Spring Fling!

I'll let you in on a secret. I think i'm a little bit in love with Liverpool. Do you remember in school when there was a person you weren't too fond of? And suddenly you warm up to the person, and overnight you've developed some sort of staggeringly cringeworthy crush on them? Yep. That's kinda how I feel about 'Livahpewl'. It's a city filled with independent haunts, friendly people and insanely beautiful architecture. From The Georgian Quarter to The Waterfront, To Bold street and Hope street; I finally feel settled which is a wonderful feeling,  something I didn't feel in Lincoln. One of my favourite places in Liverpool has to be the area surrounding the bombed out church near Bold Street. It's one of the first areas i grew accustomed to quickly, and apart from the beautiful church itself (which is sadly currently closed for renovations), the area is home to some of the best food and coffee places in the city and it's always a pleasure to be in the area.
I realise it's still only February and it's extraordinarily cold outside, but i've never been a person that dresses appropriately for the weather. I'm tired of grey skies and the dull pitter patter of rain following me everywhere I go, so i'm forcing myself to get into Spring mode, and what better way than through florals? If like me, you love florals, and don't quite know how to let your love be known for them as you've exhausted all means, i'd highly recommend wearing them. The more obnoxious the better in my case. I can't quite put my finger on why i love flowers, plants and green things so much, but there is this sense of fragile beauty and growth about them that i just love. The colours, the scents, the dizzying brightness of it all just fills my heart my joy and I find that when I wear brighter clothing, the better I feel, and although i own a hell of a lot of black clothing for pragmatic reasons, it feels nice to have fun with clothes again!

What I Wore…

Dress* - Oasis | Bag* - Oasis | Shoes* - Oasis | Necklace - Orelia

p.s. Photos taken by Domi.



  1. That's a cute dress. I actually had a project in Liverpool last year and only got to see the city after work. I was determined to come back when the weather improved but didn't quite make it. Hopefully this year.


  2. Sade, I actually have no words. You look bee-you-tee-fulll . Your dress is sooo pretty, your shoes too.Glad to see you love Liverpool. xx

  3. That outfit is gorgeous! It makes me excited for Spring.

    I'm so happy to see that you're in love with Liverpool! It's great that you finally feel settled, because feeling unsettled is one of the worst feelings ever. And it seems like such a cool place, too!

  4. My brother moved to Liverpool for his masters and never left. He too fell in love with the city :)

  5. aren't you just so gorgeous? damnnnn

  6. Love this dress! How tall are you? I'm not sure if it would be short on me! xx


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