Get The Flowers...


Pro Tip: Buy yourself the flowers, even if they are only Tescos £1.50 bouquet of Carnations. Buy them if they make you happy. Put them in a glass beside your window if like me you're a student and forgot to buy a vase. Look at them before you go to bed and look at them first thing in the morning. Watch the petals unfold, and watch the flowers bloom.

Bloom: The Flower of a plant. A flourishing healthy condition, the time or period of greatest beauty, artistry etc. To thrive.
Bloom is my favourite word at the moment. 




Fly Away With Me...

I have a fully fledged Aviator jacket obsession, and since acquiring the highly coveted Topshop version, I have been on the look out for a dark brown version, a black version, and a khaki version, which as you can see, I managed to get my hands on. This version is by far a budget baby sister to the Topshop one, but at only £19 compared to the Topshop one at £85, it's an okay dupe. It definitely isn't as warm or cosy as the name brand one, but if you're someone like me who shuns practicality for aesthetics then you'll like it. 




It has been a pleasure to get to grips with my Canon again, so a few weeks ago, just before hauling all my stuff back to Liverpool, I went on a grand adventure with Connor, my best friend from back in secondary school. He brought along his old film camera, and I my new, and we took on an area that seemed like the stepping stone into 'coolness' back in the day. I have fond memories of going with my friends for their first piercings, walking along the canal side and of course stuffing our faces with Camden's infamous 'Bang Bang' chicken. 


The Golden Hour

Love + Light

Blogging has made me extra finicky about photography. My mind flickers between "Is the lighting correct?" to "Are my feet in the shot?" and sometimes i feel a little bit sorry for whoever the poor soul it is that ends up helping me out with my photos because i'm forever squealing "NOOOOOOOO, the sun has ruined everything!!!" only to ask them to take another 20 or so in the freezing cold. That's what happened with these photos, my discerning eye tells me that most of the pictures are overexposed or underexposed and for some strange reason, today, i don't mind. In my mind i'm laughing over my poor sister wailing about her fingers being too cold to release the shutter, or focus the lens. I'm thinking of how my feet kept sinking into the mud in this park, and how much i shivered to get these photos, the not so glam side of blogging eh?
This outfit, much like my last, feels like a classic Sade outfit. A skirt that nips in at the waist, a simple black top, red lips, and an undo. It's a true 'me' through and through, and it's cool to see my style solidifying more and more as i get older.


The Knitwear Care Club

As I'm buying more for quality, rather than quantity nowadays and filling my wardrobe with items that i can wear everyday, there is a need to keep said items in tip top condition to lengthen their life. From beautiful wool coats, to knitted scarves and cosy jumpers, my winter wardrobe has been truly worn out from their cyclical use over the past few months, and with the UK bracing itself for a cold snap, it was definitely time for me to get my clothes into gear and banish those annoying little balls of fluff and hair that somehow make their way onto every piece of clothing you own.

George at Adsa asked me if i'd liked to join their knitwear care club, and how could i refuse when it's common knowledge that i am indeed 24 going on 80 (i joke! Looking after your clothing is cool guys!). They were kind enough to send me three items from their very affordable knitwear range, along with a little kit to keep everything bobble, lint and moth free, as adorable and fluffy as (some) moths are, i can't lie that it drives me absolutely crazy to pull out a jumper from my wardrobe only to find a round hole from where some naughty moth has been nibbling away at it.


Something Old & Something New

"The Human Embodiment Of A Pumpkin Spice Latte.."

Hello, hello, hello! The first outfit post of the year, and low and behold it's an up cycled outfit from a few years ago. I'm trying to post things i wear 'normally' and not just the times when i'm getting dressed up for this, that or the other. On this very cold and blustery day, I met up with an old school friend for a morning of major catch up's over food and far too early glasses of wine, we took photos, revelled at how old we were getting and laughed about all the changes that life has brought since we first became friends in year 8, we also went to get my nose jewellery changed as i stupidly thought it would be a good idea to change the jewellery myself and subsequently could not get the stud back in. Safe to say it ended up having to get half re-pierced at Cold Steel (who were phenomenal by the way!) for only a tenner including a new piece of jewellery, bargain right. If you zoom in close enough to the photos, you may even be able to spot a lovely spot of crusted blood adorning my piercing.


Things That Make Winter Wonderful.

Chai, Colours & Candles..

January 2016, it's a new year, a new month and a new start. The grey skies, drizzly weather and cold fingers often make me feel like crawling into a ball in my warm bed and never leaving (except for coffee, food and to put on another episode of Modern Family). Unfortunately the realities of the real world don't allow for that, so instead i've found petit joys in new recipes, brighter clothing and blogging. In a poll on twitter last year, i asked what types of posts you'd like to see more of on the blog and about 30-somthing percent said more lifestyle types of posts which made me super happy because these are my favourite types of posts to put together, mostly because it allows me to simply type willy nilly and secondly because i can put together lot's of shot's I've taken over a period of time, much like this post. But i'm going off on a tangent already, here are a few things that have made the shorter and darker days a little bit brighter .


Hello 2016!

Here's to a year filled with the things and people we love the most!

Happy New Year everyone! I can feel the buzz of excitement and optimism a new year brings and it makes me feel almost giddy with joy. Usually i set myself impossible tasks like "Go to the gym everyday", or "Don't lie in on the weekends", but this year i've set myself a few smaller and sweeter goals to see me through the year. 

What are your aspirations for the year?


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