa! Since my secret valentine likes to read and is based in London, i thought i'd give her a book all about the hidden gems London has to offer, I also chose a candle she had put on a recent wishlist of hers, a Parisian themed ring holder (what says blogger more than anything Paris themed oui?), and a beautiful delicate mug, perfect for a nice cuppa, and those perfectly laid out  instagram shots ;) Fingers crossed she loves everything I've picked out for her! It's always lovely when people love your presents!

What are your plans for Valentine's day? I think i'll take myself to Pattern Coffee in Kings Cross for one of their incredible coconut milk mocha's and then maybe head to the breakfast club for a solo stack of pancakes, sometimes you just have to grab the bull by it's horns and be your own bae ahaha! :')



The Colourful Mac Style Challenge With M&S.

I've begun to realise how important it is to have a good selection of outerwear to choose from. Living in a country that is cold most of the year, I'm almost always bundled in some form of coat when i leave my house, and since i'm always in a coat, why not wear a statement one? I've worked with Marks and Spencer twice before on some collaborations here, and here, and the latter has actually become the most clicked post on my blog EVER! So you can imagine my excitement when they asked to work with me again on styling up one of their very colourful rain mac's. It took me quite a long time to decide which colour to go for and for some reason i was drawn to the orange one as it was between a burnt autumnal orange and a neon orange, and the colour was just so warm and bright that i knew it had to be my starting piece. To see how i've styled my chosen mac, click after the break as it's a long-un!

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