A Very Merry Christmas To You!

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Good Morning, and a very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it! If you can't tell by my excessive use of the exclamation mark and very sparkly gif's, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. As a Christian, I always try to make December a month of going out of my way to be kind to people, be more patient, reach out to people more and generally try my hardest to be a better person. I think it's a nice way to end the year and bring in another year. My family and I are always very reflective on Christmas and we use it as a time to be thankful of all the things we have in our lives, for being in relatively good health, being able to have a roof over our heads, food to eat and being able to enjoy each others presence. So it may be cliche of me to say, but Christmas for me is truly a time to be a little more loving and a little more grateful.

I spent my pre-Christmas eve walking around central London and admiring all the pretty Christmas lights in Burlington Arcade after going to the Chris Wilkinson  exhibition with a friend (it was jaw-droopingly inspiring!), so I pulled out my camera and soaked up all the wonderful sparkly Christmas goodness. London is just something else at Christmas time!

Anyway, as i'm writing this at half nine at night on the 24th and have yet to begin any cooking prep work for tomorrow, I wish you and yours a blessed and happy Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful time time with your loved ones!



  1. Is it really the most wonderful time of the year? Lol. I shouldn't be a grinch though so here's wishing you a very merry christmas too Sade!


  2. Enyene Raph12/25/2015

    Merry Christmas Sade,you have a beautiful blog.

  3. Merry Christmas, beautiful photos!

  4. Hope the cooking prep went well and you had a lovely Christmas :) I liked the gif!!


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