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With Valentine's day fast approaching, and me really feeling the love this month, I think a giveaway would be appropriate don't you think? And what better way to celebrate the month of love, than with a little pink bag eh? I so wish I could keep this little beauty to myself as it's so beautiful and the colour is adorable, but sharing is caring! I'd so wear this Marc b. Knightsbridge bag with a pair of blue jeans, a nude blouse and some Charlotte Olympia kitty flat's (in my head), whilst glamorously running errands in Kensington (also in my head, but a girl can dream right?)...
How to enter? Simple, just make sure you're following me on bloglovin', and then comment below letting me know the nicest thing you've done on Valentine's Day, or the nicest thing anyone has done for you on Valentine's day. You can also follow Marc b. on Twitter for an additional entry, just let me know if you've done so below! Good luck, a winner will be chosen at the end of the month so you can step into spring in style ;) Worldwide entries welcome.

Good Luck! 



  1. Oh, this is so sweet :) I've never done a lot on Valentine's Day - it's two weeks after my birthday so I feel a bit bad having two big celebrations/presents in a row! However, when we were first dating (long distance) I wasn't able to get to Leeds to see my now-husband because the trains were all messed up and I was really upset about it, so he jumped in the car and drove all the way to pick me up and back again so we could still spend the weekend together. Eight unnecessary hours on the M1 is definitely the nicest thing anyone's done for me! x

  2. Man, each Valentines day always seems to top the last that I forget the last one but most involve a bit of travel as I am into that kind of thing. I have taken my boyfriend on a day out on a man made island in Portsmouth called Spitbank Fort. You can only get there by boat. We spent the day being wined and dinned before leaving in the early evening. One of the nicest things done for me, my boyfriend sent me out for the day and when I got back I had the flat rose petaled, dinner cooked while I bathed in more rose petaled water...for a nice and chilled evening where the only time I lifted a finger was to put food into my mouth.


  3. ohh my best valentine was i was in my first relationship sweet young love ..my boyfriend had the whole day planned out with loads of cute clues left around the house for my each leading to a gift or lovely note/letter and it got bigger and bigger and from chocolates to teddy bears and perfume and then an outfit for our date...it was lovely 3 course meal as well I've also followed marc b on twitter @ceelygirl93 for an extra entry thanks lovely bag hope i win

  4. Sitting cozied up to the fireplace in Tahoe watching The Carrie Diaries and dreaming about Austin Butler. :P yum! amaright tho?

    Rabecca / http://www.midnightburnout.com/

  5. That's a cute purse!

    I think the nicest thing I've done on Valentine's Day was bake a cake from scratch for my husband last year. I think it was nice because he owns a bakery and nobody ever thinks to get him a cake!

    One of the nicest things anyone did for me was a looooong time ago when I worked at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver. We were working throughout and towards the end of the night, one of the boys who worked there went across the street to CVS and bought single roses for all the girls at work. So sweet!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. Hi Sade!

    I think the nicest thing I did was give someone a gift box (perfume bottle and chocolates). She really wanted it because her friend had lost her Mum a couple of days before and she thought she could cheer her up a little with the gift to remind her that she was still loved. In my opinion, it was the sweetest thing ever. I was reminded that good friends still exist and also that showing someone loving at the most painful time of their lives might just be what keeps them wanting to go on living. Being able to contribute to this, no matter how small, made me feel really good...and though it didn't take away her pain or bring her Mum back, it would have made her feel less alone.

    I follow you on bloglovin' and I just followed Marc B.'s twitter account (@MsBelindaN).

    Fingers crossed, been keeping my eye out for their bags after seeing you with them here cause they're all sooo pretty...plus this shade of pink is so yummy.

  7. I think the funniest Valentine's Day I've had was a few years back now. I surprised my partner (at the time) to a night out in town and booked us a hotel for the day. We checked in and got ready to go out. After a really nice meal and a lot of drinking we headed back to our room to carry on drinking. At the time you had smoking rooms in hotels before the ban so we both lit up a cigarette and opened a bottle of champagne and carried on the party. Suddenly we heard the fire alarm going off but took no notice but then looking out the window the the whole hotel was starting to gather outside then we had a tap at the door. It was a staff member saying we had to evacuate asap because there could be a fire in one of the rooms. We stood outside for well over an hour whilst the fire brigade checked he building. It turned out we had been smoking in a non smoking room and set the alarms off. (We had requested a smoking room on arrival) Never forget it till this day and the shame when we checked out.

