The Denim Mini Skirt.

The A-Line denim skirt trend has been doing the rounds on everyone's Instagram, Blog or YouTube Channels, and for good reason too because they are the fashion god's gift to all women. I'm not sure how I have been surviving sartorially without this little denim shaped piece of gold in my wardrobe because it goes with everything and i can wear it year round. Summer? Yep. Autumn? Oui, Winter? Uh huh honey (with tights of course), Spring? YASSSSSS GIRL. It's safe to say I like it and I like it a lot. I've mentally styled it with a rust coloured jumper, a white collar shirt, mustard tights and brogues for winter and I am legit so excited for it to a.) stop raining and b.)become cool, dry and crisp so I can be the black Alexa Chung this skirt clearly wants me to be.


Pattern Coffee.

You can get a good cup of Coffee almost anywhere in London now, for we are a city that prides itself on efficiency, awkwardness, rain and exceptional hot beverages. But, what you can't always get is good service or a relaxed atmosphere. I like my coffee shops airy, quirky and peaceful which is hard to find in Central London, so it's always a pleasure to find a place that ticks all of those boxes and more. I've seriously been slacking on my indie-coffee-shop-love and I'm loathe to say that due to where I now work (Canary Wharf), I've been a slave to chains rather than independent shops which is where I'd prefer my pennies to go. But today I've got a new coffee-love post, and if you'd like to see my previous one, it's here.


Vertical Stripes.


No blurred lines over here thank you very much. Vertical and horizontal are more than welcome though. You'll have probably noticed from my blog that i have a strong love of striped clothing, from Breton top's to boldly lined skirts, there's just something about the simplicity and ease of wear that you get from wearing striped clothing. Take this dress for example, it was £15 in the H&M sale and i bought it because i knew i would get a lot of use out of it this summer (Speaking of which where has the Great British Summer gone?!). It's airy, it's floaty, it's comfortable, and I find the way it softly skims over my figure, so flattering.


Blog Love #2

Hello again! I'm back with a few more brilliant blogs that you should definitely add to your bloglovin' list this week! There are so many blogs nowadays from Fashion to Food and so much more, so i think it's very important to share the love when I find blogs that inspire me or meet people who are super cool!

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