A whole lotta colour, texture and a step in the right direction…

It's been a little while since i posted on here, but bonjour friends! The usual excuse is postgrad work and life has gotten in the way of blogging. The last few months have been a blur of travelling, scrambling to submit essays on things i don't really understand yet and eating far too much takeaway but it's been BRILLIANT! (minus the occasional cry in studio from tiredness). 2016 has been a very strong year for me, simply because it has mostly been plain sailing, everything has just been … ~pleasant~ and it is such a nice feeling. On top of that, everything i set out to achieve in 2015, I achieved this year, and more! I worked with incredible brands such as Boden, Etsy and Coach on various collaborations, I got a first on my Thesis, my skin has been glistening and i'm just generally ok with my life and everything that is in it, and it feels so good like yassss Sade is finally enjoying this thing called adulthood.


The Alchemist Liverpool.

Where Breakfast and Drinks Collide.

When you hear "The Alchemist", the first thing you'll probably think of are their insanely cool cocktails, but how does Brunch and Cocktails sound to you? I've only ever visited the Birmingham branch of The Alchemist for naughty drinks with a few friends whilst I was visiting, but being a newly adopted Liverpool lass, I just had to try the branch here too!


Photo Diary : 24 Hours In Milan.

Milan for me was a mish mash of endless marocchino's, photogenic streets, delicious gelato and a complete and utter sense of awe. If you remember, I mentioned that i'd be travelling through Italy in October for my final year project and what an adventure that was! Travelling has always interested me, but has always scared me because I am a perfectionist and I like to plan things out to the most minute detail, so this for me was a brilliant experience in learning to just go with the flow, it was also a really great way to bond with the fine folk on my course, who i'll be sad to be saying goodbye to in just a few months! Anyway, enough talking, here are the photos from Milan, up next, Genova!


Little Red Dress...

Christmas Party Ready….

Red: The colour of love, fire, passion, fun, femininity. Red is my favourite colour and my go to if i'm looking for items of clothing that will guarantee me that 'who run da world' feeling, and this Audrina dress from Joanie is no exception. It has just the right amount of sultriness with the slight off the shoulder cut, girliness with the lace detail, and of course christmassy-ness with the beautiful bold shade of red it comes in. I thought i'd have fun with this set of photos and shoot a 'getting ready for a night out' style (with my handy dandy tripod and my remote control) and i've got to say it was so much fun! The lighting in my flat is pretty brilliant and has a lovely warmth to it, so much so that i'm considering shooting most of my outfit posts indoors now as it's so cold out! Brrr!



Colour, Coffee and Cute Clothes!

What could be better than a photo walk around the most instagrammable places in London? Nothing to be quite honest! especially when it's a photo walk with some incredibly well dressed ladies, bouquets of flowers and rose petal latte's. Myself and a few other brilliant bloggers celebrated a very colourful 25 years with Boden a few weeks ago, and I just had to share the photos with you on my blog. The day started with coffee and pastries at Pedlar's World (Which also sells some pretty cool prints and decor related items as well as a great flat white ;) ) and then we were taken on a very informative and super cool photo walk around West London by Xanthe Berkeley. We went to all the blogger hot spots such as St Luke's Mews and learned a lot about Boden as a brand as we went along.


Sandals In Winter

No socks around here...

We're having a fairly mild autumn at the moment, so much so that you could probably get away with wearing sandals (sans socks, or with if you prefer!) and a floaty dress, as I am here. Even in the cold, there is something that feels nice about doing the exact opposite of A/W dressing, and anti-layering. I realise by blogging standards, this is a pretty 'boring' outfit, but i've been trying to do this thing where I snap pictures of what i'm wearing normally, rather than an outfit that i've put together especially for the blog, and i've been posting these to my instagram due to ease of access and uploading (iPhone & VSCO y'all!). Simple outfits like this are the best because they are so comfortable, so wearable and in a weird way so much more interesting to document as they are more relatable. As of late, i've been a slave to baggy dresses from Monki as they're such good quality and super affordable. I love the way they hang and the fit of their clothes so much so that I have built up quite the collection over summer and autumn.


All A' Flutter...