  8. One of my favorite valentine's was my two year anniversary with my current boyfriend. Last year, he re-created our first date and then did this huge dinner for my family. It was beyond sweet.

    I follow on bloglovin @whittikere

    whittikere at yahoo dot com

  9. I'm also following on twitter @whittikere

  10. Done! https://www.bloglovin.com/people/julimi-1305052

    The sweetest thing I ever did was make this collage / photo album for my high school sweetheart. We've known each other since elementary school but didn't start dating until our sophomore year and the valentine day's of our senior year, I compiled all of the memories we've shared.

    julimi at aol dot com

  11. following on twitter @flippingdancer

  12. Awesome giveaway, I follow your bloglovin under farrah or bluejazzmin.
    Hmmm the nicest thing I've done on Valentine's Day is that I made a card for my grandma. She doesn't read or speak English so I translated it outloud to Haitian Kreyol, and she cried ='). She hung it up on her wall, and it's still there til this day. I think I was about 12 when I wrote it, but everytime I stop by her house, I see it on her wall =)

  13. This bag looks so sweet! The sweetest thing that someone has done to me on Valentines day hopefully happens tomorrow :) I´m having a date with a guy I like a lot and hope he wants to make the big decision to be together (forever :D ). I´ve had a secret crush on him for like two years. And when he finally had courage to ask me out and we started dating it´s already been the best time of my life. I also made a decision to start my own blog tomorrow :))
    Ps My bloglovin name is NennaO

  14. Anonymous2/13/2016

    My favourite valentines day was last year. My mum and I got married in the same year and decided to do a double date valentines day. I made the starter and the desert and my mum made the main course and was in charge of table decorations. It's was lovely because for a while me and my mum were in a really bad place!
    It was also the only time I've spent Valentines day with my husband since he goes back to China for Chinese new year.

    I follow on bloglovin and twitter as pigeonwishes, thanks for the giveaway

  15. Following on bloglovin (jennifer69). The nicest thing I have done is a really nice date night themed around my husband's interests.

  16. I think the nicest thing someone has done for me on the V-Day is that he got me a steam gift card! I know it doesnt seem much but to me it was just the nicest thing ever!
    Bloglovin: Eshee Desu
    Twitter @EsheeDesu

  17. bloglovin 4444emily @maldivesz
    He took me to London, stayed in a lovely hotel, bought me a spa day, then whisked me up to the Sky Bar for dinner <3 so amazing!

  18. I flew my daughter up to california for a surprise family reunion with our aunts, uncles and cousins

    linjumimom at aol dot com

  19. Well I have really done anything cause I always thought even though it's such a sweet holiday people tend to make others feel bad flaunting love but my best Valentine's Day happened in high school, a boy that liked me at the time and we were talking, I wasn't much of a good gift giver but my friends convinced me I had to, so I got him perfume chocolate the works, he brought me to the lunch hall and surprised me with a gorgeous nicki minaj perfume, necklaces and chocolate. I felt horrible lool cause didn't think I was worth such a present, he asked me to kiss him but I couldn't, because 1. I was sick and 2. I wasn't ready for that, I was 14 at the time, it wasn't the most romantic situation but very much memorable ��

  20. I recreated one of my mom's favorite valentine's days with my dad. I set them up at their favorite restaurant, made sure that they had the some menu items and ended their day with ice skating and ice cream at their favorite local ice cream parlour.


    lindilala at aol dot com

  21. Anonymous2/17/2016


    I (@solafagbemi) followed you on bloglovin' and I also followed marcbbags on twitter.

    Okay so I wrote someone an anonymous card with some really nice stuff in it... ( and 9 Years later I just confessed too writing the card) lol


  22. I've never really celebrated valentines day all my life till this year as i attended a single sex high school and now i'm in the university my beau is in another country. This year my mum took me to see deadpool and i totally loved the movie. Deadpool isnt the type of movie my mum likes but she wanted to spend the day with me and thats the nicest thing everrrrrrrrrrrrr, although i hadta keep explaining every scene lol.

    i'm following you on bloglovin (whowhatfab) and also following marc b on twitter. im already dreaming of owning this bag lol

  23. Hi Sade,

    I am following you on bloglovin (cateyesandcarrots) and I followed Marc b bags on twitter.

    The sweetest thing I have ever done on Valentine's day was write someone a book. I wrote all our best email correspondences and then I also wrote some stuff. I didn't complete the book because I said our love story hadn't ended yet.

    This bag is so beautiful and I already see myself wearing it with jeans and a vintage top.


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