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Blogging has made me extra finicky about photography. My mind flickers between "Is the lighting correct?" to "Are my feet in the shot?" and sometimes i feel a little bit sorry for whoever the poor soul it is that ends up helping me out with my photos because i'm forever squealing "NOOOOOOOO, the sun has ruined everything!!!" only to ask them to take another 20 or so in the freezing cold. That's what happened with these photos, my discerning eye tells me that most of the pictures are overexposed or underexposed and for some strange reason, today, i don't mind. In my mind i'm laughing over my poor sister wailing about her fingers being too cold to release the shutter, or focus the lens. I'm thinking of how my feet kept sinking into the mud in this park, and how much i shivered to get these photos, the not so glam side of blogging eh?
This outfit, much like my last, feels like a classic Sade outfit. A skirt that nips in at the waist, a simple black top, red lips, and an undo. It's a true 'me' through and through, and it's cool to see my style solidifying more and more as i get older.

More often than not, i'm almost always in dark or block colours on my bottom half due to the wondrous child bearing hips the Good Lord bestowed upon me, but Twentysix.co challenged my general rule, and were kind enough to send me one of their skirts, which was lovingly hand sewn in Nigeria. Very beautiful and autumnal oui? I think it would look beautiful with a crisp white shirt, camel swing coat and a vintage headscarf at some point in the future.. But i digress, since this post is mostly about supporting small businesses, i'll throw in a small plug for my Momma's beautifully curated jewellery store, i thought i'd do a little bit of jewellery modelling for her whilst home for Christmas and i was so proud of all her hard work! Although her jewellery is mainly occasion and wedding wear based, it's truly lovely, so i urge you to check it out if you like that sort of this. Plug over. 
I'm glad that i've managed to stick to my promise of two blog posts a week, so far i've succeeded and i'm simultaneously editing some photos from a day out back in December that i'm excited to share with you all! Considering i have a crit at 1pm, i should probably be preparing for that, so with that, i bid thee adieu! Hope you've all been having a great week!

What I Wore

Jewellery - Dee4Dee | Top - Miss Selfridge | Skirt* - Twentysix.co | Shoes - Primark | Bag - A gift from Jen 



  1. Beautiful photos Sade, kudos to your sister for braving the January chill! ;) Overexposed or not, these capture just what I remember of the humble British winter sun. I remember semi-forcing my sis to shoot for me when we both lived at home and she'd get to a point of "can't even feel my fingers to focus your stupid lens" that it'd become "YOUR POSTURE IS TERRIBLE, MISH" hahaha~ Your jewellery picks are just perfect, what a talented Mama you have! xx

  2. these photos are so beautiful! you look really pretty!
    Emma xx

  3. I LOVE these photos, they're so ethereal and make you look Queen like!!
    Saadiya x


  4. The pictures are great, the light makes everything look amazing.

    1. Exactly what she said! There's an ethereal quality to them.

      Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Your sister's a trooper! Mm, I can be pretty fussy regarding photos too, but it completely depends on my mood - sometimes I'll go with it, and sometimes (most of the time!) I won't. Love this outfit too, very classic and very you x Rebecca - itscohen.co.uk

  6. You look so so gorgeous, the whole outfit is perfect! X

  7. Absolutely beautiful hun! Stunning photography as always xx


  8. Beautiful photos. The sun rays look so nice in the photo. And it doesn't even look like you're freezing cold!

  9. The pictures are beautiful, love how the sun is shining. This outfit is so ladylike and gorgeous. I think it's cool that your mum makes jewelry, I'll check out her store.xx

  10. Anonymous1/18/2016

    I love the pictures and love twenty six skirts too.
    Loads of Nigerian Bloggers have styled their skirts so beautifully e.g. Cassie Daves, T2Pitchy, Tuke Morgan, Berry Dakara and Mide Coker.


  11. You look amazing! I can get like that when it comes to lighting, a bloggers nightmare ha!


  12. Inline these shots, the sun makes them so magical and pretty. That skirt is stunning too, always like to support a small business need to check it out
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin


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