That H&M Blouse…

This is pretty much an "I bought new things at the same time, so i threw them all on together and hoped for the best" outfit post. From this beaut H&M Blouse that is doing the rounds on instagram due to it's beautiful sleeve and ruffle details, to my new favourite pair of embroidered boots, this is a quintessentially me outfit. It has just the right amount of weirdness, femininity and edginess. One of the reasons why i love blogging, and indeed reading other blogs is that it really encourages individuality in dressing, and its funny to think that six years ago, i'd be so afraid of wearing 'weird' things because of how people might view me. The best thing about this outfit is that it was taken on my twenty fifth birthday, i vaguely remember thinking, "It's my birthday! I'm going to wear my most favourite outfit EVER" and do all my favourite things (which included coffee, cake, gallery hopping and adding to my piercing collection). Looking back on my birthday outfits over the past couple of years, it's wonderful to see how much i've grown confidence wise in terms of style and feeling like i've finally found my style.


The A/W Wardrobe Refresh.

boohoo donating to charity


My wardrobe spilleth over, and I can honestly put my hand up and say that I have far too many pieces. I so wish I could be a super cool minimalist like Jenny Mustard or Ivania Carpio, but i'm far too indecisive and like to chop and change my style far too often. Some days I like to keep things simple, other days i love to go all out on colour, patterns and design, and i most definitely think I dress depending on my mood. Whilst i've written many a post about my purchases from various Charity Shops, and why I shop in them, I rarely talk about donating to them. Every six months or so like clockwork, I pull out every item of clothing from my wardrobe and scan over them, judging them by when the last time i wore said item, if i definitely will wear said item in the future, and if said item would fare better in someone else's arms, and then I usually put about ten to fifteen items aside and my Dad usually takes them to Barnado's. Killing two birds with one stone is definitely my kinda way of getting things done, especially if it's for a good cause. And speaking of good causes, this blog post is about them if you haven't already guessed by the title hehe!


How To Buy Glasses Online.

With my collection of over fifteen - Yes - FIFTEEN! Glasses, I consider myself a glasses connoisseur. I have Cat Eye glasses, Rounded Le Corbusier-esque glasses, and even Squared frames. Of all these frames, I've bought probably all but one of them online, and  the number one reason why I buy my frames online is due to the absolutely huge variety of styles. I've found so many more unique styles online than those that i've seen on the high street. And with that, here's a post on the steps I take in ordering the right pair of glasses online with ease.

Hints & Tips 

  1. Make sure your prescription is up to date: To be able to order your glasses online, you'll obviously need your prescription on hand. Our prescriptions change subtly over time, and many opticians would suggest going for an eye test once a year, just to make sure. I'll be honest and put my hand up and say that I haven't been in about two years - Oops! And i can tell because i'm squinting awfully even with my glasses on sometimes, so don't be like me and go get your eyes checked!
  2. Think of what styles you like, and what styles may fit you: This can be a tricky one, unless you're like me and have a fairly solid idea in regards to what style of glasses you like, it can be overwhelming to decide which and what types of glasses would look great on you. Check out blogs featuring people who wear glasses *cough-me-cough* and see what types of frames they're wearing and also what face shape, skin tone and hair colour they have as these are all things that will affect how your glasses will look on you.
  3. Consider the 'Try Before You Buy Option": Most online eyewear retailers nowadays have the option of trying before you buy, or a home trial (which i've used twice before!), i think it's a very good way of trying a few different frames out in real life and maybe even pairing them with outfits to see how they would work in the long run. 
  4. This or That? Or Maybe Both…: As previously mentioned, I have A LOT of glasses, which means i'm pretty much safe if I'm ever to sit on, step on, or lose a pair, which i have yet to do *touch wood*.. Consider buy one get one free or buy one get one half price offers if you're someone who is prone to clumsiness or losing things often, it may save you a lot of hassle having two pairs now and saving one for emergencies!
  5. Returns, Oh Returns: Always, always, ALWAYS read the returns policy thoroughly, glasses are not an easy thing to exchange or return which is why you should always try and read the small print. Some companies will allow around 30 days for satisfaction, whereas some will not so try to be in the loop so you don't lose your precious pennies!
  6. Check out websites dedicated to Eyes / Eyewear / Lenses & Glasses: This one is probably pretty obvious, but check around, shop around for good deals, find forums, and check out websites dedicated to all things optical, a good place to start is Vision Direct who have a brilliant list of tips and tricks on making the most out of shopping online for glasses.
Buying glasses online needn't be such a chore! Save yourself some time, and pick from a far larger style range and have the opportunity to be able to choose varying lens thicknesses, tints and even different coloured temples for those days where you want to switch it up a little! I've found so many more unique styles online than those that i've seen on the high street. My top tips would be to check around, shop around for good deals, find forums, and check out websites dedicated to all things optical, a good place to start is Vision Direct who have a brilliant list of tips and tricks on making the most out of shopping online for glasses. Glasses shopping will differ depending on your sight, but i hope a few of these tips can be helpful for anyone looking to buy their first pair online.

