The Maxi Shirt Dress - 3 Ways To Wear.

One Dress, A Multitude of Styling Options…

One thing that student life forces you to be, is resourceful. Most items in my wardrobe are re-mixed a few times a week so I can get wear out of them, spend less money buying new pieces of clothing, and prove that sometimes it's not how much you buy, but rather what you buy, and although I do have my frivolous purchases, for the most part i'll buy (or if i'm working with brands, request) items of clothing that I can wear again and again. This Maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins is no exception to this rule, and when choosing it, I knew exactly how I could wear it in a few different ways and take it from summer through to winter. If like me, you like to get your money's worth out of the items in your wardrobe, here are three easy ways to max out your maxi with varying shoe styling perfect for Spring and Summer! (hehe geddit?).


Liverpool In An Afternoon...

evolving cities liverpool

A city filled with good food, great coffee and a whole lotta heart...

I'd like to consider myself an adopted Liverpudlian now. I'll save the gushing and outpouring of love that I have for this little city for another day, but it is truly a spectacular place and I'm always finding new places to wine and dine in the city that fits well within my student budget. So, maybe i've twisted your finger a little bit and you're thinking of visiting my wonderful adopted city, what would you do for the afternoon? Well, here my friends, is a wee guide of things you can eat, drink, and do in the city of Scouse, The Beatles and Football…


On: Getting 'It' Together.

'Productivity, not Procrastination'

Oh, the fine art of getting your shit together… I've said it time and time again, but adulting is strange and often difficult, it's not something I think one can truly master, because I think that life in itself, is a series of tumultuous tests and varying degrees of highs and lows, but i think it's a good thing to try and get in control of your life. I've always been 'somewhat' organised, something i blame on being a finicky Virgo, however I can be extraordinarily lazy, and brush my responsibilities under a pillow and a duvet and sleep through my problems. Since going back into education as a 'mature' student, i've tried to use tips and tricks from working in practice during my year out, to coping with the heavy workload of Part 2.




Stepping into Spring...

There is no better feeling than Winter's chill finally disappearing under the sunshine, and as much as i'll miss the layering fun, and bundling up warm aspect of the colder months, I can heartily say that I am ready for ice lollies, headscarves, loose skirts, sandals, ciders in the sun and of course hay fever in my case. The weather has been warmish or at least quite sunny up in the North, and i've been taking advantage of this warm weather by slowly pulling out my midi dresses and skirts. This 'Sinead' Midi dress by Poppy Lux is my favourite at the moment. The length is perfect for this wishy-washy-weather and i can layer it with tights and boots in the colder months, so a win-win dress in my opinion. I've been taking inspiration from Lady Moriarty on how to wear masculine shoes with feminine dresses and I just love Elodie's relaxed Parisian style, everything is so well put together and feels so effortless and natural. So in trying to be a hip grandma, i bought my first ever pair of white trainers to wear during the warmer months a la Elodie. Aside from Midi dresses and trainers, can we please talk about the amazingness that is ownbrown?! ACTUAL AFFORADABLE NUDE TIGHTS FOR WOC SAY WHAT?! Sorry for the Cap's, but i cannot explain to you how excited I am to have my legs out all of the time. I'm wearing the shade 'bintu' and it's more of less exactly the same as my skin tone, but with a warmer glow (aka if my legs had been blessed with some Vitamin D).


The Little Black Cat

Hello from my furry friend and I…

My name is Sade and I have a small obsession with cats and dogs. I'm not sure if this is my maternal instincts kicking in, and me directing said maternal instincts towards animals rather than actual babies, but every time I see someone walking their dogs on a street or see a cat crossing the road, i have to literally restrain myself from running over and giving said animal a cuddle. They are just too cute and I cannot handle it anymore. I found myself almost on the verge of happy tears when watching this video and odd as this fluffy animal obsession is, it was how i managed to make friends on my course. People who like dogs and cats are the best type of people to be honest, and if you don't i am judging you fiercely. Sorry.

Whilst taking these photos, a little black cat came up to my sister and I, and we both fell over ourselves cooing over the lil floof! He was so sweet and affectionate and well.. fluffy! And he stayed with us, running in between our legs until we had finished taking the photos.

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