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Spring / Summer makeup is my favourite kind of makeup because when it comes to the warmer months for me, less is definitely more, and I've taken on the whole no-makeup approach for the past couple of months during my work week, as I tend to always pick sleep over faffing over my face in the morning, so more often than not, I'm pretty much bare faced, wearing a slicked back lazy bun on my head. Pinterest has really given me some good inspiration for the days when I do want to wear makeup but want to look as if I'm not, i.e 'no makeup-makeup', and one thing I've realised when it comes to the more fresh and dewy looks of spring is that a good skin care arsenal is most important. So today I'm sharing with you all the things I've bought lately to give me that beautiful dewy spring glow! 

First up is Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer. Oh how can I count the ways in which I love thee Nars for this product? I initially bought the Sheer Glow foundation and the radiance concealer as a duo but my face didn't quite get along with the foundation so i ended up returning it and tentatively continuing with the concealer, which has been working perfectly for me. It's a buildable matte finish concealer that stays put all day and well, as the name says, it really does makes you look radiant! I'm wearing it in this picture here if you'd like to know what it looks like applied on the face. I'm wearing the shade 'Amande' and i'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a good everyday 'cover up all the lack of sleep' concealer, it was worth every penny to be quite honest!

I've been nattering on about good skincare, and for me, one of the best moisturisers i've found that is both affordable and super easy to find is Nivea's Rich Moisturising Day Cream. It leaves my face plump and smooth without it feeling greasy or inadequately moisturised, and since i've begun using it, i haven't had any annoying dry patches which is always a plus. Another for your skin care holy grail list should be Trilogy's Rosehip Oil because this stuff is MAGIC! I've been using it consistently every single morning for the past three months, and it has helped tremendously in fading spots that i've naughtily picked at, and generally leaving my face feeling a lot less tight, it is a little on the pricier side for an oil, but i had heard such good reviews about it's magical powers, that i just had to have it, and i'm glad i listened to my impulses for once. Avene's Eau Thermale Water Spray might seem silly to a lot of people as it's essentially fancy water in a can, but i kid you not, it works wonders when i'm blending out my concealer. I simply mist my face lightly with the product and use my beauty blender to soften any edges, and i end up with makeup that could pass for my own skin! It's a lil' miracle worker to be quite honest.

As the weather gets warmer, i get a little bit more dehydrated easily, dehydration = Tyrone Biggums lips. I like my fries crispy, not so much my lips, so whenever it gets a bit warmer, i slather my lips with Rosebud Lip Salve. I've been using it since 2010 and it has yet to fail me. Another one for the warmer months, Summer in particular, is Clarins Eau Des Jardins perfume. It's fresh, fruity and leaves me feeling and smelling squeaky clean as if i'd bathed in a variety of citrus fruits.

Hope this post has helped somewhat! Also tell me what you're doing to get Fresh Faced For Spring!



  1. Great buys Sade. I love Nivea's face creams. I really want to try that NARS concealer, I've heard so many good things x

  2. The NARS concealer is pretty good and the Rosehip Oil sounds amazing. I will definitely try it one day :)


  3. New to your blog, but this post had me staring - this could be my desk! We share a love for the same products - the only ones missing here are the Nars concealer and the Trilogy oil :-).


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