Bouquets, Birthdays & Blooms.

The leaves are turning varying shades of burnt brown and russet red, there are acorns strewn around and i think i have even managed to see a conker or two but it may just be my eyes deceiving me. Autumn for me is always a wonderful time of year because it marks change. Change for me in the sense of age. I turned 24 on Saturday and my day was filled with flowers, cocktails, a new piercing, family and lots of happiness and warmth. A very very good birthday to be honest, and i think any birthday that includes flowers is a good birthday. Flowers make me happy because they are so full of life and beauty, they smell incredible and they is just something so sweet about waking up to blossoming vase of florals on your bedside, nothing quite beats that feeling for me. Plus, flowers are exceptionally fun to photograph!

I generally tend to buy myself a small bouquet of white tulips or red carnations every two weeks or so as a small gift to myself, so it was wonderful to run downstairs and find this bouquet on my doorstep from the kind folk over at  Appleyard London who specialise in seasonal flowers, gifts, sunday flower delivery and next day flowers.  The Lemon Garden Rose bouquet was filled with Toulouse Lautre Roses, White Eustoma, White Spray Roses, Greenbell and White Veronica (for all of you botanical loving ladies and gents. The flowers lasted about five days before showing any signs of light wilting, and lasted a good week before it was time for me to discard of them.
So if you've enjoyed seeing me posing with some pretty flowers on hand as much as i did, and you'd like to send flowers to a special someone, or even order yourself some, here's a cheeky discount code (enter BLOG33 at the checkout for 33% off) if not, let me know what your favourite flower is and why. I think you simply can't beat a classic rose or tulip!

Have a great week (and thank you so much for the kind and insightful comments on my last blog post, they have truly moved me! And it makes me want to keep this little blog going from strength to strength  :))



  1. What a lovely surprise :) My favourite flower has to be a sunflower X


  2. Awhh how kind of them! :) Happy (belated) 24th birthday, Sade! I'm glad you had such a lovely day, and I hope 24 is a really wonderful year for you.

    ps. nice jumper colour choice there ;) works so well with those beautiful flowers!

    Flora x


  3. Happy birthday in arrears! Glad you had a good one.
    The flowers are so pretty <3

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! The flowers are really pretty <3

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Happy belated bday, beautiful girl! You and your blooms are just gorgeous. xo

  6. Flowers are defo my happy place. Those flowers you received are so beautiful! - ps: Happy 24th :) - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. Awww lovely! Happy belated birthday Sade x

  8. So...
    a) Happy happy Bithday to you :)!
    b) I love flowers too, I think I couldn't live without them I'm afraid :D


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