Hope this has helped all my fellow glasses wearers! 

*This post is in collaboration with Vision Direct, but all wording and imagery has been created / written by myself as always!*



Autumn Blooms

& Some Fluffy Balls & Too…

Has anyone else made note of how absolutely lush the A/W trends are at the moment? From floral embroidery, excessive ruffles and beautiful silky materials. I very rarely go down the trend route, but boy have I had to keep my spending in check because I am very much here and ready for it all, honestly, truly *Joanne The Scammer Voice*. Essentially this blog post is an ode to florals, flowing dresses and as always, chatting about the weather...


Things I Like #1.

Occasionally I will come across things online that are far too cute / perfect / amazing for me not to share, and although I'm a Pinterest addict, i feel like this is probably the best place to share them as  not everyone uses it (You totally should if you aren't yet!), so here is what might be a monthly or even bi-monthly series of things that have piqued my interest, and might pique yours too!


Vulnerability & Bare Legs.

Bare Legs, Bare Heart...

I think, judging by the fallen leaves, influx of scarves and gloves in shops, and the reappearance of the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, that Summer is well and truly over, and Autumn is finally here. And with Autumn, comes another academic year. Usually i'm always quite excited for another year of learning, but this is final year, six years of education, working in practice, struggling with MH and so many highs and lows and realising that this is my final hurdle, (minus finding a part two job after i graduate) leaves me with a funny feeling in my tummy. It's hard sometimes because as much as you shouldn't compare your life to other's, I always wonder if i've made the right choice in life. 


Twenty Five.

"I asked her what she wanna be when she twenty five - she turned and looked at me, and she said.. alive.."

I'd be flat out lying if i said that I feel a little wiser, a little smarter, or even a little older. Twenty Five feels exactly the same as eighteen did. Over the past couple of weeks, I panicked and wringed my hands at the thought of hitting twenty five and not throwing a huge party to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, I am exceedingly happy to have made it to this age relatively unscathed, alive, and very much well. There have been times in the past when i thought everything was tumbling down around me and that was it, I wasn't going to make it, but I did, and i'm standing tall to shout my testimony from the rooftops. I made it to twenty five, and I'll be celebrating another twenty five years and more. The pressure surrounding birthdays is immense, especially when it's a milestone one, so instead of subjecting myself to said pressure, I've simply planned a day of doing my favourite things, like eating Korean food, adding another piercing to my mounting list (YOLO *Sings grown woman by Beyonce*), and of course, sipping on a coffee in one of my favourite places.


Playful Dressing

The Art of Wearing What You Like..

There are so many articles and think pieces that go into great detail in regards to what one should wear for their body type, height, skin tone, political agenda… you name it. For example, I did't wear horizontal stripes for a long time because it had been drilled into my head that horizontal stripes were apparently 'unflattering'. Now that i'm older and a little wiser, I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever the hell you want, as long as you (the most important thing here!) feel comfortable in it! I ummed and ahhh-ed about this beautiful Moddolly smock dress because of it's length and cutesy design. On one hand I thought oh gosh i'm going to be 25 soon, shouldn't I be wearing heels and skirt suits everywhere? And on the other hand I thought Oh-my-gawsh-it's-soooooo-cute-must-have-it. The latter obviously won, and for good reason, the detailing on this dress is out of this world and I received so many compliments from people the first day i debuted it.
Sometimes with blogging it feels like you have to sort of stick to your one style to make it 'work' for you, but i love being able to switch it up from vampy, to cutesy to easy breezy simple with just my mood and I guess that's what I love about style, it's so personal to each and every one of us.

What I Wore…

Dress - Moddolly | Ring - Aliquo | Shoes - Boden | Coat - Boden | Hair - Braided by yours truly!


Here Comes The Sun...

"Hello! Hello! Hello!"

