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I'll let you in on a little secret. When I was in my early teens, I was an awkward gangly thing with skinny legs, a rectangular body and broad inward sloping shoulders that made me look like an old cheese string. I absolutely despised those years as a teen, because whilst my friends were sporting bod's that could rival the ladies who grace Sports Illustrated, I was an 'ironing board' i.e. straight up and down, with not even a little bump or any lady lumps. So naturally, bra shopping for me was limited to those hideous white crop top things, and deep inside I longed for one of those cute triangle bra's from M&S that were all the rage back then. After a bit of bra stuffing (no shame over here, chicken fillets were the one!), puberty finally fit me like a truck and overnight i had boobs (average sized ones, but they finally existed!), wide hips and an ok butt, coupled with a variety of stretch marks from the quickness of everything well… Popping out, and nowadays at the grand old age of twenty-four, I have a somewhat sizeable chest that has fluctuated between sizes over the years to due to weight loss and weight gain, but I find that one of my favourite things to do when i'm feeling particularly 'treatchoself' is to shop for new underwear. For me there is just something so magical and empowering about wearing a fresh, matching underwear set, and I find especially so when I have something stressful coming up such as a critique or a presentation, when I just want to feel like superwoman. 

Figleaves interviewed me for their Magazine about my thoughts on lingerie and the joys of buying yourself new undergarments, and of course, I couldn't help but set up my tripod and try to shoot how absolutely lovely their 'Pretty Chic' range of lingerie is. I'll tell you now, that it is very hard to shoot underwear 'tastefully' hence the carefully arranged bouquet of florals resting on my chest, but I hope it gives a good understanding of what the collection entails; lots of florals (my favourites), soft pastels, and beautiful detailing. It is a very feminine and delicate collection, which is exactly how I like my underwear. Plus it helps that they are comfortable and i've yet to have the awkward 'nip-fallout' which is how i judge bra's by haha!



  1. I feel you, buying cute underwear is such an endorphin booster! These look stunning, I find delicate lace and silk underwear is so beautiful looking and just makes you feel so amazing. Topshop have some great pieces like that in right now! www.britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  2. The images are so cute............ and likewise to the post!


  3. i love how you kept things classy!

  4. I love the images!!!! Nothing beats lace underwear for me

  5. Love the pictures, you capture them so well.

    That feeling you get when you wear matching underwear <3 <3

  6. gorgeous pictures xx

  7. I agree, buying pretty underwear is such a mood booster. Love how classy your pictures are Sade. xx


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