Camel On Camel

I am struggling to fulfil my true Autumn/Winter-Layering-Chic look because of this flippity-floppety British weather, and for once I am looking to the heavens for it to become a little chillier so i can bring my Pinterest A/W board to life! Luckily for me, the first day of London Fashion Week proved to be very wet and pretty windy so my cosy camel get up served me well on both counts of practicality and style, which was wonderful as i had been considering wearing block heels with a dress which would have been a big ol' heaping of NO BUENO! Because LFW had closed it's doors on Somerset house and moved to Brewer street. The cobbles of Somerset house were nothing compared to the vehicular and human traffic jam that was Brewer Street, i think i narrowly avoided getting hit by cars about three times, so simple comfort was a good choice. 


On Blackheath

At the ripe old age of 24, i finally went to my first ever festival, who have thought it? Although if festivals with gourmet Mac n' Cheese and jugs of Pimms are anything to go by, then On Blackheath is definitely the festival for me. This was definitely not the muddy affair i had associated festivals with, but rather a very enjoyable and relaxed day, but not quite knowing what to expect, i Pinterested 'Festival Fashion' in a desperate bid to find what on earth i would wear as On Blackheath is a day festival, so it would have to be comfortable enough for me to be able to trek all the way back to Zone 6 in. You can't go wrong with a leather jacket, because they go with practically everything and they're super cosy, but i wanted to feel more…. Festival-y, like the free spirited-indie-boho girls you see on tumblr. Unfortunately i can't quite pull that look off, so in true Sade fashion i kept it practical with my trusty dusty Dr Martens, Some comfy jeans, a fringed kimono and a black tee. And naturally i had to top off the look with some glitter face paint because Kelis was playing and i wanted to do her proud haha!


Bouquets, Birthdays & Blooms.

The leaves are turning varying shades of burnt brown and russet red, there are acorns strewn around and i think i have even managed to see a conker or two but it may just be my eyes deceiving me. Autumn for me is always a wonderful time of year because it marks change. Change for me in the sense of age. I turned 24 on Saturday and my day was filled with flowers, cocktails, a new piercing, family and lots of happiness and warmth. A very very good birthday to be honest, and i think any birthday that includes flowers is a good birthday. Flowers make me happy because they are so full of life and beauty, they smell incredible and they is just something so sweet about waking up to blossoming vase of florals on your bedside, nothing quite beats that feeling for me. Plus, flowers are exceptionally fun to photograph!


Pinned Up.

 So on this one glorious sun filled day, i pinned up my hair, put on one of my favourite dresses, some new shoes and a beautiful new marc b bag and hit central London for a morning of Pancakes, The Bloggers Market, a spot of shopping and general goodness, and it felt GOOD. I live for the days when I wake up with a spring in my step and the desire to go forth into the world with a strange kind of happiness, a happiness that radiates and glows, and as much as I'd love to have these days…. well daily, real life sometimes has a way of making you feel not-so-great. . Let's talk about beauty, representation and the media shall we? For a long time I don't feel good about myself, and although my parents instilled the whole 'be strong' mentality into me from a young age (gotta love that tough Nigerian parent love ey?), i began to falter in my teens. I think a mixture of having the boy of my dreams at age 13 and a half, actively tell people to laugh at my large nose, my full lips, my flat chest and my skinny legs at school (i have never fancied a guy with braids since then), and realising the hard way at university that to some people black = ugly (more on this on another long post but for today lets keep it short and sweet). It wasn't until maybe 2013, that I truly knew what self love meant.

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