In the word's of Joanne The Scammer, "Honestly… Truly.." I never quite know what to pen when I'm editing outfit posts anymore, I mean I could go down the 'It's hot - So this is what i'm wearing' route, but i guess it's obvious from the glaring sunlight, and the summer dress i'm wearing in this post that its sweltering over here so… Here's a lazy breakdown of my summer so far. Life lately has revolved around working, sleeping and desperately trying to socialise, which is difficult due to much working and sleeping on my part as per usual, but i've reeeeeeally been enjoying London this summer and it's probably clear from my Instgram (@inmysundaybest) that i've become a wee tourist again, snapping anything and everything in my path! There are just so many cute little corners and brilliant brunch places dotted all over the city and I want to explore them all before I pack my load and move back to the North.


Briogeo & Antidote Street VS The Wash n Go'.

The Wash n' Go. The words that can fill most natural's with fear. For me, there was a brief golden period post dying my hair a strange orange colour, where the wash n go was my thang. My curls were poppin', defined and moisturised, but somewhere between me cutting off all my hair again and forgetting the quick, easy and painless method i used to get my hair so lush, the wash n go has escaped me and i've not had much luck over the past two years in trying to find the balance between curl definition, shrinkage and that awful crunchiness from products, with very little luck. Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street (which is a veritable treasure trove of all things black hair - seriously check it out, so many American products that are hard to source are stocked there) and all round girl boss (*cue girl crush and heart eyes emoji) sat down with me a few weeks ago over coffee at Timberyard in Soho and we talked all things hair. As I'm currently switching out my hair staples due to my hair getting longer and thicker, and trialling new ways to do things, we decided to collaborate on this post and because of the weather becoming more humid and hot, i thought to throw things back a little and try out the wash n go again, this time armed with products from Briogeo. Focusing on quality, natural ingredients, Briogeo aims to care for all hair types and after seeing so many reviews on the 'Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado & Quinoa Co-Wash' and the 'Curl Charisma Rice Amino & Avocado Leave in Conditioner', I was intrigued.


The Transitional Edit With Boden.

With the weather being a little haywire and the feeling of Autumn soon approaching (Yay for Virgo season and Pumpkin Spice Lattes - Don't judge, they are delicious!), I teamed up with Boden to give a little advice on how to work your weekday and weekend wardrobe's from Summer through to the crunchy leaves of Autumn on The Great Boden Diaries blog. From my own past wardrobe woes, I've got to say dressing for the British weather is a delicate balancing act because you can never be quite sure whether it'll rain, or snow, or in fact (rarely) be warm. I've found that the key to success (DJ Khaled voice) lies in a good investment wardrobe, filled with good quality pieces that will last through each season with ease, which is what Boden is all about. 

From perfectly pretty wrap dresses that are begging to be layered with cashmere cardi's and a super cool pink coat ;) To the classic shirt and jeans combo, I kid you not, it took me a good couple of days to draft up the looks with Boden prior to shooting, because all the new season stuff is so pretty! My favourite things have got to be the Leopard Print Low Heel Boots and the Pink Sally Coat, I've had so many compliments on both!

Pop over to the Boden Blog to read my thoughts on transitional styling, but before you do, send some tips my way on how you prep for the Autumn / Winter months fashion wise!

What I Wore…

Outfit 1 : Coat - Dress - Boots - Bag - Necklace //  Outfit 2: Cardigan - Shirt - Sunglasses - Jeans - Bag - Shoes - Necklace // Outfit 3: Dress - Coat - Shoes - Bag - Belt 

This post is in collaboration with Boden.



The White Stripes.

(And The Blue Stripes…)

A veritable wardrobe staple, and clear classic, the button down has a place in everyone's wardrobe no matter the age, shape, size or gender, and I think it's one of the best things to throw on when you're in a wardrobe conundrum because it's so easy to dress up or down with the help of acessories. Today's particular look is very much a dressed-down-i'm-running-around-central-london-help look, with the classic shirt, this one a bargain that I picked up in H&M during Easter, and my favourite jeans EVER, The high waisted American Apparel pair, that give even the rare black girl with an ironing board butt, a perfectly peachy toosh.


Win An iPhone SE With In My Sunday Best & Three!

Hello! Hello! I hope you're all enjoying the rare glorious sunshine we're having right now, I'm currently melting as I type this and desperately trying to cool down with ice cream and cold coffee. Onto something exciting though! I've collaborated with Three to present a Rose Gold iPhone SE giveaway, hooray! As a veteran iPhone user and proud apple addict, I can truly say that my iPhone is my right hand man. Everything and I mean everything i need to keep my day running smoothly is on there; from iBooks to Instagram, from UNUM (R.I.P Vscocam *sob sob*) to E-mails, everything is on there.


