IN MY SUNDAY BEST: A Year In Outfits.

Another year has flown by, and what a year it has been! I hope your year has been as sweet as mine has, for 2015 has probably been one of the most pleasant years i've had in the past five years of so. It's been fairly smooth sailing for me, from new jobs, to new degrees, nothing has been too unpleasant and it's wonderful to look back on what has been a very productive year. I've been doing these end of year posts since 2012 (i began blogging back in 2010/11 i believe) so i've been at this for a fair while, and although my following isn't huge and i don't do as many exciting things as other bloggers do, i'm fairly fond of my little space on the internet and of the people who are always commenting, encouraging and generally being lovely, so here's a big e-hug and a thank you for all the love this year, i hope you know it never goes unnoticed. I hope you enjoy the round up below and i look forward to seeing what the blog holds in the new year! (P.S Read 2014's round up here, 2013's here, and 2012's here♡)


The first quarter of the year was absolutely amazing, I landed a new job working in Canary Wharf designing spaces from a very pleasant office. I loved my job so much and things started to feel like they were really coming together. I felt like an actual adult, fairly in control of my life. Blogwise, I struggled a bit to find time to do very much due to work responsibilities and wanting to just sleep my weekends away, i now have a newfound respect for bloggers who work other jobs as well as running their blogs. It's not an easy task i'll tell you that!


I got a new camera in January, but only really began to use it properly in Spring, i remember taking a brief blog break for about a month or so because i struggled to get to grips with how fast blogging was changing and how much everything was being monetized, i remember being super wary of being sucked into the whole detox tea and teeth whitening thing and becoming someone i'm not just to go with the crowd, and i think one of the most important things i learnt over this period of time was to just do you, and be wary that not everything that glitters is gold.


I really got back into the swing of blogging around this time, and i used the opportunity to shed light on a few issues that were bugging me such as colourism and standards of beauty, i'm glad i did as they have been my most popular posts this year and i'm so glad we can have this discussion. I realised that i loved writing as much as i did taking photos of things so i made an effort to get a little more wordy with my posts. This was a golden period for me. Everything was just working out for the good, I applied to do my Masters in Architecture and by some miracle i got into every single University i applied for with unconditional offers, in September I packed my bags and headed to Liverpool.


What a whirlwind of a few months it has been. I've been balancing an increased load of university work with quite a few blog collaborations, my favourite brand having been Oasis for being such a pleasure to work with and always being so lovely and kind. Another thing i learned this year were that i really had to be stricter with the content i was putting out and to try to make sure everything is of a certain quality. I'm not quite there 100% yet, but i'm working hard to make sure i'm not lazy with my posts and that aesthetically and visually engaging as well as (fairly) well written. 

So, what else did i learn this year? I realised that new beginnings are often scary and lonely, but they generally work out for the best, i realised that i am definitely not going to find the love of my life via Tinder, i learned that blogging friends are simply the best and the connection to so many people worldwide is amazing, i learned that Sherida and I have impeccable taste in men (visually at least aha!), i learned that saying "I love you" to my loved ones doesn't make me weak, I learned that life is great and you just have to take things easy sometimes, and i learned that a problem shared is a problem halved and it's good to write about personal things sometimes.

I hope you've all had a joyous and very enjoyable 2015, here's to a new year year filled with love, light and enjoying the very best that life has to offer. I'm so excited for a fresh start and i hope you are too! 
                                                     ♡ Happy New Year in advance, lot's of love! 



  1. You always look so gorge! Your post on beauty standards was probably my favourite, looking forward to more commentary and cool looks in 2016! I am going to attempt that bun asap!

  2. Your style really is amazing. My favorite looks are the fall/winter looks. Can't wait to see what you do in 2016!

  3. I loved ALL your outfits this year, you had a super eventful year. I wish you a more awesome 2016!

  4. It's been great following you through the year, and I really enjoy whenever you put up a new post. You seem to exude a quiet grace that's endearing. I hope 2016 brings you joy, love, and great success!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Your style is so amazing! Hope 2016 is awesome, and don't stop blogging haha!!
    Blue Jazzmin

  6. I clearly remember this post last year! It's been one year I'm reading your blog, yay! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  7. Love love love your style! Especially your spring/summer outfits :)

    Katie x

  8. I enjoyed reading your 2015 round up and following you successes. I hope the new year brings you more victories!
    Maya from Prey On Fashion

  9. love all the outfits as usual and i love how you do you with your blog such a great inspiration have an amazing new year

  10. what do you use to make ur blog gif header thing? i really wanna try it out

  11. Happy New Year Sade, I really love this recap of your year, Congratulations on getting unconditional offers to all the uni's you applied to, that is Amazing!


  12. You really killed it in 2015. I loved a lot of these looks. I thought the second collage was my favourite combination but I really can't decide between it and the third.

    Wishing you more this year! <3


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