A List Of Sorts...

east village arts club

1. I have yet to really explore Liverpool with my camera in tow and a coffee in my hands. I need to most definitely rectify this once i've submitted my thesis proposals and my film. The above photo was a quick snap on my way to buy some cotton pads one morning.

2. I have also yet to find a quiet cosy corner that i can sit and work in for hours other than studio, and studio is VERY VERY COLD. I apologise for the Caps but it's important that you know how utterly freezing it is in there.

3. How beautiful is Mariell's blog? I want to live in her photos, that's how absolutely perfect they are. I hope to one day get a better handle on my Canon. 

4. I'm enjoying just blogging for the hell of it like i used to, useless silly random 2 in the morning web scribbles like this one. It's terribly soothing and it's making me enjoy blogging again.

5. One of my goals for 2016 is to try not to say yes to everything. I know it sounds counterproductive, but sometimes, I say yes to so many things that i end up stressed out and bogged down with an unending list of things, favours and stuff to do. 

6. Although it's winter, I am irrevocably in love and addicted to salad's right now.. So much so that at least two of my meals a day include some sort of salad-y concoction… So refreshing and light!

7. I made crepes for myself yesterday morning, and the act in itself made me glow with happiness. A mini treat-yo-self. Topped with lemon and sugar of course because Nutella is expensive on a student budget!

8. One of my flatmates made traditional Pakistani Chai the other day and it was so good that I haven't managed to shake the taste from my mouth. I need an entire jug full. It was SO delicious. Much better than my tea-bag kind.

9. Open Heaven by Hillsong Worship has been on replay for me. My cousin K very kindly bought me the album as a little gift when she came up to visit me. Such a blessing!

10. I'm not really sure how to end this list. Here's to a wonderfully productive, happy and healthy week! 



  1. 4 resonates with me. I've always loved doing those little 'things I'm thinking' posts and I want to do more of them! Just trying to figure out how to fit them in, which defeats the purpose a little, honestly. I should write thoughts down throughout the week and then post when I have enough or something. IDK. At least do it stress-free on my livejournal (yes I still use it. BLESS THE FRIENDS LOCK).

    1. Go for it Lix! We sometimes get way too bogged down in this professionalism stuff and end up feeling like robots just churning stuff out for the sake of collaborations and deadlines! And although my written posts get less love than my outfit based posts, i still love doing them. :) Write those thoughts down, if even only on your live journal haha!


  2. I really suck at making crepes, they always come out super fluffy and ripped, it's depressing. But I love them with nutella and bananas. YUM

    Open Heaven, Transfiguration are my favorite songs on that album, such great music.....
    Black & White

  3. love that you're falling in love with blogging again! I love your list


  4. I love this list! Just started racing your blog recently and am excited for each post


  5. i always enjoy posts like this. hope you do more! you've made me really want crepes, and i definitely need to come see you as soon as i can! we can have a good walk/chat and take some photos :)

  6. I think it's a cool little list. I agree with you it is bloody freezing! Well done you making crepes, I'm impressed
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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