An Introduction To: The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

"To Bloom, Flow & Flourish…"

I e-met Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka, a few years ago after doing an interview on her blog, and I distinctly remember her excitement regarding her project in creating hand crafted, organic and natural products with UK based and locally sourced ingredients. I was just as excited as she is, as it seems there aren't as many hair options over here in the UK as they are in the US, particularly in regards to more natural and hand made products. A few years, a lot of hard work and some incredible branding later, The Afro Hair & Skin Co. was born.


The New Classic.

boden sophia shirt dress
The new classic - Dress wise, not Iggy Azalea wise. I've become low-key OBSESSED with the idea of some sort of capsule wardrobe, don't get me wrong, I'm not about to part with my kitschy vintage jumpers just yet, but there is something so… clean about having a de-cluttered wardrobe filled with items that can be interchanged day in day out, and worn with other things with ease, irrespective of the weather. It feels like you're getting more value for your money in the long run, and I think it allows you to have a more 'refined' sense of style, forcing you to think quality over quantity. I am a classic dresser for the most part anyway, and try my hardest not to be swayed by too many high street trends (anyone remember the American Apparel disco pants and the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's? - Total blogger trend buy's for me!) Any dress that is of midi length and  nips in at the waist, will forever be a staple in my wardrobe and I am particularly keen on The Shirt Dress, having worn it layered in Winter, and  with a colourful head wrap in Summer, it is simply a staple and a true classic in my wardrobe, and the Sophia shirt dress is right up my alley with it's a - line nipped in at the waist fit, and it's short sleeves, perfect for a light cardigan in Spring, or a heavy vintage jumper with mustard tights and some boots in the colder weather...


She Loves Dresses...


And so do I!

I love the internet. For providing me with hours of silly entertainment via Buzzfeed quizzes, videos of cats backflipping, and of course connecting with people from all over the globe. And one connection in particular stands out, because I've seen a blog friend grow and blossom into an incredibly talented designer and seamstress and it's so nice to see people do what they are truly passionate about. Jenny, also known as 'She Loves Dresses' is brilliant because she champions diversity in her brand and is aware that women come in all sorts of sizes, colours, shapes and heights and works with these to her advantage! I love to see others do what they are truly passionate about, and support them in whatever way I can #GIRLBOSSESUNITE, and only since doing little bits and pieces of my own freelance work have I realised how incredibly stressful working for yourself can be! So hats off to Jenny and so many others who are working so hard to provide quality, handmade pieces <3


Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum.

In the words of our beloved Shia LeBoeuf, "Just DO it!"

A few weeks ago, a thought popped up in my head and I wondered idly… "What will happen when I run out of things to photograph and blog about?". And that thought followed me around, swirled around my head and made me squint. The answer? I have not a single clue. Will In My Sunday Best end up a desolate graveyard of a twenty something year old's odd sartorial choices and too much information writings complete with endless unmoderated spam comments relating to Viagra? Or would I just get bored one day and hit the delete key (If there is one?). The truth is, (And please no tiny violins yet, hear me out) i think i was feeling like i'm not 'hip' or 'cool' enough to be a blogger, and i think the fact that i used the words hip and cool in one sentence alone shows that i am not but i digress… You see blogging has become a powerful force, people are being taken seriously and bloggers are getting big bucks for their work, as they should be! Bloggers I began with and indeed bloggers who have started a year ago have far surpassed me in regards to blog achievements and sometimes I sit down and think oh sh*t, should I be doing this too? What should I be doing?! Omfg help! So, in essence today's post will be a wordy albeit upbeat one, about loving your work, yourself and being proud of yourself!


On: The Things I Learned During My First Year of Masters.


