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Feeling Spectacular….

I'd like to think that a good part of my image is centred around my love of eye-catching frames (see what i did there!). And although i'm not always wearing them in my blog posts, on a daily basis you'll be sure to see my sleepy face framed by one colourful pair or another (i practically have an eye-wardrobe at this point), so for me it's important to keep things fresh considering i wear my glasses so often, especially if i'm working in studio. My latest acquisitions are the 'Nancy' Glasses* by London Retro, an eyewear brand i can truly put my heart on my sleeve and say i really, really love, the styles are, well retro inspired and it fits in perfectly with my aesthetic, vintage looking, slightly kitschy, and maybe a little colourful. I've actually previously blogged about two of their other frames, the infamous Fitzrovia glasses, and the classic Malcolm glasses, inspired by the man himself.



Navy winter coat


Trans-seasonal pieces are wardrobe staples for me. Most of my dresses can be worn both in the warmer months and in the colder months, and i've been much more careful with what i have in my wardrobe, as i'm trying to build a good collection of quality pieces that will last. Dressing for the colder months without turning into a giant icicle is tricky, and i've yet to truly perfect the fine art of balancing comfort with style when it's cold. A good solid coat in a strong colour is probably one of the best things to have in your wardrobe, and this 70's style coat, is seeing me through the crisp Autumnal mornings and frosty evenings up here in Liverpool.  


The Turquoise Trench

miss pigeons wardrobe


I've been so inspired by the whole scandi-minimal-chic trend. Long flowing coats, muted colours, simple jewellery, ripped jeans and a good pair of trainers. I can dig it, it's practical and it's hangs nicely between not too dressed down, but not overly dressed up either. For me it's the perfect everyday look, which is just as well as this is what i look like a good 90% of the time if i'm going to studio or running errands. I actually bought this coat from my internet bud Maria who runs a very beautifully curated online vintage store, Miss Pigeon's Wardrobe where she re-works clothing to bring new life to them. 


Autumn / Winter Natural Hair Care & Tips.

natural hair winter hair care
So far it's been a very mild Autumn, and i've yet to break out the heavy layering, but knowing the great British weather, i know that crisp mornings, frost upon the ground and huge scarves are not far away so i've been splurging on some new products to keep my strands in tip top condition. You'll be happy to see that all the products can be bought in your local 'drug store' or in this case Boots. (some products aren't on the website though, so i've linked to where you can purchase online if you can't find them in store!) It makes me SO happy to see more variety and diversity in high street stores, representation is important and i'm glad there are companies out there who make accessibility and representation something they work on continuously, so big love to Boots for making my trips to the 'drug store' that bit better!


Three M's.

architecture student sketchbook moleskine


It's been a little while since i've posted something that didn't have an end goal, and as it's Sunday, i've been doing a little scouring of my archives and re-reading posts from back in 2012 when I was struggling to get through my undergraduate degree. Fast forward three years and i'm back in the same position, but this time i'm in the North of England and pursuing my Masters in Architecture. How time flies! Back then it felt like i would never graduate, so it feels surreal to be edging towards qualifying as an Architect. I feel like an adult at school again, and i'm still struggling to remember anyone's names on my course, but hopefully everything will fall into place by Christmas, and speaking of Christmas, It feels like i'm hurtling through some sort of time machine, and I can't quite believe that it's October already. I've already submitted three pieces of work and i've done one oral presentation (i didn't throw up with fear like i thought i would hurrah!) which went very very well.


GRWM: The Curly Fro' & Lazy Makeup.

get ready with me youtube black girl natural hair
I actually summoned up the ovaries to record, and show you all a step by step process of how I generally paint my face if i'm going 'out' out. Pretty simple really. A good concealer, some highlighter and mascara will take you far in life. I'm still finding filming a bit weird, but oddly satisfying. No one tells you have much fun editing is! On that one i actually have another video i'm editing at the moment on LUSH's new 'natural hair' collection, which i'll hopefully have edited and put up by next week. So without being too wordy as the video quite literally speaks for itself, let me know what you think!

Products Used: Rosebud Lip Salve | MAC Orange Colour Corrector | Nars Creamy Radiance Concealer in 'Amande' | MAC Face & Body Foundation in 'C7'  | Sleek Contour Palette 'Medium' | Sleek Blush by Three Palette in 'Lace'. | Oriflame Mascara | Barry M Lip Pencil in 'Cocoa' | Kiko Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 'Warm Brown' | MUA Matte Lipstick in 'Fawn Fancy'. 



Dark Hues.

Time seems to be flying by, and my move to the North feels like it was months ago although i've only been an adopted Liverpudlian for about three weeks now, hence the vague radio silence. I spoke about it on twitter earlier this year when i was stressing over applications and portfolio designing, but I've moved up to Liverpool to do my MArch (Masters in Architecture) and so far so good, deadlines have been met enthusiastically on my part, and all the lecturers, professors and tutors seem super cool and knowledgeable which is alway good. 
These photos are actually from one of my last few days in London with my good friend Marcos. And I have yet to stop wearing this H&M shift dress (which i unfortunately can't find the link for as it's pretty old boo!), i've worn it's so much that it's starting to fade a little, but it's so perfectly autumnal and the dark hues remind me of Halloween, Fires, Pumpkin Spice Latte's and comforting bowls of soup. I have wholeheartedly entered A/W guys.

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