On The Art Of Being Your Own Cheerleader

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 "You my darling, are a piece of ART!"

You've gotta believe in your slay as the saying goes, but it's much easier said than done, and as much as i love talking about clothes and pretty pictures, sometimes it's nice to share the little things that help along the way when i'm wracking my nerves over a hand in, or generally feeling a bit down in the dumps.
Living in a new place, has been.. Challenging to say the least. i've been channelling my energy into doing absolutely anything and everything, from finishing uni projects early, to feng-shui-ing my room and generally keeping as busy as a little bee could possibly be (ohoho!). One of the nicest and most cathartic things i've done over the last couple of days was to ink little positive messages for myself and put them on my walls so that they're the first thing i see when i open my eyes in the morning, and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. It seems silly, but even in the act of painting itself, i've found a sense of peace and a lingering sort of positivity that isn't overpoweringly nauseous or annoying, it's more of a "C'mon Sade, remember that you've come this far, you can do it!" type of encouragement. These little tidbits are just what i do to bring me back to my Beyonce frame of mind, but this list is by no means exclusive! In fact let's keep it growing, let me know what your favourite ways to keep afloat and feeling dandy are down below!


The Monochrome Coat.

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My mornings start at 7:30am these days, and I leave the house with a spring in my step, scarf bundled around my neck, and a coffee in my clutch. I love Winter. I love the crispness, the bright sunny days, the warmth of a hot drink against my lips, everything feels better (minus the cold toes). I think the fast approaching of Christmas and me not living close to my family anymore means that for me, cold weather = family time and I can't wait to get back to London in about four weeks! I've missed the red buses, grumpy commuters, having a Pret a Manger on every corner and going for Pancakes with my sister.


Blog Love #3

Men's Fashion, Illustration and A Whole Lotta Pink…

I have a huge list of old reads and new finds in the blogging community, and i'm keeping my promise to share them with you on at least a monthly basis. So here is my monthly #bloglove for Novemver (make sure to share your favourite blogs with others using the hashtag #bloglove on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sharing is definitely caring. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately but have struggled to find the time to comment as much as i usually do (Boo Architecture!) but now that my Urban Design submission is out of the way, i have more time to blog, and read blogs hooray! So as always let me know your new blog finds, and leave your links for me to have a gander!
jordan bunker
Jordan's blog is a beautifully curated visual delight, filled with elegantly shot imagery and concise, clear thoughts. If i'm feeling low on photography inspiration, Jordan's blog is one i visit and re-pin a lot for inspiration. Everything is just so professionally done, from his style, to the layout of his blog. Everything is crisp, clear and super cool, and for those of you folk who aren't menswear enthusiast's like myself, it's still a brilliant read, and it's really changed the way i look at menswear blogs (we need more of you!)I now have a newfound respect for how men put together their outfits, and how their looks can inspire my own fairly femme style.

amalia andrade
Where does one begin with Amalia's work? A lot of the time it feels like she's managed to pry inside my brain and spill out it's contents on paper. Her work is beautifully honest and there is a rawness and relatability to it that i simply love. I actually first came across her illustrations and graphics from Celia who runs a pretty snazzy blog herself, but more on that in another Blog Love post. There is just this boldness about her work that really resonates with me and I even have one of her quotes saved as the background on my phone. I find her Instagram particularly awesome, so go check her out!

Mermaidens blog
Mermaidens summed up is an explosion of pretty pink pastels, glitter, mermaids and beautifully curated photo's. Kailey is just a sweetheart, and despite her blog's huge success, she's remained such a down to earth girl! She's such a darling and i'm so happy to call her a blog friend despite her living across the pond. Her photoshoots with Hana Haley always leave me in awe and wanting to pick up my camera, but i've got to say her self styled portraits have always been my favourites. She's truly a lovely soul with such a bright and happy blog!

This rounds up my favourite three for this month, let me know if you've come across them before, and let me know your blog faves for this month! Let's try and share the love a little bit more. Have a lovely week.



Winter Vintage.

vintage fashion bloggers uk


One of the struggles i've found with the vintage items in my wardrobe, is not quite knowing what to do with them when the weather becomes colder. I've been determined to get more wear out of my clothing after a mini clear out on my depop, and i've been enjoying the aspect of layering more and more as the temperatures are dropping and this blue vintage button dress has been doing the rounds over the past few weeks, with a mixture of brightly coloured tights, scarves, jumpers and belts. The fit makes it easy to wear as a dress and even as a longer layered top or cardigan, which works perfectly now that i'm a skint student.

A big tip i'd give in regards to vintage clothing is to go by fit and not size if that makes sense, for example this dress is a size 20, but i like wearing it fairly oversized so that it get's cinched in at the waist for a style that i find more flattering to my figure.

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