"Go Down The Academic Path They Said. It'll Be Fun They Said…"

I shit you not, It feels like I blinked and I finished my first year! I still can't quite believe that my first year of Masters has flown by so quickly?! It literally still feels like I'm an awkward eighteen year old bumbling through life, now i'm a twenty four year old bumbling through life (albeit with an end goal in sight this time). It has been a very feverish, rushed, exciting and tiring year. A smorgasbord of feelings from extreme sadness to astonishing highs. I felt everything under the sun, probably because I was so intensely focused on 'doing well' this year (more on the doing well bit later..), and my only concern was to get good grades. This year was pleasant though because I've finished on a very comfortable grade for my final year, and I have a clear understanding of my stregths and weaknesses academic wise and even simply life wise. Masters is very different from Undergrad because well… For a start everyone is older and therefore much more mature, for example, there are people who are married, or have kids or do other things alongside Architecture and it makes for a really interesting and cool group of people to talk to in studio. But I digress, here are a few things I learned during my first year in the north...


New Hair, Who This?

irresistible me hair extensions review 2016

"Because sometimes you've got to switch it up!"

I think i've reached my peak as a black blogger because i can finally tick the "I got free hair" section off my wishlist (i kid!). I'm not about to turn full weave and wig blogger on you guys though as it's something i do when i want to switch it up from my daily bun and get a little creative. Irresistible Me were kind enough to get into contact with me and ask if i'd like to try out their clip in extensions. I said of course! Because 1.) When i straighten my hair, i'd prefer it with a little more thickness and length to do certain styles like milkmaid braids, or a sleek all back long pony and 2.) Although i like to switch it up, i absolutely hate anything being on my head that isn't the hair that grows from my own scalp, so clip in's were the best option, plus I had seen Lesley from Fresh Lengths blog about her Irresistible Me experience and I was curious!


Le Cliché.

marc b karlie bag

Le Freak, C'est Chic!

When I think of effortlessly chic fashion. I think of the French. There is something so incredibly feminine and crisp about French style. Nothing is overdone, and it all looks and feels so fresh, uncomplicated and most importantly - fun. With women like Julia Sarr Jamois, Jane Birkin and Audrey Tautou as my French style-spiration, i've been experimenting with simplifying my style, and focusing on comfort, neatness and splashes of colour here and there. 
With the weather going from hailstones to blue sunny skies within the hour, my Spring/Summer wardrobe is quite the mishmash of textures, shapes and colours, but my uniform as of late has been girlfriend fit jeans, a baggy tee, a duster coat or faux leather jacket and some trainers or clogs, like this pair of bright red ones that I bought from fellow clog enthusiast Kristabel.


Things I Wish I Knew When I First Went 'Natural'...

what i wish i knew when i went natural
I stopped relaxing my hair back in November 2009, and cut off the last of my relaxed hair in February 2011, if i can remember correctly. Natural hair back then was still relatively new in the UK and I relied heavily on blog posts and youtube videos of women with kinky curly afro textured hair across the pond for advice. Kimmaytube and Naptural85 were my saviours! Now, black, brown and mixed race women across the globe are embracing the hair that grows out of their scalp, and it's a lovely thing to see. 

Here are some things I wish I knew when I first went 'Natural'…


Live. Work. Play.

All Work & No Play Makes Me A Dull Girl…

I've been more absent than i'd have liked to be around these parts. This is for two reasons, one being that I have been working intensely on a very interesting housing project for the final project of my fifth year of architecture and i've been devoting all my time to it. Two, is that because i've been working so hard on Masters projects,  it that i feel a little disillusioned with blogging again, but that's only because i've been so out of the loop with it all. A not-so-vicious cycle of all work and no play makes Sade a dull girl to be quite honest. Hat's off to all the bloggers who manage a full time life outside of blogging whilst posting consistently, it's not easy at all, particularly in my case when my brain is filled with alternative energy sources and affordable housing solutions...


On: Friendships & Being A Better Friend.

how to be a better friend
I'm an intense person,  and my intensity bowls over into relationships, particularly friendships for me, and I used to live by the 'Ride or Die' mentality, meaning that i'd expect friendships to be literally ride or die, (maybe not die, but sustain a small injury), but as I grow older and meet more people, the more I realise that my thinking may have been wrong, and in a way, the ride or die mentality is quite selfish. Now, bear in mind this is just me writing from the top of my head trying to feel my way around the topic, and of course i welcome discourse in the comments as per usual, as it's always interesting to hear other people's views, but I've come to the realisation that maybe we can become to expectant and in this world of instant gratification, who can really blame us? From trial and a lot of error, i've realised that sometimes I can be a bad friend, and in the past, I have been an awful friend, but it's good that I can admit that, we're all human after all, we make mistakes. We must learn from these mistakes to better ourselves, and one of my goals for this year is to learn how to be a better friend.

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