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New Look Aquazzura Dupes
My motto for life courtesy of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle is 'TREAT CHO' SELF'. Regardless of if i'm having a great week, or a pretty awful one, I always, always make a little time for myself no matter how much work i need to tick off on my ever expanding to-do list. I find myself drawn to Borough Market every single time I'm near London Bridge, and sometimes i'll even take a little detour just to get my hands on the Macarons and Bratwurst they sell in the Market. Bratwurst does not make for a pretty picture, so instead you'll have to just imagine the delicious sauerkraut-iness and tangy mustardy-ness of it all, but my goodness, if you have yet to make a trip to Borough, please do, your mouth and stomach will thank you for it. Aside from food, I also bought myself a pair of New Look Aquazzura dupes which i LOVE! Firstly because they are super comfortable to walk in, and secondly, just look at them. I'm not particularly a huge shoe lover but i searched the entirety of both Oxford Street stores for them. I mentioned in a past post that I've been reading a lot lately, and this hasn't changed, which is both a blessing and a curse… Penguin released eighty of their little black classics lately, and as soon as I saw them, i hot-footed it to the Waterstones by my office to pick up ten, which i regret a little as now i want the entire set of eighty.. So far I've read 'The Meek One' by Dostoyevsky, and 'Caligula' by Suetonius, both of which i've thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend, also, they're only 80p each?! And last, but not least, of course i had to get myself a bunch of Tulips.

Hope you've all had a smashing bank holiday weekend, and have enjoyed the mini Easter break! I know I have! It's been so nice to have a few days off just to chill out you know?



  1. Ahh I love those shoes, I must get them myself! :)
    This is such a lovely post Sade!

  2. This sounds like a life motto I need to take on atm tbh!
    Love those shoes!
    Saadiya x


  3. Love the motto Sade, those macaroons look so yum! Those shoes were definitely worth the hunt, so pretty x

  4. Literally THE best motto to live by haha! Super cute shoes & those macaroons are making me drool <3 xo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  5. I also jumped on the Penguin books as how could I possibly turn down getting my hands on some classics for just 80p?! Unfortunately as I am living in France atm I had to get them posted to my mum in England so still haven't had chance to read any. I'm hoping I'll have plenty of time to get my nose stuck into them over summer :)

    Cats In Crop Tops

  6. Such a lovely post! I'm obsessed with those shoes on you <3

  7. This is a great motto, I need to treat myself with little things more I think. Need to check out those books too, not heard of this line

  8. Insanely beautiful life motto and breathtaking photos. Now I'm in the mood for macaroons lol


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