IN MY SUNDAY BEST: A Year In Outfits.

Another year has flown by, and what a year it has been! I hope your year has been as sweet as mine has, for 2015 has probably been one of the most pleasant years i've had in the past five years of so. It's been fairly smooth sailing for me, from new jobs, to new degrees, nothing has been too unpleasant and it's wonderful to look back on what has been a very productive year. I've been doing these end of year posts since 2012 (i began blogging back in 2010/11 i believe) so i've been at this for a fair while, and although my following isn't huge and i don't do as many exciting things as other bloggers do, i'm fairly fond of my little space on the internet and of the people who are always commenting, encouraging and generally being lovely, so here's a big e-hug and a thank you for all the love this year, i hope you know it never goes unnoticed. I hope you enjoy the round up below and i look forward to seeing what the blog holds in the new year! (P.S Read 2014's round up here, 2013's here, and 2012's here♡)


My Favourite Blogs Of 2015.

Top blogs of 2015

Here's A Few For Your Bloglovin Feed…

Hello, hello! I hope you've all enjoyed the festivities of Christmas and you've shaken off the meat-sweat's from over indulging in one too many plates of turkey (i know i have!), I promised to share more of the #bloglove this year and i've halfway succeeded in doing so with a mini blog love series, but to round up the year, i thought it would be nice to share some of the blogs that i've absolutely loved this year on top of my yearly outfit roundup (which will be posted on Thursday!). From photography blogs, to blog's that will teach you how to bake your face, and others on how to bake a damn good cherry tart, i've sourced a good mixture of just about everything, and i've specifically made an effort to include a lot of 'smaller bloggers' as i know how awful it can feel when you're putting your all into something and feeling like nobody is reading. This by no means is a finished list, and i find amazing new blogs everyday, but i realise that this is the internet and ain't nobody got time to read my 500 bloggers I love post, so this concise list of about thirty two shall have to suffice. To save time, i've also added a very brief sentence or two about the content of their Blog's / Websites / YouTubes so you can get a taste for what they are about.


A Very Merry Christmas To You!

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Good Morning, and a very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it! If you can't tell by my excessive use of the exclamation mark and very sparkly gif's, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. As a Christian, I always try to make December a month of going out of my way to be kind to people, be more patient, reach out to people more and generally try my hardest to be a better person. I think it's a nice way to end the year and bring in another year. My family and I are always very reflective on Christmas and we use it as a time to be thankful of all the things we have in our lives, for being in relatively good health, being able to have a roof over our heads, food to eat and being able to enjoy each others presence. So it may be cliche of me to say, but Christmas for me is truly a time to be a little more loving and a little more grateful.

I spent my pre-Christmas eve walking around central London and admiring all the pretty Christmas lights in Burlington Arcade after going to the Chris Wilkinson  exhibition with a friend (it was jaw-droopingly inspiring!), so I pulled out my camera and soaked up all the wonderful sparkly Christmas goodness. London is just something else at Christmas time!

Anyway, as i'm writing this at half nine at night on the 24th and have yet to begin any cooking prep work for tomorrow, I wish you and yours a blessed and happy Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful time time with your loved ones!



The Christmas & New Years Party Dress With TOPSHOP

"If there's no glitter, it's not Christmas…"

With Christmas and New Years being all but a few days away, it's definitely time for a more festive outfit post on the blog, and by festive i mean ALL THE GLITTER because that's what this dress is bringing to the table (and to your hair, and your floor, and even your pants because i can attest that i literally found glitter in my underwear after wearing this, and if that doesn't scream Christmas Party then my friends, i don't know what will!).

TOPSHOP were lovely enough to ask if i'd style up a Christmas look on the blog, and i happily obliged. My look is fairly simple, bar the glitter because i always love to have one stand out piece and work around the rest which i think works well for big occasions like Christmas or New Years, the dress i'm wearing can also be worn two ways, i've worn it the turtleneck way to cover what little dignity i have left, and to give a little back cleavage, however if you're more boobie inclined, you can wear it as shown here, and show off the girls a little. I originally tried it on that way and realised sadly that i have a little too much boob for it to be worn like that on me. 


A List Of Sorts...

east village arts club

1. I have yet to really explore Liverpool with my camera in tow and a coffee in my hands. I need to most definitely rectify this once i've submitted my thesis proposals and my film. The above photo was a quick snap on my way to buy some cotton pads one morning.

2. I have also yet to find a quiet cosy corner that i can sit and work in for hours other than studio, and studio is VERY VERY COLD. I apologise for the Caps but it's important that you know how utterly freezing it is in there.

3. How beautiful is Mariell's blog? I want to live in her photos, that's how absolutely perfect they are. I hope to one day get a better handle on my Canon. 

4. I'm enjoying just blogging for the hell of it like i used to, useless silly random 2 in the morning web scribbles like this one. It's terribly soothing and it's making me enjoy blogging again.

5. One of my goals for 2016 is to try not to say yes to everything. I know it sounds counterproductive, but sometimes, I say yes to so many things that i end up stressed out and bogged down with an unending list of things, favours and stuff to do. 

6. Although it's winter, I am irrevocably in love and addicted to salad's right now.. So much so that at least two of my meals a day include some sort of salad-y concoction… So refreshing and light!

7. I made crepes for myself yesterday morning, and the act in itself made me glow with happiness. A mini treat-yo-self. Topped with lemon and sugar of course because Nutella is expensive on a student budget!

8. One of my flatmates made traditional Pakistani Chai the other day and it was so good that I haven't managed to shake the taste from my mouth. I need an entire jug full. It was SO delicious. Much better than my tea-bag kind.

9. Open Heaven by Hillsong Worship has been on replay for me. My cousin K very kindly bought me the album as a little gift when she came up to visit me. Such a blessing!

10. I'm not really sure how to end this list. Here's to a wonderfully productive, happy and healthy week! 



The Ballad Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie

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A delicious cookie failure...

In the midst of listening to Madeline Peyroux and twirling around my bedroom, I was hit with what I can only describe as an unholy craving for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Normally i'm a sweet tooth regardless, but these cravings were so intense that they had me trekking in the rain to my local Tesco to buy as many chocolate chips as i could fit in my handbag (hashtag-not-paying-5p-crew). Now i'll be honest and say that these didn't quite turn out as i'd have liked due to my error of putting in way too much flour (also: hashtag-no-measurements-crew). I like my cookies more buttery, dense and chewy, but these turned more airy, fluffy and light, which worked out well because i ate 80% of the tray within a day without feeling sick or guilty so win win. I won't provide the recipe for this as it was a spin off of Helen's 'Ultimate Chocolate Chip Recipe' (with an added sprinkling of impatience on my part, hence the scone-like cookies rather than the chewy soft cookies i desired, but instead i'll share some of my favourite baking babes and their delicious recipes with you below.

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